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6 Best High Fiber Cat Food Options for Your Constipated Kitty 2023

Keeping your cat healthy, happy, and active is a big responsibility. And taking care of a cat requires us to understand their behavior and what they need when it comes to things like high fiber cat food.

Just like humans, cats can suffer from a number of illnesses and physical problems. This could mean excess weight gain, diabetes, digestive issues, and hairball problems. And more often than not, particular foods can help manage these things.

Considering a high-fiber food can go completely against what you thought you knew about cats. Aren’t they supposed to be carnivores who do best when eating meat?

But high-fiber foods may actually be the answer to most of your cat’s problems. With the right knowledge, specialist advice, and reputable brands, you can ensure your cat has a well-balanced, healthy diet.

black cat on terrace with coffee
Coffee is not the answer to your cat’s stomach issues

The Effects Fiber Has On Cats

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that plays a significant role in food movement through a cat’s gastrointestinal organs.

A large part of this fiber won’t get broken down – rather, it acts as a transportation means for the meats that cats have been designed to ingest. This is why it’s very important that your cat is not eating too much fiber.

Too much fiber can leave your cat going to the litter box too often, or it can cause constipation and stomach pain.

black cat with green eyes up close in herb garden
Cat grass can sometimes help calm cat stomach issues

Luckily, we aren’t feeding our cats a completely fiber-based diet. Quality high fiber cat foods, like the ones listed below, include fiber that can be fermented and broken down by bacteria.

This, in turn, creates fatty acids, which provide your kitty with energy for the cells that line their intestinal tracts.

Which Cats Need Fiber in their Diet?

Let’s think back to the time when cats weren’t kept as house pets. Cats would have feasted on unlucky prey, such as rodents and birds. The bones and fur were their main source of fiber.

But nowadays, we have lazy house cats, adventure-seeking kitties, and cats that are dealing with special dietary needs. In all these cases, fiber is needed to keep your kitty healthy and happy!

Fiber can help with these five issues:

  1. Cats who suffer from diarrhea as it absorbs moisture
  2. Constipated cats whose food can’t pass easily
  3. Overweight cats who like to spend a lot of time indoors
  4. Cats who suffer from hairballs
  5. Older cats who struggle to digest food

What Is Constipation In Cats?

When cats don’t eat enough high-fiber food, their digestive process is slowed. This makes their bowel movements hard, dry, and difficult to pass. 

You might also see your cat straining to defecate or passing very small or hard stools. 

Several factors, including diet, illness, medications, and aging can cause this. The most common cause of constipation is not eating enough fiber.

Symptoms Of Constipation In Cats

When cats have constipation, the stool becomes hard and dry. Blood may be visible on the stool or appear black or tarry.

Cats that don’t get enough fiber in their diet can also develop gastrointestinal issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

black cat curled up on top of couch

3 Ways to Pick a High Fiber Cat Food

Cats are more satisfied with a diet that consists largely of meat proteins, as opposed to plant-based material. But it’s absolutely essential that they receive fiber-rich foods.

  1. Choose fiber foods that contain both soluble (dissolves in water) and insoluble fiber (remains intact when moving through the digestive tract)
  2. It’s important that the fiber is high-quality so that it can be digested by your kitty.
  3. In unique situations, like when your cat suffers from hairballs, pick foods especially high in fiber.
black cat side angle on the move

The decision to move your cat to high-fiber foods needs to be made with the help of your vet. Too much fiber may cause damage to your baby. If your cat suffers from dental issues, exponential weight loss and gastrointestinal, a high-fiber diet is not the right choice.

Best High Fiber Cat Food Options

High-fiber foods can be found online, but keep in mind, you may need a prescription for some. Here’s a list of top-quality, high-fiber foods in the US and the UK.

1. Royal Canin Fibre Response Adult Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin is a trusted brand found all over the world. And their fiber response dry food is another reason they have such a good reputation. This high-fiber food provides everything your kitty would need for a healthy, active lifestyle.

