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Kinkalow Cats | 13 Things You Need To Know

The Kinkalow cat is a rare feline breed known for its energetic and playful personality. Although Kinkalows are a relatively new breed, they have won the hearts of many cat lovers.

This adorable fur baby is a hybrid of two enchanting cats: the Munchkin and the American Curl.

Since its Munchkin parent is the original dwarf cat breed, it’s easy to see where the little Kinkalow inherits its cute size. With their curly ears and tiny stature, they are one of the most striking short-legged cats that you’ll come across.

Contrary to their little legs, these fluffy powerhouses have a mighty presence. Kinkalows are super affectionate and intelligent kitties with an outgoing temperament. They make exceptional family pets.

But, if you’re looking to welcome a Kinkalow, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

In this guide, we’ll uncover some fascinating facts about the Kinkalow cat breed. From proper care and grooming to interesting quirks and temperament, you can find 13 Kinkalow facts below.

white kinkalow on stairs


13 Things to Know About the Kinkalow Cat Breed

Kinkalows are small and sweet kitties that are best known for their loving personality. If they’re not playing with their favorite cat toy, you’ll likely find them following their owners around the house.

If you’re as curious as a cat to know more about this cute breed, here are some interesting facts about the Kinkalow kitty.

1. History of the Kinkalow Cat Breed

The Kinkalow cat originates from cross-breeding between the Munchkin and American Curl breeds in the United States. Hence, you’ll find this breed is also known as the Munchkin American Curl or the Munchkin Kinkalow.

In the mid-1990s, an American breeder named Terri Harris intentionally paired these cute cats together. The primary aim of developing Kinkalows was to achieve a breed that displayed the best qualities of both parent breeds. With the Munchkin’s short legs and the American Curl’s curled ears, the Kinkalow certainly inherited adorable features from both parent breeds, as expected.

2. Kinkalow Cat Name Origin

Wondering about the inspiration around the Kinkalow cat’s name? The possible origin of the breed name comes from one of the first kittens that Terri Harris developed.

The cute fur baby was named Munchkinlanes Kinkalow Louie. It is probable that ‘Kinkalow’ relates to the kink in the cat’s ears and that their small stature keeps them low to the ground.

grey tabby kinkalow

3. Kinkalow Cat Breed Characteristics

When you look at a Kinkalow cat, the cute resemblance of its parent breeds is undeniable. Similar to their dwarf breed Munchkin parent, Kinkalows feature short legs with long bodies.

From their American Curl heritage, most Kinkalows boast cute curly ears. Their ears are straight in the early stages but begin to curl to varying degrees as they grow. However, some Kinkalows do not develop curled-back ears.

Overall, the Kinkalow has a muscular and athletic build with a tiger-shaped head. Like most dwarf cats, they have dazzling rounded eyes. Kinkalows have long, sleek tails that contribute to their elegant appearance.

Kinkalows’ medium-length coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You’ll find them in eye-catching coat patterns and colors like white, orange, black, tabby, cream, gray, and calico.

Kinkalows are small-sized cats with an average height of seven to eight inches. On average, these adorable pets weigh around three to seven pounds.

4. Kinkalow Cat Personality

The Kinkalow is a rare cat breed that is short on legs but big on personality. They have an affectionate, playful, and quiet temperament. These fluffy companions are social, eager to please, and love being around their loved ones.

Kinkalows are loving and energetic cats that love to cuddle on the couch and run from room to room at top speed. They are also known for their intelligence, so you’ll need some engaging pet toys to keep them mentally stimulated.

These cute cats get along well with kids and other pets, and they can easily navigate through their homes. Overall, the Kinkalow kitten is a kind-hearted ball of adorable energy.

grey kinkalow

5. A Kinkalow’s Ideal Home

Kinkalows are affectionate felines that are suited for any cat-loving family. With their enjoyable energy, they are an excellent choice for those with younger kids.

As Kinkalows are relatively low-maintenance cats, they are suitable for first-time pet parents as well. However, these cute kitties will shed and are not allergen-friendly. As such, if you have any allergies to pet hair, this breed would not be the best choice.

If you’re seeking a more allergy-friendly feline, check out this guide on hypoallergenic cat breeds.

6. Kinkalows Do Well With Other Pets

Kinkalows get along smoothly with everyone, including pets. As Kinkalows are caring cats that love to play, they do well with other animals.

Welcoming a Kinkalow into a home with other pets is beneficial for socialization as well. Introducing your Kinkalow to other cats and dogs will help them become more trusting, self-assured, and well-behaved.

