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Bambino Cat Breed: 13 Things to Know

It’s a well-known fact that there are plenty of people who shy away from the likes of a hairless cat. But in all honesty, those people haven’t had the chance to experience the cat’s lovable nature, velvety skin, playfulness, and eagerness for spending time with their family.

The Bambino cat is no different from the personality of the regal Sphynx. However, it’s also crossed with the short-legged Munchkin. As the name suggests, the Munchkin is a playful kitty known for its affectionate nature and clever mind.

You can only expect the Bambino to be one of the most adorable cats out there. With short legs, enormous eyes, humongous ears, unique patterning, and a velvety coat, the Bambino is a breed that is causing a lot of buzz.

As a controversial experimental breed, there’s a number of things you’d need to know about the Bambino before diving into owning one. You’ll find the essentials to understanding these short-legged felines in this guide.


13 Things to Know About the Bambino Cat

This breed is relatively new, so there isn’t heaps of information out there. The best way to get to know these kitties is to take note of these weird and wacky facts about the Bambino.

1. Bambino’s Have a Tendency to Vocalize

Much like a Sphynx, a Bambino’s tendency to vocalize is very high. In fact, they’re considered the most vocal of all cat breeds. They vocalize about a number of different things, but it’s nothing to be alarmed about. The most common reason for meowing is to get your attention, and it’s often accompanied by a stroke along your leg or a jump on your shoulder.

A Bambino is also known to meow around food time. For forgetful owners, there definitely isn’t going to be a day when you forget about dinner with your Bambino around.

If you’re someone who enjoys speaking to your kitties (no judgment, it happens to the best of us), you’ll be happy to know that these breeds like to speak back to you. They can carry on a conversation with you as they meow and purr to the sounds of your voice.

bambino cat 4

2. They’re a Mischievous Breed

While the Bambino is an incredibly charming breed, they’re also known to have a mischievous side. This breed will happily spend its day adventuring around the garden, climbing up trees, and exploring every nook and cranny of the house.

Along with this playful side comes the need to be with their human parents. They love to play around whenever they have the chance. But don’t worry, there’s as much cuddling on the couch as there are play sessions.

You’ll need to take the size of your property into consideration. Ensure you have a big enough space to keep their little brains busy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in things like an interactive cat toy or the much-loved feather wands. Interactive toys should be left around the house for times when you’re not around.

3. The Bambino Is a Social and Family-Friendly Kitty

These Munchkin cross Sphynx kitties are a great addition to a family home, especially if you have young children. They aren’t known to bite or scratch, which can put any parent’s mind at ease.

Because of their playful and affectionate nature, as well as their love for humans, they have a tendency to bond well with all family members. This means you’ll have a long-lasting relationship with your hairless munchkin.

They’re known to get along well with other cat breeds and don’t mind a dog or two sharing the attention. As with most pets, an important aspect of owning a Bambino is to socialize them well from a young age. Just be sure to be around for early socialization and to make use of cat treats to reward positive behavior.

4. While They’re Hairless, Their Coat Requires Attention

Many people assume that because these kitties lack a glorious coat, they don’t require any attention to their velvety skin. But these cats actually require a lot more care than your everyday house cat.

The skin of a Bambino is wrinkly and loose and is usually beige or cream with peach-like fuzz. Due to the lack of coat, their hair can’t retain oils like most cats. Their skin can then become oily and dirty very quickly, and it’ll be hard not to notice.

From an early age, you should start introducing your Bambino to the bath. Most of the time, they require weekly baths with specialized shampoo to prevent skin problems and conditions. Don’t worry if they shy away from the bath, you can also use a waterless shampoo that requires no water or rinse.

5. Sunblock Is a Must for Bambino’s

Bambinos are adventure-seeking kitties who love to play outside. Like their cousin, the Sphynx, the Bambino needs protection for their exposed, fair skin. They are a breed that is particularly at risk for sunburn, and in severe cases, skin cancer.

As a cat parent, you’ll have to access the conditions outside to ensure it’s safe for your Bambino. If it’s a scorcher of a day, it’s essential that you keep your kitty indoors until a cooler, cloudier day arises.

Keep in mind that sunblocks that are safe for humans aren’t always safe for our pets. This is because pet skin has a different pH level, and the Bambino is a particularly oil kitty. Products containing zinc oxide should never be used on cats (or dogs), as it can lead to severe anemia.

There aren’t many reliable, non-toxic sunscreen products for pets. The ‘Sit. Stay. Forever’ is all-natural, waterproof, and contains antioxidants that assist with icky skin problems.

bambino cat 3

6. Bambino Means Baby

The word ‘Bambino’ means ‘baby’ in Italian, and the name couldn’t be more perfect for these tiny little kittens. With short and lean legs, they can zip around the house in the most adorable manner. This gives them the appearance of looking like a kitten.

Without these short legs, the Bambino would look like your everyday Sphynx. However, they’re slightly smaller than the Sphynx, reaching about a foot and a half long. They also weigh around 5 to 9 pounds. In comparison, most domestic cats weigh up to 10 pounds.

