Raas Cat:

13 Things You Need To Know

Raas cats are notable and intriguing felines from Indonesia. As their name suggests, these exotic cats originate from the Raas Island in Indonesia.

Although they look like medium-sized jungle cats, Raas cats are captivating, domestic felines.

Raas cats are energetic and playful, but they can be moody with primitive natures.

Raas cats are unique cats with large bodies and enchanting oval eyes. These felines often find it hard to adjust from island to family life, so you’ll need to provide them with extra care.

13 Fascinating Facts About The Raas Cat

As mentioned, Raas cats originate from an Indonesian island in East Java – Raas Island. There is a bit of mystery behind how the Raas cat came to be.

History and Origin

The Raas cat has a captivating appearance. They are characterized by dazzling dark green eyes, squarish faces, and triangular ears.

Raas Cat Physical Characteristics

Unlike their mysterious origin, one thing that is well-known about the Raas cat is their stubborn streak. These kitties do not take orders from others.

They Can Be Moody Cats

As Raas cats are domesticated felines, you can keep them as pets. Many individuals on Raas island and surrounding areas live with these exotic cats.

Family Compatibility

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