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27 Sad Cat Memes to Have a Good Laugh (or Cry) Over

Sad cat memes bring a unique combination of amusement and melancholy to viewers. This type of meme on social media typically features furballs in situations that evoke feelings of sadness, loneliness, or despair. Sometimes, it might even hit a little close to home.

Despite the melancholic nature of these animal memes, they often bring a smile to the face of anyone who looks at them. In this post, you’ll indulge in some of the most popular ones in the wonderful world of internet humor. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted chuckle, keep reading! Just remember that crying is okay as well. Cat lovers will love seeing some of these delightful felines even if they are not having their best days. Enjoy this unique window into the world of cats, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. These funny cats are offering humor to help us all smile through our worst days. 

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27 Sad Cat Memes

From the adorably sweet crying kitties to furballs who show us the reality of life, here are 27 sad cat memes for you to have a good cry-laugh.

1. This Avengers Dropout


Photo on dontgetserious

2. This Kitty Who Just Wants Someone to Notice Them


Photo on Memes Monkey

3. This Cat With a Conscience


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

4. This Cowboy With a Tummy Ache


Photo on cheezburger

5. This Kitty Cheering Up Their Sad Human


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

6. This Fur Baby Who Got Bullied by the Dog


Photo on dontgetserious

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7. This Cat With an Existential Crisis


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

8. This Misunderstood Kitty Who Just Wanted the Seagull to Understand


Photo on dontgetserious

9. This Fragile Fur Baby


Photo by @sadcatmemes on Twitter

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10. This Sweetheart Who Gave Their Human a Gift


Photo on Reader’s Digest

Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered why your cat thinks a dead mouse or bird is a suitable gift for you? Cats have a natural hunting instinct, and they need to teach their young how to hunt, too. In their eyes, you’re useless at hunting, and they’re bringing you food to keep you from starving.

11. This Kitty Who Found Out Their Human Is Cheating on Them


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

12. Another Misunderstood Kitty


Photo on Punscaptions

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13. The Real Meaning Behind Meow


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

14. This Kitty Who Is All of Us


Photo on cheezburger

15. This Sad Kitty Showing the Reality of the World


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

16. A Sad Kitten


Photo on Memes Monkey

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17. Kitty Thinks Bubblewrap Will Protect Their Feelings


Photo on cheezburger

18. This Kitty Getting a Shower


Photo on Punscaptions

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19. This Kitty Who Realized They May Have Had Too Many Treats


Photo on dontgetserious

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20. This Stressed Fluffball


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

21. This Cowboy Has a Strong Message


Photo by missrotfm4 on 9gag

22. This Thirsty Kitty

thirsty-cat sad cat memes

Photo on Memes Monkey

23. This Kitty Who Didn’t Fits


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

Fun Fact: Why do cats shove themselves into small spaces? Apparently, it’s an escape. The real world can get too much for our kitties, so they climb into a small box or vase and take a nap to forget about it.

24. The Universe Is Testing This Fluffball


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

25. This Adorable Kitty With Some Confidence Issues


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

26. This Kitty Who Feels a Kinship With Tom


Photo by RosieWaldherr on Imgur

27. This Kitty Playing the World’s Saddest Song


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

Final Thoughts on Sad Cat Memes

Sad cat memes are an entertaining way to express your emotions and connect with others who feel the same way. When you’re feeling down, it’s nice to be able to share and laugh at the funny and relatable images of furballs the internet offers. 

Whether you’re just looking for something to make you smile, or a way to relate to someone else’s feelings, sad cat memes are a great way to do both.

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