They also have incredibly large eyes, which gives them the baby-like appearance that tends to get them all the oohs and ahhs.

7. Contrary to Popular Belief, Bambinos Aren’t Hypoallergenic

Many people jump to the Sphynx due to the belief that these cats are hypoallergenic. It’s true; these cats don’t shed hair all over the house, so they lower the risk of sneezes.

But that’s not to say that they are completely hypoallergenic.

These purr babies still have the allergic protein Fel D1 in their saliva. And like all cats, they spend a large part of their day grooming themselves – meaning their saliva still gets on their peach fluff.

It’s not going to be too much of a concern, but it’s worth clearing up the air that they aren’t technically speaking hypoallergenic. They can still set off some people’s allergies. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat, be sure to check out my post.

8. The First Bambino Litter Registered Was in 2005

There’s a reason why you probably haven’t ever heard of the Bambino before this article. That’s because these cuties were only registered as an official breed in 2005. It might be tough finding a breeder for these tiny cats, but they’re continuing to grow in popularity across the world.

bambino cat 1

The International Cat Association is the first and only organization to recognize this cat breed. Although it’s not a pedigree, it is considered an experimental breed.

Not all organizations are so happy with the Bambino breed. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) state that they will not classify this breed as an official breed as a way to discourage genetic abnormalities brought on by aesthetic breeding. It is believed that their unique appearance can increase their chances of health problems.

9. They Need a Jacket in Winter

Because of their short, velvety coat, these felines tend to get colder than your everyday cat. It’s a good thing these are cuddly cats because they’ll often be in search of your warmth and will most likely snuggly under the duvet with you.

During winter, their lack of fur means that they’re susceptible to flaky skin and injuries. As a way to combat the cold, knitted sweaters can help keep your feline toasty. Not only does it keep the heat in, but it also acts as a windbreaker during the cooler seasons.

Due to their aversion to the cold, and their inclination to sunburn, these cats are best suited to indoor living if you live in a colder climate. Just make sure that you have enough space for them to play around.

10. Despite Being Tiny, These Cats Eat a Lot

Now that we know that Bambino means baby, it may come as a surprise that these kitties eat a lot. They get their eating habits from the Sphynx, who is known around the block for kicking back large meals.

bambino cat 2

Unlike other domestic cats, the Bambino’s lack of fur means that it spends a large portion of its energy keeping warm. Resulting in them having a faster metabolism, which causes them to eat more than your standard house kitty.

The Bambino gets most of its nutrients from the fats and proteins found in meat products. The elements within meat produce ensure that the skin of your Bambino remains healthy and at lower risk for injuries and injections.

Leaving food out for cats is only a viable option for Bambinos on a dry food diet. Raw and wet foods left out causes a hygiene risk.

11. Bambino Is as Funny as It Looks

This friendly and lovable breed has a personality of its own, often one that might leave you laughing out loud.

A Bambino is a cat that’s going to follow you around everywhere in the house. Don’t be surprised if you’re cooking up a seafood feast and you’ve soon got a Bambino sitting on your shoulder – one of their favorite hang-out spots.

Their playful nature also means they’re often getting themselves into trouble too. They love showing off to gain the attention of their humans; falling off couches, diving around to catch a feather wand, or singing a meow song is usually on their agenda.

12. The Bambinos Heritage Lies in Canada

It’s definitely odd that this hairless cat came from the land of ice and snow, but the Sphynx was actually an accidental breed. Although they resemble Ancient Egyptian cats, a genetic mutation from a breed in Canada left one kitten completely hairless.

Breeders jumped on this mutation and after a highly selective breeding process, the Sphynx became a worldwide commodity. The breeding that occurred with the hairless breed somehow managed to make its way to the Munchkin breed from the United States.

Today, we’re left with short-legged raggamuffins jumping around our furniture and snuggling under the covers. Who knows what weird and wonderful kitties we’ll have in the future.

13. A Bambino’s Short Legs Won’t Hold Them Back

One would assume that their tiny legs leave them trailing behind fellow cats. By no means is this cat ever left behind. Bambinos still move at a normal pace that allows them to have heaps of fun dashing around the house. In fact, these curious creatures love jumping onto and perching themselves on high spaces.

The only thing their little legs affect is their gait. Walking similarly to a duck, the Bambino waddles around the house in the most adorable manner.

bambino cat blue eyes
bambino cat

The Weird and Wacky Bambino Breed

It might seem odd to some to have a cat with the shortest legs and no hair to match. But besides looking weird and wacky, these cats are truly incredible pets. Their loving nature, playful personality, and affection towards humans and other house pets mean that they’re the perfect addition to any family.

Adding one of these sprucely cats to your house does require some hands-on action. From weekly baths to knitted sweaters, their lack of hair means you need to pay extra attention to their skin’s needs.

With these wonderful facts about the Bambino, you’ll for sure know whether adding these munchkins to your family is the right decision. Even if they’re not the right fit, these facts are great conversation starters for your cat-loving friends.

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