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Welcoming a delightful ball of feline fur into your home is a special and exciting occasion. With their curious whiskers, cute meows, and playful antics, your furry friend is bound to steal your heart in no time. But then comes the challenging part: choosing the perfect name for your new companion.

Picking a name for your kitty can be a challenge. But ultimately, good cat names bring a smile to your face. Whether you have a large-eared cat or the perfect Persian, you’re in the right place for some cute and unique names for your little furball.

Things to Consider When Choosing Names for Cats

Before picking the first name that grabs your attention, here are a few things to think about:

Consider Your Cat’s Gender and Personality

Your feline friend’s gender will play a role in choosing the perfect name. Some popular girl cat names, like Bella or Daisy, never go out of style. Classic male cat names like Oliver or Jack are also always a hit.

Just like their humans, every cat is unique. Taking a few days to observe your new kitty’s behavior, quirks, and habits before settling on a name is a good idea.

Keep Your Kitty Names Simple

In general, cats are masters in the art of selective hearing. One or two-syllable names are perfect for getting your cat’s attention when it’s time for a treat or a cuddle session.

While giving your cat a long, grand title is fun at first, you’ll most likely get tired of it quickly. You’ll probably end up calling them by a shorter nickname anyway, so rather keep it short and sweet from the get-go.

Cat Names Based on Appearance

Picking a name that mirrors your kitty’s appearance is a great way to ensure it fits them perfectly. You can draw inspiration from your cat’s breed or its coat color, which I’ll cover below.

Good Names for Cats Based on Coat Color

When it comes to names for a ginger cat or gray cat names, your options are endless. There are many famous ginger and grey kitties, like Garfield and Dumbo. Or, if you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, how could you resist naming your feline friend Crookshanks or Dumbledore?

It might be tempting to give your feline friend a popular white cat name like Snowball, but there’s a variety of fun options to consider. Pearl and Opal are beautiful names for your precious girl, while Casper or Bolt will perfectly fit a busy boy cat.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, names for black cats are usually more mysterious or spooky. Kitten names like Luna, Morticia, or Raven are perfect for a witchy girl cat. For a male cat, a name like Wizard, Merlin, or Astro can be a great fit.

You’re spoilt for choice if your kitty is a combination of these two, as there is an abundance of fun black-and-white cat names to pick from. From Oreo to Domino, the possibilities are endless. For a handsome boy cat, tuxedo cat names like Sylvester, Gatsby, Ace, or Bandit might also be fitting for a distinguished gentleman.

Top Cat Names Based on Breed

Some cats are so distinctive and majestic that you might want to pick a name based on their breed.

For instance, Siamese cat names should fit their elegant and graceful nature. With their luxurious coats and striking blue eyes, posh names like Sapphire or Jasmine for girls and Hunter or Niran for boys are sophisticated options to consider.

With their sleek spotted coat and regal appearance, Bengals deserve a fitting name. When choosing names for Bengal cats, you can draw inspiration from big cats that resemble this popular breed, like Leo (short for “leopard”), Puma, or Jaguar.

Cute Cat Names

If you’re looking for unique and cute cat names, there are many creative sources of inspiration you can consider. Or how about some funny cat names? Here are some fun ideas:

Best Cat Names From Around the World

If your cat is adventurous and loves exploring, why not consider an exotic name inspired by a foreign land? International names based on different countries and cultures can make your kitty sound like a suave globetrotter. Here are a few fun examples:

A quirky Irish cat name might be a fitting choice if your companion sometimes acts like a naughty little leprechaun. Your fun-loving male cat could be Paddy – the perfect mate to relax with while you have a pint of Guinness.

Many people are fascinated by the pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies. If you’re one of them, Egyptian cat names might appeal to you. For instance, you could name your female kitty Cleopatra (or, if you enjoy wordplay, Cleo-Catra) or King Tut for your majestic boy cat.

If Greek mythology is your thing, there are many gorgeous Greek cat names to pick from. Zeus, Ophelia, Apollo, and Calypso are all great choices.

Cats are considered a symbol of good fortune in South Korean culture. So, giving your feline companion a Korean cat name might bring some extra luck your way. Na-bi, meaning “butterfly,” is a lovely choice for a delicate little girl. Gi, meaning “brave,” is perfect for a boy cat who might think he is a lion.

Japanese cat names are another great source of inspiration. You can name your kitty after your favorite Anime character, like Goku or Ichigo. Or you can opt for a meaningful name like Emi, which means “smile” in Japanese.

Quirky Names for a Cat

When it comes to funny or eccentric names, you can be creative and name your kitty after your favorite things. Why not give your cat a food-inspired name? For example, Cupcake, Taco, Waffles, and Nugget – all delicious treats and also good names for a little furball.

You can also name your feline friend after your favorite historical figure, movie star, or cartoon character. For instance, if you have a kooky kitty that loves discovering new things, science-inspired cat names like Einstein or Isaac Meowton might be fitting.

If you’re a film fanatic, you could draw inspiration from movie cat names. If your kitty is a pretty princess, she definitely deserves a name worthy of her beauty. The lovely ladies of Disney can give you some fantastic ideas, like Belle, Tiana, Aurora, or Nala, to name a few.

But Disney cat names don’t only cater to female felines. There are many popular male characters you can look to for inspiration. If your boy cat thinks he is the king of the jungle, Simba might be a fitting name. Or if he is sweet and bouncy, what better name than Tigger?