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When I decided to become a cat parent I got straight on line and I couldn’t find the type of information that I wanted. 

People who want their cat to fit in with their slightly more upscale lifestyle. Not over the top luxury but I want my cat to have products and services that are the equivalent of what I buy for myself. I buy my fruit and vegetables at wholefoods type places and I wanted the same for my cat.

I couldn’t find one site that had curated all of the things that I would need for my cat and had a view with recommendations. So I decided to create one!


Understanding Your Cat

teen pretty girl kiss black cat close up portrait

Why Does my Cat Eat My Hair?

Ginger cat upside down on a scratching tree why do cats chase their tails

Why do Cats Chase Their Tails?

snowshoe cat one of the blue eyed cat breeds

How to Pet a Cat

ginger and tabby cat sit on lap

Why Does my Cat Sit on Me?

cat purring while being stroked

Why Do Cats Purr When you Stroke Them?

tabby cat kneads beige cat bed

Why do Cats Knead their Owners?

ginger cat with human finger in its mouth

How to Train a Cat Not to Bite

bengal cat with back arched walking

Why Do Cats Arch their Back?

Cat Breeds

Egyptian mau cat

11 Rare Cat Breeds

Tabby Savannah cat against white background

9 Expensive Cat Breeds

snowshoe cat 1

11 Blue Eyed Cat Breeds

grey spynx cat on timber bench

7 Weird Cat Breeds

Popular Posts

cat in picnic basket with food

Best Cat Food for Older Cats

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10 Flat Faced Cat Breeds

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Low Protein Cat Food Guide

Grey big cat - licks your face

Why Does my Cat Lick my Nose?

Latest Posts

  “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”   

Terry Pratchett


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