Why Does My Siamese Cat Attack Me?

The Discerning Cat

5 Reasons and How To Stop It

Siamese cats are the most hyperactive breed of the Asian feline family. The cat fancier community likens their behavior to dogs since they are friendly and intelligent animals who love to have fun.  

The Discerning Cat

But they have another side to them that you may be already experiencing if you have a Siamese in your home. Why does my Siamese cat attack me? 

The Discerning Cat

This guide will discuss why Siamese cats bite and what you can do as their owner to stop them.  

Why Does My Siamese Cat Attack Me?

When you play with your cat, it’s not a good idea to be too aggressive, or it will cause them to get worked up, which leads to getting bitten.  

Cats Get Overexcited

When pushed to the edge for any reason and they are scared enough, cats will bite you if they feel the need to protect themselves. 

Your Cat Is Scared 

It’s ingrained into a cat’s genetics to be able to bite when it feels threatened. Despite cats being domesticated house pets, it’s hard to erase this defensive mechanism.  

Predatory Instinct

Discipline and punishment will be required so your cat knows that it can’t repeat this behavior in the future. 

Cats Possess Short Temper

Siamese cats have sensitive skin, so you must be very gentle with them. It is essential to know what areas of their body they like you to touch and which areas they prefer you don’t get near. 

Sensitive To Touch

When adopting an older Siamese feline, it becomes vital that you know their history, and if they were abused, you would want to know how.  

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