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19 Awesome Bengal Cat Names

With their characteristic leopard-like spots and tiger-like stripes, Bengals often have names based on their appearance.

But you could also go another way and honor the Asian influence in their breed moniker, which comes from “felis bengalensis”, the scientific name of the Asian leopard cat Bengals were bred from.

Or you could pay tribute to the playfulness and athleticism they’re known for.

Here is how to choose a name for your Bengal cat plus 19 awesome Bengal cat names.

two bengal cats

Bengal Cat Names – Will my cat even notice?

Sure humans get excited about cat names – but does our kitty even know its own name let alone care? Research shows that domesticated cats do know and recognise their names.

The research was appropriately carried out by the University of Tokyo (home to many cat cafes which were actually used in this study) and was published in the well-reputed journal Nature.

It had been well known that domesticated cats were more vocal than wild cats and that a domesticated cat’s behaviour is influenced by their owners’ mood and facial expressions.

But considering that humans began domesticating cats about 9,500 years ago it is about time a more in-depth study was done about whether our cats even knew their own names.

The study worked with 78 different cats across single and multi cat homes as well as in cat cafes. The study found that most cats are able to distinguish their names from similar sounding words and from other cat names.

bengal kitten sits on table

The evidence of this was that the cats perked up when they heard their names and responded by moving their heads, meowing and wiggling their ears.

This result was witnessed when both their owners and strangers used their names. And the results were similar in multi-cat households where cats didn’t react to the names of other cats in their homes but did when their name was used.

Naming a cat gives it an individual identity and helps to build a relationship between cat and owner. And you can help your cat to learn its own name by avoiding using too many nicknames, particularly when they are younger.

bengal cat sits on stool

Key Things to Think About when Naming your Cat

1. Your Cat’s Appearance

The color of your cat or its markings can help you make a choice. Irish cat names are fantastic for matching with the color of your cat. I’ve listed several different options for Bengal cat names below based on appearance.

Look at your kitty’s shape as well – is he sleek or solid? Pointy ears or flat back ears? Fluffy or sleek? Think about the concept of Onomatopoeia. This is when a word looks like what it describes.

2. The Personality of your Cat

A great cat name may reflect your cat’s personality. This can be difficult with a new cat as of course you haven’t gotten to know them yet and your cat may be very young so its personality is still developing. Take a few days to observe your new kitty and see what it is like.

If your cat loves to climb and explore how about Everest?

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera

3. Your Cat’s Breed

Breeds can provide name ideas as we will see with the Bengal cat breed.

4. Keep the name Short

You will use your cat’s name an awful lot – so the fewer the syllables the better. Also, this will be easier for your cat to absorb and remember. Plus it is likely that you will be introducing your cat to friends, family, vets and others so a shorter name is easier for everyone to understand and remember.

5. Don’t choose a name that is bigger than your cat

bengal cat outside bengal cat names

6. The name should have longevity

It may seem hilarious to give your cat a lengthy name when you first get it but you may well tire of calling this name out and sharing it with others.

7. Be nice

Names that aren’t terribly flattering to your feline will most likely tire quickly.

8. Make sure it fits with other cats in your household

Food is a great opportunity to develop matching names for cats in your household – like Ebony and Ivory. Or Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Or Elsa and Olaf. So many good combinations and options!

bengal cat ginger

What if I choose the wrong name?

I know I let you know that your cat does learn its name but if you choose to change your cat’s name after a few weeks it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

There is no evidence one way or the other as to what happens when a new owner changes the name of an older cat eg if you were to get a rescue kitty who was already several years old. I would suggest trying your name of choice and giving it a few months to stick and then making a decision from there.

bengal cat with back arched walking

19 Awesome Bengal Cat Names

Whether you want something cute or something majestic, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name on this list.

1. Cheetah

With the spots on their backs, your Bengal kitten may remind you of the wild cheetah. Bengals are also quite athletic, so the moniker of the world’s fastest mammal is only fitting.

2. Leopard

Not to be confused with cheetahs, leopards have rosette shaped markings on their coat. This may suit your Bengal kitty if the prints on his fur aren’t obviously round.

Leopards are also fantastic climbers, and your Bengal probably enjoys a good scratch at the cat scratching post.

3. Leo

Now, isn’t this a sweet name? ‘Leo’ is the diminutive of “leopard”, perfect for Bengal kittens or a cat with a very playful personality. It could also serve as a tribute to the star sign for babies born between July 23 and August 22.

bengal cat

4. Hemang

This Hindu name translates to “the one with a shining body”. If you brush your cat well, she will undoubtedly have a gleaming coat, so this is a fitting name. It’s also suitable for a very charismatic cat.

