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Persian Cat Grooming: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to Persian cat grooming, the last thing you want for your sweet kitty is matted, neglected fur. These thick, long-haired beauties have evolved over the years from natural and selective breeding to produce the luscious coat they have today.

However, their stellar looks come with a little more responsibility and regular upkeep. This is why Persian cats require far more frequent grooming than other kitties. 

The Persian cat breed is spirited, playful, and loveable family members to have around. To keep them at their happiest, they should remain well cared for.

While Persian cats are natural groomers, there are some dos and don’ts you can follow to help ensure they keep their attractive looks. Here’s everything you need to know about grooming these graceful felines.

white-persian-cat on side lying on ground

Persian Cat Grooming: Brushing and Combing

Detangling and smoothing out the fur of your cat baby is essential for their comfort and happiness. When their hair gets matted, the skin underneath usually is extra tender, and infections can even result if left too long.

Remember to use a wide-toothed metal comb when smoothing out their coat, and avoid nylon combs as they cause static electricity that can shock your cat.

So before you bathe your Persian cat, make sure you get all the tangles out first. Do this by combing from the back of your cat’s head and work your way to the tail.

Pay attention to their armpits, belly, and behind their ears, as this is where their hair gets tangled easily. Try to move the comb with the grain of the hair and use quick yet gentle strokes.

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comb brush being used under the chin of a Persian cat

Bath Time for Your Persian Kitty

Persian cats get rather greasy fur; this can be easily remedied with a bath every few weeks. When your kitty is younger, you can have baths at least twice a month to get them used to it.

Afterward, depending on the oiliness of their fur, you can cut back to once a month. You can also gauge this by closely inspecting their hair this is necessary because their coats are very good at hiding dirt.

Master of grooming haircut makes gray Persian cat on the table for grooming on a white background

What You Need to Know About Cat Shampoo

Next, you’ll need to buy a shampoo that matches your kitty’s fur color. For a dark cat, you’ll need to use dark shampoo. Using this on a light-haired kitty will darken their fur, which you don’t want. And vice versa – clear shampoo will lighten and brighten the hair, which is ideal for fair-haired babies.

At the end of the day, when the shampoo and fur colors match, it will enrich the color of your cat’s coat. And if your pet has multicolored fur, go according to the most dominant color when choosing a shampoo shade.

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young-tabby persian-cat lying on pavement outside

Dos and Don’ts of Bathing your Persian Cat

You may incur a battle wound or two at this point, don’t get disheartened or flustered – their protesting should subside. The bathing process will start with submerging their bodies in the water but avoiding contact with the eyes and ears (ensure that the water is warm but not too hot).

You should place large cotton balls in your cat’s ear openings to protect water from going into their ear canals. Once they’re calm, cleaning their ears carefully is a good time to check for any pesky inhabitants like ticks.

Next, you’ll start the degreasing step, preferably with a natural product, to avoid irritating their skin. Be careful not to overdo it as you may strip their natural oils and shine.

tabby persian-cat-staring

You’ll then proceed to float their coat by submerging their bodies under the water so that the hair lifts up and ‘floats.’ This will ensure that the water gets in under their hair for effective rinsing.

Shampooing comes next. Take caution around the face – you could even use a cloth if you find it easier. And use a toothbrush to gently remove their tear build-up.

When it comes to shampooing, you’ll do a first, second, and even third rinse. One of these can be a conditioning step if you feel your cat needs it.

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Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

Maintaining the length of your cat’s claws is an essential part of grooming your Persian. Nails that get too long are prone to hooking onto household objects like sofas, blankets, carpets, or even their cat tree.

If they were to get stuck and pull their paw away too hard, they may even rip the nail off. This would be truly distressing for both you and your fur babies.

To avoid this, take a cat clipper to your kitty’s nails every two weeks or so and simply remove the tips. Give the claw a gentle squeeze for the nail to emerge.

cats nails being clipped

These clippers look like scissors at first glance but have a slightly curved edge to accommodate feline claws. Be sure to undergo this task when your kitty is calm and relaxed – after a meal or before a nap is usually a good bet.

Let them have a sniff at the clippers and perhaps add a treat in at this point to reward their good cooperation.

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Persian Cat Grooming: Final Thoughts

persian cat grooming taking place on a white background

These flat-faced cuties are so worth the extra fuss and time. They are loyal, easygoing, and always up for a cuddle. These kitties have a reputation that dates back to when Queen Victoria and other royals fell in love with this stunning breed.

It’s no wonder these Persian felines command such a sense of royalty, dignity, and grace. And soon after, around the end of the 19th century, they were introduced into the US, where they grew popular quickly.

Persian cats are sweet, serene, and very loveable. Happiest when they can sunbathe on a window sill or lay crawled up on your lap, they are the perfect indoor cats.

So if you want a best friend who will return all your dedication and love, the Persian may be the right feline for your family. Coupled with proper nutrition, you now hopefully know how best to care for your Persian kitty.

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