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Editorial Policy

At The Discerning Cat, we pride ourselves on publishing accurate, helpful information for our readers. We do not use any form of artificial intelligence and instead use that old method, people, to write our articles. We are very small – I am the only permanent employee and own the place! But I use some fantastic freelancers as writers.

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Our Editorial Process

The first step is figuring out what the article should be about. This is always done by me using google and keyword research tools. This way, I find out the topics people are interested in and where the current information isn’t that great.

Once I have chosen the topics, I look at who is currently on page one on google for the topic and see what we can do to improve the content available. I let the writers know the topic area, our unique bent and how many words it should be to provide adequate information for readers.

black siberian cat lying on its back
This is Alexei, one of my two Siberian cats

I use a freelance agency for the outsourcing of writing. The agency has pre-vetted all of its writers. They brief the writer. Once the writer feels the article is ready, the agency then proofreads the article and provides feedback to the writer. Once the agency feels the article is ready, they send it to me.

I then review the article, links and photos. Once I am happy with the content, I take it live on the site.

Our Experts

In 2023 I decided that we needed to work harder to ensure that the information on the site was as solid and useful as possible. I decided to bring veterinary writers on board as freelancers to edit existing articles for accuracy and to add tips where relevant. I found these writers using Upwork and reviewed their work and references. I then trialed two articles with each writer before choosing the ones with whom I would work ongoing.

I pay the veterinary writers by the hour, so they can review the article’s accuracy and provide further valuable information from their experience. The only brief they are given is to ensure that each article is accurate.

I have started with our most popular articles on cat behavior. We are going through them one by one so it will take some time. Once an article has been reviewed, I add a statement to this effect to the very top of the article so that it is clear whether it has been reviewed.

Each article that has been reviewed has information on the particular veterinary expert who did so and a link to their biography and contact details.

You can meet our experts here.

siberian cat looking into distance
Vladimir, Siberian Cat 2. He wants more articles on how owners can improve their tummy rubbing techniques.

Our Ongoing Editorial Process

As the site owner, I review what comments have been made on articles several times a week and then adjust or reply accordingly. We are very open about our contact email addresses, so I often receive emails directly from people providing information or querying information in one of my articles. I directly address these.

Once a month, I use website tools to check my site for broken links and fix them. I aim to have every article on the site “touched” once a year to see if anything has changed or if things have moved on and more information is needed.

At The Discerning Cat we aim to provide the best quality, original content to our readers to answer their queries or inform them. We don’t charge our readers in any way to access our content and instead rely on income from advertising. We are a small team, but we have processes in place to do our best to ensure all information is correct.

If you have any queries about our editorial policy please feel free to email us.

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