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When I decided to become a cat parent I got straight on line and I couldn’t find the type of information that I wanted. 

People who want their cat to fit in with their slightly more upscale lifestyle. Not over the top luxury but I want my cat to have products and services that are the equivalent of what I buy for myself. I buy my fruit and vegetables at wholefoods type places and I wanted the same for my cat.

I couldn’t find one site that had curated all of the things that I would need for my cat and had a view with recommendations. So I decided to create one!


What’s Hot

Cat with all things french

Cat Costumes All Year Long

Cat looks out of blue cat carrier

Best Carrier for Cats

grey cat wearing a yellow towel turban

Guide to High Calorie Cat Food

cat up close about to eat a tin of cat food

Best Treats for Cats

Cute kitten playing red clew of thread on artificial green grass

High Fiber Cat Food Guide

siberian tabby cat up close face shot

Siberian Cat Personality Profile

Ginger cat poses against blurred background

Low Protein Cat Food Guide

black cat portrait with red background

Best Food for Cats
with IBD

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket

How to look after a kitten

cat wearing red coat isolated on white background

Clothing for Cats – Guide to Dress Up

cat with multiple fish on plate

Best Food for
Constipated Cats

cat in picnic basket with food

Best Cat Foods for Older Cats that Vomit

  “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”   

Terry Pratchett


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