As well as being an effective daily supplement, this dry food provides added nutrients for cats suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss. With added prebiotics, the food supports good gut bacteria health.


This brand also includes added Omega-3 fatty acids, derived from fish oil, which nourish and soothe an upset tummy. It also supports urinary health and prevents bladder crystals from forming.

All of these benefits are delivered with lower calories, so your best friend will remain at a healthy weight. And with the blend of fiber, the food aids intestinal movement, which helps reduce digestive and stomach upset.

⇒ Shop USA Royal Canin Fibre Response Adult Dry Cat Food

⇒ Shop UK Royal Canin Fiber Response Adult Dry Cat Food

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken

High-fiber foods are all about achieving good gut health. This Hill’s prescription gastrointestinal food has been designed using a holistic approach to dietary requirements. As we know, there needs to be a balance between fiber and protein.

The blend of active fibers found in this product allows for food to easily pass through, and break down your kitty’s breakfasts and dinners. With a good release of bacteria, their gut health will also be optimized, which essentially allows regular bowel movements.

bag of hills gastro fibre care cat food

If you have an older cat or a cat with dental issues, these kibbles can be soaked in warm water with chicken stock added. This leaves a soft, warm, and delectable meal for your kitty!

⇒ Shop USA Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken Dry Food / Wet Food

⇒ Shop UK Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken Dry Food

3. Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 Adult Cat Dry Food

This Royal Canin intense hairball food has been specifically designed for indoor cats who are prone to hairballs. A large part of a cat’s day involves grooming, and hairs are too often swallowed.

Swallowed hair becomes trapped in their digestive tract, forming hairballs that are emitted through their stools. This is often an uncomfortable process for cats and can lead to constipation.

bag of royal canin hairball cat food

This specific blend of dietary fibers includes psyllium seed husk and insoluble fibers that naturally stimulate healthy gut flow. Being high in fiber, the food encourages daily elimination, preventing hair from getting trapped and creating hairballs.

Along with fiber, this food consists of amino acids for strong eyes and heart, a unique kibble shape that prevents plaque build-up, and 34% protein.

⇒ Shop USA Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 Adult Cat Dry Food

⇒ Shop UK Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 Adult Cat Dry Food

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4. American Journey Turkey and Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

While many companies opt to include excess wheat products in their food to increase fiber, it may not always work for your cat. American Journey’s grain-free dry cat food uses alternatives to soy, wheat products, and artificial preservatives.

bag of american journey high fiber cat food

As well as featuring 40% protein, the dry food is made up of wholesome fruit and vegetables for that added bonus of fiber. The added powerful nutrients and essential amino acids will keep your kitty going for a full day of adventures.

Like taurine, which helps with heart and eye health, and fatty omega acids, which help your kitty’s coat and skin look silky and healthy.

⇒ Shop US American Journey Turkey and Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

This Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry food is the perfect combination of what cats need most: high-quality protein and natural sources of fiber.

The food is packed with chicken, which keeps them lean and healthy. And it’s also loaded with the best, healthy carbohydrates, like sweet potato, flaxseeds, and peas – the greatest fuel for adventure-seeking cats.

bag of blue wilderness cat food grain free high fiber

In total, it has a 7.4% fiber content. This is especially impressive because they don’t bulk their product with wheat and soy, like less reputable brands.

As an added plus, this product contains LifeSource Bits. This blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals supports a balanced, healthy immune system.

⇒ Shop US Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

6. Hill’s I/D Digestive Care-Wet Cat Food

This canned wet food is specifically formulated to help manage the dietary needs of picky cats prone to digestive issues. 

Hill’s i/d Digestive Care line includes wet and dry cat foods made with probiotics, prebiotics, and other natural ingredients for optimal digestion.

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Hill’s developed prescription diets formulated with optimal nutrition that are easy on the stomach (grain free) to help manage specific conditions and meet feline health needs.

