The Discerning Cat

11 Marvellous Movie Cat Names You’ll Love

What do Garfield, Simba, and Puss in Boots have in common? Well, they’re all cats in famous movies, after whom you may want to name your own precious feline!

The Discerning Cat

Movie cat names are a more subtle way to do this and can also bring back good memories. These monikers are creative and make major talking points when you introduce your cat.

The Discerning Cat

Key Things to Think About when Naming your Cat

Your Cat’s Appearance

The color of your cat or its markings can help you make a choice.

The Personality of your Cat

A great cat name may reflect your cat’s personality. Take a few days to observe your new kitty and see what it is like.

Your Cat’s Breed

Breeds can provide name ideas. How about Richard Parker for a Himalayan Cat?


Simba hints at your cat’s playful and openhearted nature since Simba befriends animals from all species and loves to run around with his friends.

Popular Movie Cat Names

Cheshire Cat

The cat with a huge grin that appears in Alice in Wonderland is another popular inspiration for names.


Crookshanks first appears in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as the feline who pursues murderer Pettigrew (who is disguised as a rat).

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