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10 Flat Faced Cat Breeds That You’ll Want to Snuggle

Don’t you think adorable flat faced cat breeds are just the cutest? Is it the squishy pug nose, the round, wide-set button eyes, or simply their adorable worried faces?

There are so many stunning, lovable, weird cat breeds in the world, but flat-faced cats stand out from the crowd. More often than not, you’ll find these felines tend to be more sociable, and love to be cuddled and petted. 

Cats belonging to the brachycephalic family have typically flat faces and short noses. This is not just from appearance; it’s the result of a genetic trait involving shortening and broadening the cat’s skull shape – giving them that smushed appearance.

If you break the word down, “brachy” meaning “short” and “cephalic” is related to “head.” So, ultimately, you end up with a fancy word for “short head.”

Flat-faced cats are undeniably cute with their ‘short heads’ and have taken the world by storm thanks to the fame of Grumpy Cat – with her miserable mug that the world loved so much.

ginger flat faced cat wearing a lion head costume a great example of one of the flat faced cat breeds
A rather unhappy Persian Cat

10 Adorable Flat Faced Cat Breeds

From Scottish Folds to Persian kitties, it’s totally clear that flat-faced felines have captivated the world. Let’s take a peek at some of the cutest flat-faced cat breeds, from extremely to slightly flat faces.

1. Persian Cats

white persian cat with blue eyes
Persian Cat

Persian cats are deeply appreciated kitties, loved for their luxurious coats and jewel-like eyes. These docile cats are the quintessential lapcats, are soft-spoken and sweet, with gentle natures. They want nothing more than to lay on your lap and be adored.

In general, these felines are flat-faced with a beautiful broad chest, stocky frame, a large head with wide-spaced eyes, an upturned nose, and silky fur.

Keep in mind that the beautiful, long coat of this flat faced cat breed won’t stay tangle-free on its own. It requires daily grooming, so find a comb or cat brush suitable for your feline.

In addition, the flat face of a persian cat needs to be cleaned regularly, such as their tear stains

Although these beautiful fur babies are super easygoing and relaxed, they command an air of royalty and prefer calm, serene environments rather than loud and busy ones.

You’ll find persian cats snuggled up on a soft sofa or soaking up the sunlight on a windowsill, free to admire, making the perfect indoor cats.

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2. Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats, as the name suggests, are teeny little kitties. They have a playful, cheerful nature, with their main attractions being their flat faces and short legs, also known as the dachshund of cats. Despite their short legs, members of this flat faced cat breed can pounce and dash around with bursts of energy.

Munchkin cat on couch
Munchkin Cat

In addition to their rounded contours, Munchkin cats pose gracefully and look a bit like meerkats, where they will occasionally sit up on their back legs – ready to be adored.

They are an active, easily trained, and intelligent breed who enjoy puzzle toys and learning new tricks. They’re well suited to be an indoor cat and are one of the best flat faced cat breeds for families. 

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3. Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat, Himmy, or Himmies, for short, looks like a Persian cat in Siamese drag. Like the Persian, the Himalayan is docile and sweet. She makes the perfect ornament to any home, where she can snuggle up to a lap or company sofa.

Himalayan cats can be rather discriminating, reserving their attention for the family and a few trusted guests.

white fluffy Himalaya cat with darker face and blue eyes
Himalaya Cat

These sedate cats prefer a calm environment, with simple needs such as regular meals, a little playtime with a feather or a catnip mouse, and loads of love.

They require daily grooming and regular bathing for their long coats, and their flat-faces whipped gently. These kitties are also one of the most expensive cat breeds, so be prepared for their requirements.

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4. Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are flat-faced felines that love affection. They enjoy meeting and greeting you at the door and can get along well with other pets and children. These kitties are big softies, with personalities as soft as their coats.

Bombay Cats look like mini black panther look-alikes have black coats and piercing yellow eyes with medium-sized, muscular frames, rounded heads and flat faces.

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background
Bombay Cat

You’ll often find them nestled at the top of their cat tree, having the ideal viewpoint of their world below.

These are playful kitties with natural curiosity and athleticism, so you should be able to keep them occupied with toys like cat balls. Like their ancestors, the Burmese, Bombay cats have almost no undercoat and require weekly brushing.

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5. Scottish Fold Cats

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

Aside from their squishy flat faces, the Scottish Fold is also known for its folded teddy bear ears. These felines were nicknamed “flops” for their round shape due to their ears. They have large eyes, a short nose, rounded paws, and body.

