How to Choose the Best Treats for Cats

grey cat licks its front paws

You can never give your cat too much affection, but you can give your cat too many treats. Most cat treats are food based and unfortunately too many cats have weight problems these days. But, of course, your cat loves treats so how do you provide your cat with treats that she will love and […]

Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Cats to Delight your Feline

Female hand with gift box and ginger cat on grey background

Cats love being treated as much as humans – but unfortunately, they can’t tell you which cat gifts would delight them on their birthday, Christmas, National Cat Days, or just because it is Wednesday and your feline is so gorgeous! There are lots of lists of ideas for christmas gifts for cats, birthday presents for […]

Best Costumes for Pet Cats

An adorable little kitten wearing Easter Bunny ears sitting next to a pretty straw basket filled with colorful eggs

Being a fur parent is busy! In addition to meeting (and hopefully exceeding) all of your feline’s daily needs, planning is critical to make sure that you maximise all fun holiday and photo opportunities with your kitty. And a cat’s needs can change across the year. Get ahead of allergy seasons and some pre-summer grooming […]

The Ultimate Cat Feeding Guide Wet and Dry Foods

cat up close about to eat a tin of cat food

A balanced diet for your cat is all about a mix of nutrients and flavours and getting the right mix. Every cat has different needs and tastes. The most popular cat food choices tend to be wet, dry or grain-free. Cat food is often broadly classified based on the following factors: ⇒ Life Stage of […]