The Best Cat Litter

Everything You Need to Know

Cat litter can be a confusing concept, especially for new feline owners.

How do you choose a litter box to suit your own cat’s preferences? There are a few factors you’ll need to consider.

You’ll need to consider your cat’s personal preferences, the age of your cat, and the convenience of the cat litter box.

An excellent option for busy cat owners is a self-cleaning litter box for your cat. This litter box automatically removes waste.

Busy cat  owners

If your cat is particularly fussy, why not allow your pet the combination of privacy and cleanliness in a hooded self-cleaning litter box.

Fussy Cat

Having something that has multiple purposes is always a great investment. It will also be tucked away where your cat feels comfortable abluting in privacy.

Multiple Purposes

5 Types of Cat Litter 1. Hemp Pellet Cat Litter

Hemp pellet cat litter is often hard to find. It’s resistant to insects, dust, and pesticides, as well as being a flushable substance.

Clay cat litter is suitable for all cats, it’s easy to find, and most of all it’s affordable. The downside to clay cat litter is that it needs to be changed often, which can be rather high maintenance.

2. Clay Cat Litter

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