Sokoke Cat:

12 Facts About This Rare Feline Beauty

While there are many breeds of kitties that are classified as “rare” or “exotic”, few compare to the stunning looks of the Sokoke cat.

This elusive kitty may surprise you with its charming personality, beautiful coat, or quirky antics.

Sokokes can definitely be listed among the more expensive cat breeds, thanks partly to their rarity.

While many cat breeds have distinctive, convoluted backstories containing royalty (looking at you, Khao Manee), the Sokoke is much more down-to-earth.

Things you need to know about Sokoke Cats

The Sokoke got their name from the forest where they were discovered. Some other names the Sokoke has also gone by over the years include African Shorthair and Sokoke Forest Cat.

History of the Rare Breed

The Sokoke is a natural breed of kitty, which means they were freely bred and “created” through natural means. They were not designed or created from specific breeds, like the Minkskin or the Toyger.

To Breed or Not to Breed

The Sokoke has quite a striking quality to its appearance. They are not your average kitties, since they do have a bit of a “wilder” look to their coats and patterns.

Sokoke Appearance: Pretty on the Outside

The Sokoke is mostly brown in color, with well-defined tabby markings and a variety of patterns and shapes that can adorn their coats. A soft cat brush would be the perfect tool to help groom them, giving you a chance to bond with your fancy feline.

A Coat to Die For

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