5. Lion/Lioness

If your Bengal is ruling your roost, this is the wild-cat inspired name for her! Lions are fierce and live in groups, so go for this moniker if your kitten is very social and collaborative.

6. Tiger/Tigress

Like their ancestor, the tiger, many Bengals have striking stripes across their coats, often on the forelimbs. This is a strong name for a fierce, charismatic cat.

bengal cat

7. Amber

Isn’t there just something about your Bengal’s coat that seems to glow? And when their hairs catch in the sunlight, the effect is mesmerizing. ‘Amber’ encapsulates both the physical appearance and the preciousness of your fur baby.

8. Butterscotch

Aww! For a super sweet cat (or for a kitty whose owner has a sweet tooth), there’s no moniker cuter than “Butterscotch”. Imagine all the cooing you can do with this one: “You’re as soft as butter!” “You’re as fiery as a glass of scotch!”

9. Speckles

‘Speckles’ is a fun way to honor your Bengals spotted fur. It’s also quite catchy and short enough to sing-song when calling your cat.

10. Aslan

Aslan, the lion, is one of the main characters in The Chronicles of Narnia. In fact, he’s the one true king of Narnia who is beloved by his subjects. The perfect name for a majestic kitty with an adoring owner.

bengal cat on back

11. Aagney

‘Aagney’ means “born of fire” in Hindu. What a majestic title! It shows that your cat is unique and has a fiery personality. The Hindu name also recognizes the Asian connection Bengals have.

12. Rajah

Another Disney-inspired name is ‘Rajah’ who, of course, is the tiger in Aladdin. Rajah is a fiercely protective pet to the beautiful Jasmine. So, if you’ve got a loyal pet (or if your cat has a lovely owner), this name is an excellent choice.

13. Simba

Ever since audiences worldwide fell in love with The Lion King, Simba has become a trendy name for our pets. Simba is the epitome of inclusivity, loyalty, and courage, a great moniker for any brave kitty.

14. Dawon

Fancy something a little more heavenly? Dawon is the tiger who faithfully transports Hindu goddesses Durga and Parvati. Dawon is also a formidable warrior in defense of the goddesses. This is a fantastic way of honoring the Bengal cat’s South Asian roots.

bengal cat in pink harness

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15. Ivory

Some Bengal cats have a whitish hue to their fur. ‘Ivory’ is a classy, subtle way of recognizing this. Ivory has also been a valuable good for millennia, so it’s a beautiful reminder of how much your cat means to you sentimentally. (Additionally, it’s a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the money you forked out to get your precious Bengal).

16. Blizzard

More unique than ‘Snowy’, “Blizzard is the perfect Bengal cat name if your kitty has a white coat. It’s got a playful feeling to it and is ideal for a cat who just can’t help but get up to some mischief.

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17. Tiger Lily

Combining both the elegance of the lily and the ferocity of the tiger, ‘Tiger Lily’ is a stunning name for your Bengal. Of course, the tiger lily is an actual flower with a rich orange color that originates from the Far East.

What an outstanding moniker to encapsulate your Bengal’s origins, appearance, and personality!

18. Marble

How magnificent is this Bengal cat name? ‘Marble’ acknowledges the swirling pattern on a Bengal’s fur and also their innate grace. Since marble has been used for centuries in some of the world’s most famous statues, this is a brilliant reminder to treat your cat like a treasured work of art!

19. Aadhira

Meaning “moon” in Hindu, ‘Aadhira’ is an excellent moniker for a Bengal cat. It pays homage to the breed’s Asian origins. It’s got a nice ring to it, is unique, and has a special meaning. “Moon” could refer to your cat’s pale or luminescent coat and to their constant nature.

More Bengal Cat Names

Are you still searching for the perfect Bengal cat name? Here are some more ideas, based on category.

Wild Cat Names

I bet you didn’t know half of these existed, but these are wild cat species. Great for a unique moniker inspired by nature.

  • Ocelot
  • Lynx
  • Caracal
  • Jaguar
  • Jaguarundi
  • Margay
  • Manul
  • Colocolo
  • Puma
  • Serval

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Bengal Cat Names from Popular Culture

Give your cat a name of a character you love or whom he resembles.

  • Jasmine
  • Nala
  • Aladdin
  • Drogon
  • Legolas
  • Mufasa

South Asian Bengal Cat Names

Pay tribute to their Asian roots by choosing one of these Bengal cat names.

  • Annika
  • Astras
  • Kamala
  • Jameelah
  • Aadhavan
  • Aadhirai

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Appearance-based Bengal Cat Names 

More creative ideas for a moniker based on your cat’s looks? Here you go.

  • Peaches
  • Onyx
  • Pepper
  • Sunset
  • Pearl
  • Ash
  • Opal
  • Twilight
  • Pebble

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