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Owning a cat is one of life’s many joys, as they can bring you so much happiness, comfort, and companionship. Moreover, these animals are fascinating creatures, full of personality, quirky behaviors, and energy.

That said, caring for cats isn’t always easy, as your pet cat has specific needs to make them comfortable and happy. That’s where I come in, as your source, to tick off what you need off your new cat checklist.

Here, you’ll be able to find some terrific cat names, learn about looking after a kitten, and look into different cat breeds.

Cats as Pets | Things to Know Before Getting a Cat

When you start looking for a kitty, there are certain things to consider before getting a cat. Primarily, do you know how to take care of cats? A cat needs enough food, water, and attention, not to mention knowing how to groom a cat is a challenge in and of itself.

Additionally, first-time cat owners should know that you should never leave a cat alone for too long, especially as kittens. This can result in your pet cat not trusting you, and worse, they could get seriously hurt. However, having a new cat can also be a joyful experience, especially naming your new family member.

Naming Your Cat

The naming process is one of the most fun parts of buying a cat. Your cat can be named after one of your hobbies, inspired by your profession, or simply after a favorite movie.

If you’ve got a smart cat breed, consider giving your cat a science-related cat name like Newton, Einstein, or Pavlov. Thinking about getting a short-legged cat or a small cat breed? Why not choose one of these cute cat names like Snuggles, Fluffy, or Ruby?

Are you a film lover and want a movie-inspired name? Check out these lists of Disney cat names and movie cat names.

Or are you instead looking for a geographically-based name? There are all kinds of cat name lists available, whether you’re looking for Irish cat names like Conan, Cillian, Rory, or Orla. Don’t forget about royal Egyptian cat names, such as Osiris or Mihos.

That’s not all. I’ve also got names for all kinds of colors, whether you’ve got a black cat or a tabby cat. If you’re getting an orange cat breed, consider a name like Garfield, Leo, Rusty, or Tigger.

Some great gray cat names are Gandalf – after the wise wizard, Meredith Grey – after the Grey’s Anatomy character and one of Taylor Swift’s cats. Lastly, Smokey is a great name to beautifully describe their shade.

If you’re just looking for a simple name for your boy cat, consider one of these male cat names, like Max, Oliver, or Charlie. Or, for a girl cat name, why not choose something like Cleo, Stella, or Honey?

 Cat Care | Cat Essentials List

There are a few things to do before getting a cat. They will need somewhere to sleep, go to the loo, bowls for eating and drinking, and something to keep them entertained, such as these cat chew toys.

Moreover, you’ll need to have them neutered between the ages of four and six months old and vaccinated against leading cat diseases. If you’re worried about your cat getting lost, you’ll have to get a microchip.

Is this making you feel a bit unprepared? You don’t have to stress, as I’ll show you some important info about kittens next.


A new kitty is an adorable addition to your household, as they’re energetic balls of fluff, and their tiny bodies are so lovely to hold. That said, kittens will need loads of attention and care from the get-go.

More specifically, feeding your cats can become challenging if you don’t know what to feed them. For example, feeding your kitten wet food is a great way to introduce them to eating, as it’s easy to chew, helps increase water intake, and promotes good urinary health. The downsides are it is more expensive than dry cat food and has a shorter shelf life once opened.

Giving your kitten dry food is cheaper than wet cat food and is more filling for cats – as it takes longer to digest. However, its hard texture is more difficult to chew and not as easy to digest. A great alternative is feeding your furball a mixture of both wet and dry food.

Type of Cat Breeds

Another issue that may arise as your cat grows up is understanding which breed your cat is. That is because sometimes your cat can be advertised as a certain rare cat breed but, in fact, be something entirely else. For example, how do you tell if your kitten is a Maine Coon or just a very fluffy and adorable cat? Luckily for you, I’ve got the inside scoop on all types of cat breeds.

There is an abundance of kitties out there, from expensive cats to weird cat breeds. It is estimated that there are between 45 and 73 recognized cat species. Although, some say this number is more like 100. That said, this blog has posts on all kinds of different breeds, whether you’re looking for a big-eyed cat or a flat-faced cat.

You’ll even find cats of different sizes, colors, coats, and temperaments, so I’ve got info for you, regardless of your interest. For lovers of large cats, I recommend getting a Maine Coon, a British Shorthair, or a Siberian cat.

If you’re looking for an affectionate cat breed, some great breeds are Ragdoll cats, Abyssinians, Birmans, and Siamese cats. These all make some fantastic lap cats, as they love cuddles.

Another thing to consider about having cats as pets is your allergies. If you struggle with sneezing around your friend’s pets, I don’t recommend getting one of the fluffiest cat breeds. These include Himalayans, the tricky-to-groom Persian cats, and Munchkin cats.

Instead, go with a hypoallergenic cat breed, such as the Sphynx cat, one of the most unique cat breeds. This cat breed doesn’t shed much, as they have a small amount of peach fuzz on their coat.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a cat with a certain color, there is so much to choose from. If you’re looking for a gray cat breed, some fantastic species are Russian Blues and Scottish fold cats – one of the cutest cats. Whereas, if we’re talking about black cat breeds, American Bobtails, LaPerms, and Burmese cats are some stunning choices.

You could even dive into the wonderful world of blue-eyed cat breeds, such as Birman and Balinese cats. Whatever you desire, you’re spoilt for choice.