This ultimate chicken meal is designed specifically for indoor cats more prone to stress-induced digestive problems than outdoor cats.

⇒ Shop Hill’s i/d Digestive Care line

7. Gastrointestinal Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Wet Cat Food

If your cat has a low appetite, this Purina wet cat food option is good.

High in soluble and insoluble fiber and low in protein and fat for easier digestion, the gastrointestinal cat food from Purina is a high-fiber formula specially designed to help promote gut health in cats.


Purina reduces the risk of gastrointestinal issues like constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea for cats with sensitive stomachs.

It works to maintain a cat’s natural diet by providing essential softening nutrients such as fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The packet version of this product also comes in a 2 oz, which is perfect if your cat is on a strict weight management schedule.

⇒ Shop Gastrointestinal Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Wet Cat Food

8. Royal Canin Digestive Dry Cat Food

This Royal Canin Digestive food is formulated for the specific needs of adult cats. It contains natural prebiotics and pea fiber that supports a healthy digestive system and reduces allergic reactions commonly associated with grain-based foods. 

The high-quality protein fiber content helps maintain lean muscle mass and promotes a healthy weight reduction while supporting digestion and the production of essential vitamins and amino acids.

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The best high-fiber food diet can be complemented by added vitamins, fish oil, and psyllium seeds which further support improved digestion with the abundance of oleic acid enzymes.

⇒ Shop Royal Canin Digestive Dry Cat Food

9. PURINA ONE Coat And Hairball Whole Grains Dry Cat Food

When you feed indoor cats Purina ONE, it will positively impact their skin and hair, as well as the condition of their coat.

In situations where your cat suffers from hairball control, you need to provide cat food with complete and balanced nutrition to reduce excessive shedding that clogs up their digestive tracts with those pesky furballs.

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Purina ONE has developed a line of cat food with wholesome grain wheat, no pea protein or artificial flavors, and natural oils that deliver essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your cat’s hair and coat healthy. 

The only downside is that it is not ideal for a grain-free diet.

⇒ Shop PURINA ONE Coat And Hairball Whole Grains Dry Cat Food

Frequently Asked Questions

What is high-fiber cat food, and why is it important for my cat?

High-fiber cat food is rich in dietary fiber. This type of fiber helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and can also aid in weight management. It is important for cats to consume enough fiber as part of a balanced diet.

How much fiber should my cat be eating each day?

The amount of fiber your cat should eat daily will depend on their age, size, and activity level. Generally, it is recommended that adult cats consume between 2-4% fiber in their diet.

Can high-fiber cat food be fed to kittens?

It is generally not recommended to feed high-fiber cat food to kittens. Kittens have different nutritional needs than adult cats and require a diet that is higher in protein and fat to support their growth and development.

Can high-fiber cat food be fed to senior cats?

High-fiber cat food can be a good option for senior cats, as it can help to support digestive health and prevent constipation. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist to determine the specific nutritional needs of your senior cat.

What foods are high in fiber for cats?

Soluble fibers (carrots, oats, peas) absorb water and promote the easy passage of food through the cat’s digestive tract. Insoluble fibers (potatoes, bran, nuts) do not absorb water and provide hairball control.

Final Thoughts on High-Fiber Cat Foods

Your cat’s well-being directly relates to what you’re feeding them. Food can help tackle a number of different health-related issues. This is why seeking specialist opinions and sourcing high-quality food is an important part of owning a cat.

black cat in curve position on mustard coloured chair
If your cat is able to do this pose it is likely that their fiber issues have been addressed.

Not only do cats need fiber for energy, but they also need fiber to ensure that food is properly digested and excreted regularly. In the end, this means your cat can gain all the benefits of their protein consumption, without missing out on essential nutrients.

Please Note: This high fiber cat food post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on most of the links and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. This will not effect the price that you pay. I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.

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