Siberian Cat Colors:

Complete Guide

The first known reference to Siberian cats and siberian cat colors is from 1000 AD. These beautiful cats originated in the cold weather climate of Russia and there have always been several siberian cat colors.

Traditionally they roamed in the wild forests of Siberia. That is why they are now referred to as forest cats.

The Siberian is one of the 3 breeds of forest cats. They are also one of the oldest cat breeds that are “natural” or were not human developed by crossing with other breeds.

Siberian cats come in all types of color combinations. Their colors and patterns can be deep and dramatic. The most common colors include orange, gray, black, blue and white.

Siberian Cat Colors: What are the Choices?

Brown or Black Siberian Cat Tabbies These are possibly the most classic tabby colors for Siberian cats. These tabby Siberian cats are mostly various shades of brown rather than having much black but they can be referred to as black Siberian cat tabbies.

Tabby Siberian Cat

Most silver Siberian cats are black or black-silver or brown. These cats have black tips on mostly white fur which gives a shimmery effect.

Silver Tabby Siberian Cats

These Siberian cats tend to be less common. They tend to be a brighter shade of gold and black paws. Some tabby brown Siberian cats can appear quite golden in color.

Golden Siberian Cats

A solid or “self” Siberian cat has no pattern showing – just a solid color. All Siberian cats have a tabby pattern genetically but sometimes it is overlaid by a solid color so it will appear to be just one flat color.

Solids or “Selfs” Siberian Cats

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