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10 Beautiful Blue Cat Breeds You’ll Love

Are you interested in learning about kitty breeds that have gorgeous blue coats? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I’ve made a list of the most stunning felines that also happen to be blue cat breeds.

There are only 10 of these special creatures on my list, and for good reason. While blue or gray coats aren’t rare, there are only a handful of cats that are exclusively gray.

“Blue” coats are a particular type of gray coloring from a genetic mutation that dilutes a kitty’s black coat to the deep blue-ish gray hue that cat breeders are so fond of. 

My list includes all the cat breeds that are exclusively blue-gray and some popular breeds with the iconic blue coloring in their spectrum of coat colors. So, let’s get into it.

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10 Adorable Blue Cat Breeds

Now that you are familiar with why these cats are said to have “blue” coats, let’s get into why you’ll love each one of these kitties on my list. Without further ado, here are 10 blue cat breeds that will mesmerize you.

1. Russian Blue Cats


Russian Blue cat with green eyes headshot

Image by 36389155 on Pixabay

I have to start my list with the iconic Russian Blue. With their rich double thick coats that embody a shimmering silvery-blue hue enhancing their characteristic green eyes, this breed is an all-around stunner. Their majestic appearance is complemented by their “foreign” body type — which simply means these grey cats look like a Siamese cat.

This breed, unsurprisingly, hails from Northern Russia in the port city of Arkhangelsk (Archangel) and they are sometimes called “Archangel Blues” (which makes them even more endearing). This Russian blue kitten was favoured by Russian Czars. Some key traits regarding these angelic fluff balls are their low-maintenance personalities and coats. 


That’s right; this archangel cat is both easy to groom and sweet-tempered, happy to be with company or alone without much fuss. This breed is also very intelligent and needs mental stimulation, so perhaps offer them some catnip cat toys. But they also require a calm environment to be truly comfortable, so a rowdy family home is off the table.

After World War ii a shortage of Russian blues meant they had to be cross bred with Siamese cats to ensure the breed’s longevity. Today, Russian Blues are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States.

2. Chartreux


Steel gray Chartreux cat with deep copper eyes

Image by Camille on Unsplash

The Chartreux is another gorgeous blue kitty bred specifically for its gray coat. I’ve already mentioned that all blue or gray fluff balls get their coats from a genetic mutation, but the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab explains it better. 

They say that a blue coat is part of a recessive trait and that some breeds, like the Chartreux, are fixed to have. Like the Russian Blue, this kitty is only bred in its trademark blue color. However, its coat can range from dark ash to slate. 

Gray chartreux cat with a yellow eyes on a couch.
Gray chartreux cat with yellow eyes on a couch

Chartreux cats are a rare French kitty known for their muscular build and short limbs. They have a water-resistant, short double coat often compared to sheep’s wool in the way it separates in thick clumps as it moves. They require weekly grooming because of this, so be sure to get a good grooming brush.

Otherwise, these kitties are playful and sociable but very quiet. They make for a great family pet and are considered an affectionate cat breed.

3. Nebelung


Long Haired-looking Nebelung cat with green eyes

Image by luliia_photographer on Canva

The Nebulung, which means “creature of the mist” in German, is a relatively new and rare cat breed derived from the Russian Blue. Described as being a medium-sized and muscular cat, these kitties are long and thin but firm in their composition.

They’re known for their wide-set green eyes, fluffy medium-length plush coats, and longhaired tails in that signature blue-gray coloring. Since they have a soft, longer coat, they require daily grooming, but they’re worth the effort as these kitties have a wonderful disposition.

nebelung cat breed portrait

Personality-wise, these cuties are devoted and affectionate pets who are very curious. Nebelungs are known for forming relationships with one special human, so be sure you’re aware of that before you decide if this breed is for you.

4. Korat


Richly blue Korat cat with green eyes

Image by Becka Hernz from Pixabay

Hailing from Thailand, the Korat is one of the oldest natural breeds whose appearance hasn’t changed throughout the centuries. Isn’t that marvelous? This gorgeous small to medium-sized kitty has retained its slim build, distinctive heart-shaped face, vivid green eyes, large ears and rain-cloud gray coat since 1350 CE.

Korats are known for having short front paws, low-maintenance single-layer short coats, and low body fat, but they do tend to feel heavier than they look. As for their personalities, Korats are generally mildly talkative with a distinct meow, and they have an intelligent and playful disposition.

korat cat breed
korat cat breed

These kitties also require a lot of affection and love to play, so they need a loving family who can offer them companionship and mental stimulation. If you’re interested in a Korat, remember they do best with an experienced owner.

5. British Shorthair


British Shorthair cat with a deep slate coat and copper eyes

Image by Tom und Nicki Löschner from Pixabay

These stocky, robust kitties, known most familiarly as “British Blues,” aren’t restricted to just one coat color. British Shorthair colors can vary from black to red, to cream, and even golden. 

