Types of  Siamese Cats

The Discerning Cat

While the types of Siamese cats can be classified depending on the size of their head, tails, and pointed patterns, there are two broad types of Siamese: traditional and modern.

The Discerning Cat

Traditional Siamese cats can be subdivided into three types: Applehead, Classic, and Old-style. 

The Discerning Cat

Meanwhile, modern Siamese cats can be subdivided into Wedge and Light-colored variations. Each is unique and wonderful in its own way. Let’s look at how they vary and how to tell which is which.

Traditional Siamese Cats Traditional Siamese cats are indigenous to the nation of Siam, now known as Thailand. Noticeable features of Traditional Siamese cats are their crooked tail and crossed eyes.

- Classic Siamese Cats Genetically, this type of Siamese cat is very similar to the other traditional types, but their physical attributes make them visually different.

- Apple head Siamese Cats Known as the quieter version of the traditional Siamese cat types, their face is rounded like an apple which acts as their most distinguishing feature. 

- Old-style Siamese cats They have ears that are broad and a nose that is shaped like an almond. The cross-eyed trait is very apparent in this type of Siamese cat. 

Modern Siamese Cats The bodies of modern Siamese cats are longer and thinner than the traditional types. Modern Siamese varieties love to talk. 

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