And having a few furry friends around will give your little Kinkalow an additional outlet for their high energy. They are known for their dog-like traits, so don’t be alarmed if you notice them running around with your pup.

grey and white kinkalow

7. Grooming a Kinkalow

When it comes to grooming, Kinkalows are a low-maintenance breed. To keep your Kinkalow healthy and happy, you’ll need to brush their silky coats weekly with a quality cat brush.

As Kinkalows are longer-haired kitties and shed quite a bit, consistent brushing will remove the extra fur and minimize the hair around the house. If you have a super active cat, more frequent brushing might be necessary.

Although cats are known for their impressive self-cleaning abilities, there is still some debris left behind. For a plush and shiny Kinkalow coat, you’ll have to bathe them regularly to remove excess dander. You can bathe your cat a few times a year and when necessary. The National Cat Groomers Institute of America recommends a bath once every four to six weeks.

Most cats are known for their dislike of getting wet. You can make bath time more enjoyable by letting them play with pet-friendly bath toys.

Like most cats with cute curled ears, Kinkalows have a higher risk of developing a build-up of earwax and ear infections. To reduce the risk of ear problems, you should frequently clean their ears with a cotton swab (not a Q-tip) and a superior-quality cleaner. It’s best to consult your local veterinarian when deciding on ear-cleaning products.

Although cats enjoy their self-grooming routines, Kinkalows love spending time with their owners. A good grooming routine will provide them with both sought-after attention and the necessary health care.

8. Feeding and Dietary Needs

Generally, Kinkalow kittens have healthy eating habits, and their small frame only allows for healthy body weight. These cute cats do not have any particular dietary requirements.

But, you should provide them with high-quality cat food to keep their skin, coat, and weight in the best conditions.

In addition, your Kinkalow kitty will need different types and quantities of food throughout its various life stages. It is always best to consult your veterinarian before establishing or changing your precious pet’s diet.

ginger kinkalow

9. The Life Expectancy of a Kinkalow

Kinkalows live a relatively long life with an average life span of 12 to 15 years. Several factors impact a cat’s years, such as sufficient health care and their living environment.

For more information on cats’ lifespan, check out this guide on the factors that affect how long cats live.

10. Possible Health Issues with Kinkalows

The Kinkalow is a long-lived cat with few common health issues. But like most dwarf cats, they have a high risk of spinal injuries due to the length of their bodies relative to their leg length.

It is vital to pay close attention to their back health for signs of pain or tenderness from your kitty. Other health concerns include ear infections due to their curled-back ears.

If you notice any potential signs of discomfort, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

dark grey tabby kinkalow

11. Exercising and Training a Kinkalow Cat

Kinkalows are known for their intelligence and playful personality. They need regular play and toys that require skill and strategy to keep them mentally stimulated. As they love spending time with their owners, spending quality time with your pet is recommended.

As Kinkalows are bright and energetic, they are moderately easy to train. From teaching them tricks to setting boundaries for furniture scratching, Kinkalow kittens are trainable from a young age.

12. Kinkalow Cat Breed Recognition

The Kinkalow is a striking feline that gained popularity in the late 1990s as it received Experimental Breed status from The International Cat Association. Additionally, the American Curl Munchkin mix breed is recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association.

cream kinkalow

13. Kinkalow Cat Price

As Kinkalows are rare cats with many admirable traits, they don’t come cheap. The Kinkalow price is dependent on several factors, such as the specific breeders, your location, and the supply and demand of Kinkalows during the particular period.

You can expect to pay a pretty penny for these charming felines. On average, you might find a Kinkalow cat for sale at around $2,000 from a reputable breeder. As Kinkalows are remarkable and rare cats, you won’t easily find this designer breed at shelters.

brown and black kinkalow

Final Thoughts on the Cute Kinkalow Cat

Kinkalows are affectionate, intelligent, and energetic kitties that would be the perfect addition to any cat-loving family. All you’ll need to keep this furry feline happy is regular grooming, routine veterinary visits, and daily playtime.

What Kinkalows may lack in legs, they certainly make up for with their charming personality. Overall, Kinkalows have an adorable demeanor that’s ideal for homes with younger children and other pets.

If you’re ready to welcome a cuddly Kinkalow into your home, you’ll need a name to match their enchanting appearance. For some naming inspiration, check out this guide on cute cat names.

white kinkalow

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Sunday 5th of September 2021

does Australia breed them? if so who does pls?


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Hi Hazel. I'm not sure if Australia breeds Kinkalow cats. You might want to google Kinkalow australia breeders? kind regards

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