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There are so many types of cat breeds (up to 70, according to the International Cat Association), so it’s no surprise that your head may be spinning from the many choices. The truth is one cat breed is not better than any other. But a particular cat breed may be a better fit for you, your family, and your daily life.

Introducing a pet into the home is a big step and requires a lot of research and preparation. While some people love affectionate pets, others may find comfort in loving even the meanest cat breeds, like a Sphynx or Lykoi.

If you’re still unsure about your choice, this guide is a good place to start. Here are the best cat breeds for you, whether you’re looking for beautiful blue-eyed cat breeds or a playful companion for your busy family.

Most Sought-After Breeds of Cats

The most popular type of cats many people choose are indoor cats, like Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Ragamuffins, and Persian cats, to name a few. But why are these breeds so popular and in demand? It’s simple. They’re affectionate and cute cat breeds!

These different breeds of cats are often chosen because they are some of the most fluffy cat breeds, too — making them perfect for bedtime snuggles. Another cute and in-demand factor owners often look for are cats with big eyes. These breeds include fluff balls like British Shorthairs and the Chartreux Cat.

Of course, not everyone has the time to perform an extensive Persian cat grooming session, so many commonly adopted breeds are cats that don’t shed or hypoallergenic breeds. These cats include gray cat breeds, like the Russian Blue, brown cat breeds, grey and white cat breeds, black and white cat breeds, orange cat breeds or more unique black cats, like the Devon Rex.

Unique and Different Cat Breeds

While some pet owners like the classics, others are more excited at the prospect of a challenge or something different. Luckily for these pet owners, there are many unique cat breeds.

Some weird cat breeds include the Selkirk Rex breed, a rare cat with curly hair, and the Minskin, a miniature cat type derived from the Sphynx. However, some ‘out there’ breeds are usually due to a feature abnormality. This includes the Scottish Fold, known for being a flat-faced cat. Or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the Cornish Rex, a big-eared cat with a long nose.

Of course, if you want a rare and unique pet, you can always opt for one of the more expensive cat breeds. These sky-high price tags come with the peace of mind that your pet is purely bred and that there is a good chance you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood with this remarkable fur ball.

Different Types of Cats for Your Family

Not everyone looks at introducing pets to their home the same way. Some prefer to look at the cat breeds that best fit their family.

Families come in different sizes and often have different needs. Some families are small and need a smart cat breed that can be independent, while others want a playful feline that can keep the kids company. This list of cat breeds helps you find the purrfect cat for your family.

Cat Breeds for a Family With Kids

If you have a family with kids, whether small ones or big, you might enjoy having a Bengal or Himalayan cat, as these are some of the best family cat breeds. While a Bengal is one of the largest breeds of cats, that doesn’t stop them from curling up next to (or on) you for snuggles and a few pets a day.

Other pretty affectionate cat breeds are Siamese, Persian, Burmese, and Bombay cats, which are luckily quite common to find.

If you have small kids around, you can’t go wrong with a Devon Rex cat, as they are one of the friendliest cat breeds that get along very well with kids. Remember that while they get along with kids, teaching the little ones to play nice with this lap cat and not overcrowd them too much is important.

Cat Breeds for a Small Family or Home

If you have a small family, chances are you have a small house too, which wouldn’t be able to accommodate a large breed like the Norwegian Forest Cat. That is why small cat breeds like a Napoleon, American Curl, Singapura, or Abyssinian might be a better match.

While their size is quite standard across the board, these cats come in different colors for a bit of variety. For something different from the usual snow-white or ginger cat, why not look for tuxedo-coated breeds or beautiful cats with jet-black coats and green eyes?

There are no dumb cat breeds. But, some pets can require lots of stimulation and playing space — which small households often don’t have. Getting a small breed means they won’t need much space to run and burn energy like some playful and highly-intelligent felines crave. Many small kitties are thus also often one of the calmest cat breeds to have.

Cat Breeds for a Family of One

If you’re a family of one, you may have the capacity to deal with aggressive cat breeds that some might deem dangerous cats to have around children.

Of course, these cats are no more dangerous than other cats. But breeds like Savannahs, Bengals, and Chausies are closely related to wild cats, which means they often have incredible strength. While beautiful (due to their coats made to camouflage in the wild), they usually prefer more alone time, which children might not always understand.

However, this personality trait makes them perfect for working individuals who are busy or gone often. Keep in mind that they need exercise often, so playing with them and taking them for a catwalk is encouraged.

However, if you work from home or live in an apartment with limited space, you’ll benefit more from cats with short legs. As you can imagine, they are quite tiny, making them one of the coolest cat breeds on the block. Some breeds, like Munchkins, are so small they can easily fit into a handbag à la Paris Hilton.

But no matter the case, whether you’re looking for the best pure white cats or a Garfield-like cat breed, there’s no doubt the perfect kitten is out there waiting for you.