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Planning on getting a pussy cat? Great idea! The choice of cat breeds is extensive so here are my guides to different characteristics and which breeds suit best as well as information about specific cat breeds to help you to decide on the purrfect cat

13 Big Eyed Cat Breeds you’ll fall for

Devon rex with dark face

The big eyes of human babies mean that we are hard wired to like animals with big eyes. Seeing those big eyes floods our brains with feel-good chemicals. So it should come as no surprise that we humans can find big eyed cat breeds irresistible. Here are 13 Big Eyed Cat Breeds you’ll fall for. […]

11 Rare Cat Breeds You Might Not Know

Egyptian mau cat

Depending on which source you use there are between 44 and 73 recognised cat breeds in the world. But what makes for rare cat breeds? Each year the Cat Fanciers Association releases a report listing cat breeds based on the number of cats registered for each breed in the last year. This, of course, tends […]

12 Most Friendly Cat Breeds

Portrait of British shorthair cat white white background

Looking to get a kitty that doesn’t fit the conventional definition of cats as being off-hand and a bit disinterested? Some breeds of cats are definitely more affectionate and happy to see you than others. Here are the 12 Most Friendly Cat Breeds. 12 Most Friendly Cat Breeds 1. Exotic Short Hair Cat Breed The […]

8 Fluffiest Cat Breeds that are Purrfect for Cuddles

Exotic Shorthair kitten, 4 months old, sitting in front of white background

I am a huge fan of floof and fluff. When I was looking at what type of cat to get I did a thorough check of the fluffiest cat breeds combined with cats who act like dogs and found my perfect match with my Siberian cat Alexei. Whilst Siberians are wonderfully fluffy and – spoiler […]

Persian Cat Grooming: Everything You Need to Know

white-persian-cat on side lying on ground

When it comes to Persian cat grooming, the last thing you want for your sweet kitty is matted, neglected fur. These thick, long-haired beauties have evolved over the years from natural and selective breeding to produce the luscious coat they have today. However, their stellar looks come with a little more responsibility and regular upkeep. […]

Maine Coon Personality: 11+ Things You Need to Know

dark ginger maine coon cat stares at camera showing maine coon personality

These fluffy felines are really something special. Known to be real gentle giants, they’re often referred to as the dogs of the cat world thanks to the unique Maine Coon personality. So if you’re a self-proclaimed dog person but looking to broaden your horizons, this will be your perfect transition to being a cat owner […]

Indoor Cat Breeds: 11 Purrfect Kitty Breeds for your Home

siamese cat stretched out on seat

Looking for a breed of cat that doesn’t want to roam? There are various indoor cat breeds that don’t look to leap through every open door. Their idea of a good time is occupying the windowsill and soaking up the sun, or finding a comfy sofa and hogging all the soft pillows. Many people are […]

Weird Cat Breeds: 7 Strange and Wonderful Felines

Peterbald Cat

When it comes to cats, we often think that cuter is better. However, cats have so many wonderful characteristics that are way more important than cuteness so weird cat breeds can often produce perfect pets. Their boldness, sass, independence, and often affectionate personalities are some of their many shining traits. According to The International Cat […]