These lovely fur babies require weekly grooming to distribute skin oils and remove dead hair. You should wipe the corners of their eyes with a damp cloth to remove any discharge.

Scottish Fold kitties are moderately active, friendly, expressive, and playful. They enjoy teaser toys to test their agility and intelligence. Scottish Fold cats prefer a companion – even if it’s another pet – and are not the best cats to be left alone for long periods of time.

6. Exotic Shorthair Cats

For those who want a traditional Persian, with a squishy nose and large, button eyes, but can’t deal with all the grooming requirements, an Exotic Shorthair cat is purrfect.

These velvet teddy bears are playful and easily entertained, like batting at moving toys. They are kind and docile kitties.

Ginger flat faced cat with amber eyes up close
Exotic Shorthair cat

You’ll often find exotic shorthair cats lying on the sofa soaking up the sun, waiting for you to cuddle them. They do well in active families and get along with other pets in the house.

These flat-faced cats are low maintenance but may require occasional whipping of their eyes from excessive tearings. Their features are more extreme than others.

They possess perky ears, round, wide-set eyes – with a perpetually worried look – and a scrunched-up short muzzle.

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7. British Shorthair

Compared to most shorthair breeds, British Shorthair cats are relatively calm cats that don’t require much exercise. They’re easy to fall in love with, possessing large yellowish-gold eyes that make the cat look surprised continuously.

Portrait of British shorthair cat white white background
British Shorthair Cat

This cat breed is reasonably flat-faced, but the nose is not turned up like the exotic shorthair.

These adorable fur babies are stocky and don’t experience as many health problems as the Scottish Folds or Persians. This flat faced cat breed is easy to live with and effortless to love.

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8. Selkirk Rex Cats

Selkirk Rex cats are simply lovable little fur babies, adored for their plush tousled coats and exquisite, smooshy flat-faces. In addition to their adorable curly coats, their whiskers curl too, how cute!

Selkirk Rex kitten, 5 months old, sitting in front of white background
Selkirk Rex kitten, 5 months old

With big round eyes and an almost smiling expression, these felines love to be cuddled and will follow you around for attention.

Nicknamed ‘cats in sheep’s clothing,’ Selkirk rex cats may need occasional brushing – at least two or three times a week. Unlike many other flat-faced cats, the Selkirk Rex cat is not prone to tear duct issues.

They’re easily entertained with a flashlight beam or a fishing pole toy. Although not particularly active, these cuties are social. They’ll love to sit on your lap and let you feel their curly-q’s as the sun goes down.

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9. Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are energetic, playful, and curious kitties, often having more energy than most other brachycephalic cats. They’re highly intelligent and enjoy human companionship. They can quickly learn new tricks, play fetch, and enjoy playtime with interactive cat toys.

Burmese cat on white background
Burmese Cat

Often described as a ‘brick wrapped in silk,’ these felines have soft and silky fur. Burmese cats are easily cared for with weekly brushing and a rare bath.

Although these kitties have tons of energy, they have an ‘off switch,’ and at night, you’ll find them curled up on the bed, which makes them one of the best flat faced cat breeds for snuggling.

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10. Burmilla Cats

Burmilla cats are one of the cutest and cuddliest kitties you’ll find. These adorable sacks of fur bring together, in one sweet package, a mixture of the Burmese and Chinchilla.

Burmilla Cat

With broad, shallow muzzles and massive, round eyes, Burmilla cats are among the most expensive flat-faced cat breeds – along with Himalayans and Persians. However, because of their well-defined chin, their faces don’t look as smooshed as the others.

Overall, these kitties are not only famous for their relatively flat-faces but also because they are beautiful, make great family pets, and love cuddles. Burmilla cats require weekly brushing and are particular about bathroom hygiene, so find the best cat litter and keep their box spotless for them.

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Final Thoughts on Flat-Faced Kitties

black persian cat
Persian Cat

Do you think flat faced cats make the cutest pets? It’s obvious there are plenty of beautiful cat breeds in the world. Siamese has piercing blue eyes; Sphynx is all-around adorable walking wrinkles. But flat faced cat breeds really stand out.

While each breed has different personalities and characteristics, they all make perfect little fur babies. With their worried eyes and grumpy cat faces, these breeds tug hard at our heartstrings.

What’s your favorite flat-faced feline?

dark coloured scottish Fold Cat lying on floorboards with cup of
Scottish Fold Cat

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