Persian Cat Grooming: Everything You Need to Know

white-persian-cat on side lying on ground

When it comes to Persian cat grooming, the last thing you want for your sweet kitty is matted, neglected fur. These thick, long-haired beauties have evolved over the years from natural and selective breeding to produce the luscious coat they have today. However, their stellar looks come with a little more responsibility and regular upkeep. […]

Best Flea Collar For Cats: 6 To Keep the Critters Away

ginger cat scratching itself using its back paw

Looking for the best flea collar for cats? It’s every cat owner’s worst nightmare to see their kitty incessantly itching. It’s even worse when you can see the culprits moving through the fur of your cat, looking for a sweet spot to start munching and nesting. Fleas are a problem that most cats, and you […]

Maine Coon Personality: 11+ Things You Need to Know

dark ginger maine coon cat stares at camera showing maine coon personality

These fluffy felines are really something special. Known to be real gentle giants, they’re often referred to as the dogs of the cat world thanks to the unique Maine Coon personality. So if you’re a self-proclaimed dog person but looking to broaden your horizons, this will be your perfect transition to being a cat owner […]

Cameras for Cat Collars – 4 Best Options to See Your Pet’s Perspective

British shorthair cat with camera

If you love and admire your cat like I expect you do, then you’ve most likely thought about what it must be like to walk in their paws. Wouldn’t it be great if they had cameras for cat collars so you could see how they experience the world and what life looks like from all […]

Indoor Cat Breeds: 11 Purrfect Kitty Breeds for your Home

siamese cat stretched out on seat

Looking for a breed of cat that doesn’t want to roam? There are various indoor cat breeds that don’t look to leap through every open door. Their idea of a good time is occupying the windowsill and soaking up the sun, or finding a comfy sofa and hogging all the soft pillows. Many people are […]

Weird Cat Breeds: 7 Strange and Wonderful Felines

Peterbald Cat

When it comes to cats, we often think that cuter is better. However, cats have so many wonderful characteristics that are way more important than cuteness so weird cat breeds can often produce perfect pets. Their boldness, sass, independence, and often affectionate personalities are some of their many shining traits. According to The International Cat […]

10 Flat Faced Cat Breeds That You’ll Want to Snuggle

ginger flat faced cat wearing a lion head costume

Don’t you think adorable flat faced cat breeds are just the cutest? Is it the squishy pug nose, the round, wide-set button eyes, or simply their adorable worried faces? There are so many stunning, lovable, weird cat breeds in the world, but flat-faced cats stand out from the crowd. More often than not, you’ll find […]

Expensive Cat Breeds – 9 Most Impressive Pedigrees

Tabby Savannah cat against white background

Interested in finding a luxurious feline from one of the expensive cat breeds to join your family? Choosing a specific breed can help you know what kind of personality, health risks, and other characteristics you can expect from your cat. If you’ll spare no expense for the perfect kitty, you’re sure to find it here. […]