However, they’re still widely known and loved for their very dense and firm gray-blue coats that emphasize their round faces and bodies. Not to mention, they have striking copper or yellow eyes that offset their luxuriously dark coats, making them an alluring breed.

british shorthair blue face

Besides their distinct teddy bear-like appearance, this kitty from Great Britain is known for being one of the calmest cat breeds with a playful, loyal, and loving personality. Suited best for single-person households, the blue British short hair require daily grooming of their dense coats, especially during seasonal changes.

6. Burmese


Silvery-looking Burmese cat with green eyes

Image by R-J-Seymour on Canva 

Originating from Myanmar (Burma), the Burmese is better known for its coppery coat. But this special breed also carries the blue coat gene. Described as smokey-colored, often with large golden eyes, Burmese share a similar body structure to the Siamese thanks to cross-breeding in the past. 

With a small face, button nose, big eyes, and rounded ears, the Burmese has an adorably circular face. These cuties have smooth, short, and silky soft coats with medium-sized bodies. 

Considered a cat breed that doesn’t shed, they are fairly easy to groom. However, they’re not hypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, they may not be the best choice for you.

When living with a Burmese, they have very high social needs, are active, and very vocal. You should note that they love climbing and jumping and do well with a cat tree or perch. As for how they feel about their humans, these kitties love their families, including children. They get along with other Burmese and even dogs but aren’t good with other cats. 

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7. Blue Oriental Shorthair


Light gray Oriental Shorthair cat with yellow eyes

Image by Manuel Keller on Unsplash

Now, the Oriental Shorthair is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting-looking cats. They come in all colors, patterns, and eye colors. The “blue” coloring included in the wheelhouse of possible coat colors for this breed is a gorgeous silvery blue.

Closely related to the Siamese, Orientals differ slightly, having exaggerated features, from their long, almost elf-like ears to their pointed wedge-shaped head and sharp faces and their long, skinny bodies.

Their almost awkward appearance is adorable. Paired with their unique and loud “honking” vocalizations, these sleek kitties are a treat for people who love intelligent, loving, and active cats with a signature look.

Though they have such short coats, they require a high level of weekly grooming, just as they need a large amount of attention from their humans. Also, note that Orientals require a lot of enrichment, including interactive play and hunting, due to their natural curiosity

8. Blue Persian


Fluffy Blue Persian cat with deep honey-yellow eyes

Image by Jeffry Surianto on Pexels

As arguably one of the most well-known flat-faced cat breeds, the modern longhaired Persian cat is beloved for its unique appearance and wide array of coat colors. This medium-sized cat originates from Iran and is known for being even-tempered and a bit lazy.

Persian coats are characteristically long and silky, but they’re also high maintenance and require daily brushing to avoid matting. These fluffballs come in every color in the cat coat spectrum. However, their appearance differs greatly, considering how overbred they are. Their eyes can be green, copper, blue, and hazel.

Though the Persian breed is sought after for its looks, you should be selective when choosing a breeder. Many of these kitties can suffer from brachycephalic airway syndrome due to poor breeding practices to get the flat-faced look Persians are known for.

9. Blue Domestic Shorthair


Light gray Domestic Shorthair cat with green eyes

Image by Patrycja Niebielska on Pexels

A Domestic Shorthair cat is simply a kitty that isn’t purebred. However, these cuties make it onto my list because they’re often found to have blue coats. While Domestic Shorthairs can have various hair and eye colors, the blue-coated variety tends to have yellow or bright green eyes.

What makes the blue domestic shorthair so appealing is its wonderful nature. These furballs will likely be social, playful, calm, and non-aggressive. They’re also a pleasure to groom with their short, sleek, and soft fur that only needs to be maintained during shedding season. 

Not to mention, these kitties are generally very healthy and can live up to 20 years with proper care.

10. Blue Scottish Fold

blue-scottish-fold blue cat breeds

Silvery-blue Scottish Fold cat staring with copper eyes

Image by Thirdman on Pexels

Originally from Scotland (unsurprisingly), the Scottish Fold is often pictured as owl-like with a round face with large eyes topped with adorably small folded ears. This breed has a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage in its body, making its ears look the way they do. 

Other than their ears, the Scottish Fold is known for its rounded appearance from their cheeks to their paws. These cuties are medium to large in size with short noses, shortish legs, and a somewhat stocky look overall.

Scottish fold cat with yellow eyes one of the big eyed cat breeds

They are often recognized by their distinct blue-gray coloring and coppery eye color, but each cat can vary throughout the color spectrum. Along with their dense, plush-looking hair that can range between short, medium, and long, they require tons of grooming. They also have very delicate tails and need to be handled gently.

The Scottish Fold has been dubbed one of the most friendly cat breeds. They have a sweet, affectionate, and loyal nature, making them excellent family pets. They’re also generally quiet, and they’ll unlikely vocalize unless they need something.

Blue Cat Breeds: Wrapped Up

Now that you’ve been through my list of blue cat breeds, which one do you like most? Perhaps you love the iconic Russian Blue, or maybe the quirky Scottish Fold is more up your alley.

Whichever cat you choose, you’re guaranteed to love having one of these striking fluffballs by your side.

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