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Our fabulous felines are prone to doing curious things. In cat behaviour find out why your cat does the things it loves like sitting on you and arching its back, what it hates, how to get it to eat, stop it biting you and much more

Why Does My Cat Attack Me? 8 Reasons

black and white cat with mouth open

Anyone who’s owned a cat carries scars on their hands and fingers. Literally. But that’s normal for feline owners. Almost everyone will talk about how they got those scars with adoration, rather than scorn. In many cases, cats simply offer claws in return for fingers. Who doesn’t know the sudden claw-first grab after a tummy […]

Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me? 4 Reasons

woman asleep with grey cat in arms

For animals with the reputation of being cold and independent, many cats are surprisingly cuddly when it comes to bedtime. Most pet owners don’t question this too much — after all, who doesn’t want a real-life teddy bear? However, there are specific answers to “why does my cat sleep with me,” and it’s 100% worth […]

How To Get a Cat To Eat | 7 Easy Tips and Tricks

cat stares at small bowl with dry food

What do you do when your feline companion suddenly stops eating? He no longer enjoys his favorite treats and pulls his nose up to a tasty meaty meal. Cat parents know that these furry friends are notoriously picky, especially when it comes to food, and not knowing why they refuse to eat can cause anxiety […]

Why Do Cats Growl? Understanding Ferocious Kitty Behavior

tabby cat growling

Our kitties are creatures full of mystery. One moment you’ll see your furbaby kneading your stomach, head butting or rubbing up against you, and the next, they act as if they don’t know who you are. They may go from purring little sweethearts to suddenly despise the sight of you. What causes the switch to […]

Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners? 8 Reasons for ‘Making Biscuits’

tabby cat kneads beige cat bed

From pillows to blankets, furniture, carpets, and their servant humans, you’ve probably experienced your adorable little feline massaging or kneading you, some time or another. Why do cats knead their owners? It’s one of the mysterious, and sometimes charming, quirks our kitties present us with. The push-forward motions of their paws impersonating kneading dough — […]

Why Do Cats Purr When You Stroke Them? A Purr-fect Mystery

cat purring while being stroked

If your purr-fect little kitty is purring – melodious, vibrating, continuous sounds – it’s a sure sign they’re content. It’s also the most common sound cats make compared to other sounds such as meowing, chirping, hissing, growling, and chattering. When your feline is all curled up in the sun or sitting on your lap you […]