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Cat Pictures and Gallery

This week’s funny Cat Video:

December 23, 2023 Cat Pictures and Gallery

December 18, 2023 Cat Pictures and Gallery

December 12, 2023 Cat Pictures and Gallery

December 4, 2023 Cat Pictures and Gallery

November 21, 2023 Cat Pictures and Gallery

November 15, 2023 Pipsqueak the Cat by Cindy Sullivan

Pipsqueak saying her prayers before bed.

Pipsqueak yelling “I don’t wanna take a nap!!

I hope you enjoyed their pics by Cindy Sullivan

November 10, 2023 Sebastian the Ragdoll Cat by Cathryn Valor

Ragdoll male cat Sebastian is a feisty lovable boy by Cathryn Valor

My handsome Ragdoll male cat, Sebastian is a feisty, lovable boy! He is 13 lbs., and loves to play, sit with me, sleep with me and step on me. Sebastian is 9 years old and was always very healthy until recently when he was diagnosed with a bladder stone two months ago that had to be removed. He is on a prescription diet and will need urinalysis testing yearly to make sure he is healthy. Sebastian has healed very nicely since then and is back to his old self! 

November 5, 2023 Princess Fiona Apple by Nancy Patterson

Princess Fiona Apple friendly warm affectionate and loved bugs by Nancy Patterson

She was friendly warm affectionate and loved bugs “yeah”. Her whole name was “Princess Fiona Apple” we had her as kitten and no one wanted her cause she was runt of litter but she showed my three male cats whose boss the day she arrived. She was so tiny at 4 months old. I miss her terribly she passed due to kidney disease. We have a parrot now and we’re not getting another cat unless falls into our lap and we can’t say “ no “. lol 


October 31, 2023 CUTE Photos and Gallery

October 16, 2023 CUTE Photos and Gallery

October 3, 2023 CUTE Photos and Gallery

September 19, 2023 Feature Cats Photos and Gallery

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August 26, 2023 Feature Cats

August 14st 2023 Feature Cats

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June 21th 2023 Feature Cats

The Story of the Paralyze Kitten

Renley, a tiny orange and white kitten, was born paralyzed and faced a challenging journey ahead. Jessica Ruf, a veterinary nurse, came across his story and decided to provide him with a special foster home.

When Jessica first met Renley at four weeks old, she found him incredibly adorable but noticed his struggle due to his condition. He was malnourished, covered in fleas, and immobile from the waist down.

Determined to help him, Jessica took Renley for medical scans, which revealed that his paralysis was likely caused by a neurological issue rather than a bone fracture.

With a strong resolve to improve Renley’s mobility, Jessica initiated a treatment plan that included daily physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. Renley showed remarkable determination, and after just three acupuncture sessions, he started displaying signs of improvement.

During his fourth treatment, Renley became active and even moved his back legs. With the support of Jessica, his doctor, and the clinic staff, Renley conquered obstacles each day. Acupuncture played a significant role in his progress by promoting healing and circulation.

After spending ten days with Jessica, Renley gained abundant energy, and stimulating his feet twice a day proved beneficial. A miraculous moment arrived when Renley began walking independently, evoking tears of joy from Jessica.

Although he still had a way to go, his improvement was remarkable. Throughout his month-long stay with Jessica, Renley exhibited happiness, mischief, and playfulness like any other kitten his age.

Renley’s determined spirit continuously amazed Jessica, who had initially intended to find him a forever home. However, as the time for adoption approached, Jessica realized that she truly wanted to adopt Renley herself.

She proudly declared, “Yep, he’s mine!” Renley held immense significance in Jessica’s life, alongside her other foster kittens. He taught her the values of courage, determination, and happiness, which she would cherish forever.

In just six months, thanks to Jessica’s unwavering support, Renley transformed from a paralyzed kitten to a walking feline. Their journey together exemplified the power of overcoming obstacles and embracing a fulfilling life.

Watch Renley’s Recovery Video Here.

This week’s photos.

June 14th 2023 Feature Cats

June 5th 2023 Feature Cats

  • Bandit Waiting for Breakfast by Lisa E
  • Joey watching TV by Steve Hobbs
  • Ping Pong the Cat by Alison Pefect
  • Sticks by Lisa D
  • Tuddies the Cat by Reesa R

May 26th 2023 Feature Story

Jordan the Cat by Carla R

Jordan is unlike any other cat we have ever had, or my entire childhood.

He rolls over which means rub my belly.
He rubs up against his hair brush so I will brush him for at least 15 minutes.

Fun fact: He has double colored eyes.

We are the lucky ones.

He was adopted from midlands humanesociety when he was 8 weeks old.
Our vet provided 5 weeks of care for his leg that broke when he was just 3 weeks old.
I applied to adopt him the day I saw his photo.

He is part Maine coon and Gray tabby.

By Carla Reiman

May 23th 2023 Feature Story

Sticks by Lisa D
Sticks the Cat by Lisa D.

Our fur baby we rescued from the local humane society on my birthday this year.
His name is Sticks.
He is 1 year 9 months
He weighs 9 lbs
He is delightfully playful,  loving.  He is our guard cat. 🙂

We love him!

By Lisa Downs

May 16, 2023, Cat Update

  • Her Cat by Rhema D
  • Max and Jax by Kendell R
  • Max and Jax Hugging by Kendell R
  • Meet Toby from James G.
  • Peeps and Harry by Linda B
  • Yawning Max by Kendell R

May 10, 2023, Cat Update

May 6, 2023 Cat Update

  • Cat 5 Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 5a Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 5b Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 5c Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 5d Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 5e Smokey by Anese Valentine 1
  • Cat 6 in Bella Bell Cute Sleeper by Ricci Bell

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