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41 Best Grumpy Cats Memes You’ll Love

Ah, cats. These agile, smart, and “uncaring” fur babies are one of man’s best friends. But no matter the occasion or how hard you try to impress them, sometimes cats aren’t fond of much. Grumpy Cat was a prime example of this. The famous feline was known for her grumpy disposition, which birthed plenty of grumpy cats memes that took over the internet.

Tardar Sauce, also known as “Grumpy Cat,” was born on the 4th of April 2012. The domestic shorthair captured our hearts when her grouchy face was first posted on Reddit on the 22nd of September 2012. Her recognizable frown was due to feline dwarfism and an underbite she had.

Since then, she has been the focus of sarcastic, relatable pictures. Her memes helped us say things we couldn’t say out loud. Grumpy Cat kept us laughing until her untimely death due to complications from a urinary tract infection in 2019.

Let’s honor her memory with these hilarious images.

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41 Grumpy Cats Memes

From the snarky to the outright comical, these funny pictures capture it all. Without further ado, here are 41 Grumpy Cats memes that’ll have you rolling with laughter.

Least Favorite Tunes

Look, we all have things that others do that we find annoying. For some, it appears to have been popular songs. Whether these stir up some memories from your childhood or are just plain fun to sing along to, these Grumpy Cat memes will strike a chord.

1. (Stop) Dashing Through the Snow

dashing-through-the-snow- grumpy cats memes

Photo on Metro

2. There’s Clearly No Festive Cheer Here


Photo on Metro

3. Not a Happy Kitty


Photo on Metro

4. No Rowing Boats Over Here


Photo on Metro

5. Not Walking on Sunshine


Photo on Freemake

6. The Wheels on the Bus


Photo on Always Pets

7. It’s the Most Terrible Time of the Year


Photo on Metro

8. Let Them Laugh


Photo on CatTime

9. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…


Photo on Metro

Hating Everything

You know those people who seem to hate just about everything (and everyone)? Would you consider yourself to be that person (no judgment)? Well, it looks like you’ve got something in common with the Grumpy Cat memes below. 

From sunny days to Disneyland, this fur ball’s face is sure to help you share your displeasure with whatever it is.

10. Hating Beautiful Weather


Photo on Freemake

11. Not a Fan of Sunflowers


Photo on Freemake

12. “The Face That Launched a Thousand Memes”


Photo on Freemake

13. Eew, Plants


Photo on Freemake

Tip: To prevent your fur baby from destroying your precious indoor plants, read this blog to help keep cats away from plants.

14. Don’t Let the Light Touch Me


Photo on

15. Not Even Happy at “The Happiest Place on Earth”


Photo on Metro

Some Days Are Worse Than Others

If I were to ask you what your least favorite day is, I’m pretty sure you’d have an answer. Let’s face it: not every day is sunshine and rainbows. And thanks to Grumpy Cat, you can use these memes to express how you feel about certain days. 

Make no doubt about it; be it a Monday or a frenzied Black Friday, you’ll find the right Grumpy Cat meme here. Which day would you consider the worst?

16. You Make It Worse By Complaining


Photo on

17. A Year Closer to Death


Photo on Freemake

18. Not a Happy Monday


Photo on Metro

19. Forget Love: Noxious Fumes Are in the Air


Photo on The Times of India

20. Black Friday Blues


Photo on CatTime

21. In Case It Wasn’t Clear the First Time Around


Photo on Metro

Grumpy Cat Being a Hater

Despite it being caused by her feline dwarfism and underbite, sometimes Grumpy Cat’s unimpressed appearance reminds one of someone who “hates on others, too.” 

Whether you’re bantering with a friend or truly have strong negative feelings toward someone (no judgment), these memes will help you communicate precisely how you feel.

22. How to Tell Someone You Hate Their Face


Photo on Freemake

Check out my fat cat memes for some more hilarity.

23. Zip It, Please


Photo on Metro

24. A Prick-ly Thing to Say


Photo on Freemake

25. Sorry, Not Sorry


Photo on Metro

26. Ease Up on the Candy Canes


Photo on The Times of India

27. You’ve Proven Me Wrong


Photo on Always Pets

28. Perfect Burial Ground


Photo on Freemake

29. You’re Not That Interesting


Photo on Always Pets

30. Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Noise


Photo on Freemake

31. It’s Not Your Jeans


Photo on Always Pets

32. Hating Can Be Pleasurable


Photo on Freemake

33. We Are Not The Same


Photo on Metro

34. What Doesn’t Kill You


Photo on Freemake

35. Be a Good Neighbor and Stay Away


Photo on Always Pets

36. No Matter The Angle


Photo on Freemake

37. Come Back for More


Photo on Metro

38. Not Sure if Anyone’s Told You This, But I Will


Photo on CatTime

39. I Don’t Want Your Hugs


Photo on Freemake

40. You’re Excess Weight


Photo on Times of India

Tip: If your beloved cat is carrying excess weight, consider feeding them some low-protein cat food. They’ll still retain lean muscle while losing weight when eating this. That said, consult your vet for medical advice before placing your cat on a diet.

41. Wish I Could Delete You


Photo on Freemake

Final Thoughts on Grumpy Cats Memes

Despite her short time on this earth, Grumpy Cat left an undeniable paw print on internet culture. Her signature scowl and unimpressed demeanor have captured the hearts of many, leaving us with plenty of memories in the digital space.

As we go about our day, let us remember this iconic feline’s dominance in the world of cat memes. Tardar Sauce showed us that even when looking (unintentionally) grumpy, we can still spread joy and humor to those watching. 

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