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Stuff for Cat Lovers

It comes as no surprise that there are literally thousands of choices and decisions to make when it comes to adopting, raising, and living with your cat. Every aspect of your cat’s life and livelihood brings options to your table.

What are the best cat products to invest in? There are hundreds of available options out there, and it’s easy to know what’s right. From picking the best cat brush to knowing all the cat statistics to help your fluffball live life to the fullest, there’s plenty to unpack.

So I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to, with the top reviews of all the things your kitty needs. I’ve even thrown in a couple of “non-essential” reviews, such as the top cat ornaments for your household.

Cat Litter Reviews

New cat owners soon have to face the first of many questions. Among them is the issue of cat litter. What is the best cat litter to get? There are several varieties out on the market, and not all cat litter is equal when it comes to context.

If you’re traveling with your cat, you may want to look into a good-quality travel litter box. It’s essential if you’re driving a long distance with a kitty. Once again, even this subcategory offers lots of choices, and your pick might depend on a specific situation or set of circumstances.

Cat Collar Reviews

What’s more attractive than a spiffy cat collar? What if you want a collar for each occasion, such as a Halloween cat collar or a Christmas cat collar? I’ve spent a lot of time looking at several options and things to know, including facts like why a leather cat collar is a good choice. So why not have a look at what I found?

Cats love to roam. They sometimes go walkabout for days on end, which leads us to worry when we haven’t seen them for a while. These days, technology can help. A tracking cat collar has become a cost-effective alternative to microchipping. Many of them even come with several options and added extras.

If, for example, you’d like to step up the surveillance on your cat, you might consider a camera for a cat collar. Aside from feeding your curiosity about what your cat gets up to when you’re not around, it might provide hours of hilarity. And who knows, some of the shots of your feline’s escapades could become viral, with the right cat caption, of course.

Cat Food Reviews

The cat food you choose could vary greatly based on a few factors. If your fluffball’s an old timer, you may need to consider food for older cats that vomit. Or, perhaps your kitty suffers from stomach issues. Then cat food for IBD or cat food for constipation may be the way to go.

Young kittens will require a specially formulated combination of nutrients to help their bodies grow. I’ve discussed a few options for a good kitten dry food regimen. And if they’re not passing food, they may need quality wet food for kittens added to the mix.

If your kitty is a tad overzealous and burns energy at an alarming rate, then high-calorie cat food could be a good option. At the other end of the spectrum, if your feline has issues with the tum-tum or is diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor may recommend high-fiber cat food for a time.

As carnivores, cats typically thrive on a meat-based, high-protein diet. However, some lazy breeds, like English Shorthairs, tend to put on fairly quickly, so low-protein cat foods could be a good choice.

All-in-all, it’s best to check with a vet before changing up the normal wet and dry food routine.

Cat Harnesses & Carrier Reviews

Some breeds of cats take very well to learning how to take walks with their humans. Though we never traditionally considered cats amenable to the idea, there are many owners who now enjoy a stroll. Although you may trust your feline, getting an escape-proof cat harness is probably the safer option when going for walks.

This is especially necessary if you’re going on a road trip with your cat, as a new environment could spook them. And while your traveling, to keep your fluffball safe and you’re eyes on the road, a cat carrier for car travel is definitely worth a thought.

However, if you’re just doing the usual visit to the vet — which your perfect purrer might not enjoy — it’s worth looking for the best carriers for cats. There are some lavish carriers out there that even I’d consider taking a nap in.

The Best Cat Toys & Treats

What kinds of toys does your cat prefer? Biters tend to like cat chew toys, and you’d be better off supplying plenty if you want your furniture and fabrics to survive. Cats bite for several reasons, especially when they are young. As a gift for your cat, providing a good biting object early on contributes to a healthy kitty.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to curry favor with the kitty, try one of a selection of these best treats for cats. You can also use treats to slyly reinforce good behavior in your training regime.

Some Fun Cat Reviews

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the light side of your cat’s life. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of cute cat memes floating around the internet, but finding a good cat joke isn’t always easy. Luckily for you, I’ve found all the best bits of the internet to provide you (and myself included) with some much-deserved laughs.

Be it a witty cat pun or a funny cat quote, you’ll find it all here. There are a range of quirky remarks to mention at your next cat lovers convention (they do exist). Whether it’s a black cat joke or a fun fact about cats, these guides will help you become the next Trevor Noah.

I’ve even categorized those cute and often funny cat memes you see popping up on your social media feed. So, if you’ve got a feline as dark as night, maybe these black cat memes will inspire your next cat-centric post.

At the Discerning Cat we have become a little obsessed with memes! We’ve also got sad cat memes, birthday cat memes, cat and dog memes, kitten memes, cursed cat memes and wholesome cat memes.

It’s ncursedot just memes and dog and cat jokes I cover. Oh no, I also dive into the wonderful world of names. Whether you’re looking for inspiration thanks to Taylor Swift’s cats or simply want to discover some truly funny cat names, you’ll find it all here.

And who knows, maybe you’ll resonate with these quotes about cat lovers that definitely ring true for me.

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