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43 Wholesome Cat Memes That Will Make You Smile

Are you ready to witness one of the greatest wholesome cat memes collections of all time? Step right up and get ready. I’m about to dive into the world of adorable kitties.

Everyone thinks their furball is the greatest gift to mankind, and why not? Cats are some of the most adorable creatures ever created. And who wouldn’t want to share their adorable fluffballs with the world?

Even though these creatures can sometimes be fierce, they are also incredibly loving and have some purely wholesome moments. From sweet interactions with their humans to funny antics that are just pure joy, these memes will definitely make you smile. 

They’ll have you going “aww” while thinking about them for the rest of the day. So let’s dive into this purrfectly adorable content.

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43 Adorably Wholesome Cat Memes

From wholesome moments with tiny humans to newly adopted kitties settling into their homes, these memes will make your jaw hurt from all the smiling. The cuteness factor is simply over the top.

1. Angry Dad Cat Is the Best


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

2. Cats Count as Children


Photo on Cheezburger

3. Kitty Made a New Turtle Friend


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

4. Need That Vitamin C

bag-of-oranges wholesome cat memes

Photo by Unlikely_Space7493 on r/catmemes

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5. Beach Trips Are Better With Cats


Photo by zeldawallpapers on Imgur

6. Look How Happy She Is


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

7. This Is a Campaign We Can Get Behind


Photo by angelina-rubio on r/catmemes

8. Help Him, He’s Struggling a Bit


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

9. Every Cat Needs a Kitten


Photo by venom1235 on Imgur

10. The Most Ferocious Creatures Also Blep


Photo on Cheezburger

11. Can We Join This Dance?


Photo by zeldawallpapers on Imgur

12. Black Cats Need a Better Rep


Photo on Cheezburger

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13. Kitties Are Little Gluttons


Photo by Comfortable_Golf_255 on r/catmemes

14. This Is the Sweetest Reaction


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

15. Such a Wholesome Tradition


Photo on Cheezburger

16. “Don’t You Yell at My Baby”


Photo on Cheezburger

17. The Dogs and Cats Are Teaming Up Now


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

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18. Look at All the Kisses


Photo on Cheezburger

19. The Best Shade of Pink


Photo by catcurio on r/catmemes

20. A Famous Kitty


Photo by GreenSuspiciouses on r/catmemes

21. The Healthiest Work Environment


Photo on Cheezburger

22. They’re Growing So Fast


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

23. Look at That Sleeping Angel


Photo by killkillkilldiediedie on Imgur

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24. Cries in Single


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

25. This Kitty Knows How to Take Naps


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

26. So Happy to Have a Forever Home


Photo by killkillkilldiediedie on Imgur

Tip: North Shore Animal League is the biggest no-kill rescue organization in the USA. If you want to give a kitty a loving and happy home, this is a great place to start.

27. Little Skunk Kitty


Photo on Cheezburger

28. This Is an Amazing Photoshoot


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

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29. Lions Are Just Big Kitties


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

Fun Fact: Did you know that lions can purr? Bigger cats, such as lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards, can purr just like house cats. Read this post for more fun facts about cats.

30. Adorable Little Clones


Photo by zeldawallpapers on Imgur

31. Such Fun Adventures With the Little Ones


Photo on Cheezburger

32. Oliver Did So Well


Photo on Cheezburger

33. Pet the Kitty


Photo by OrganizationDry3792 on r/catmemes

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34. We All Deserve a Love Story Like This


Photo on Cheezburger

35. Hire Her Now


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

36. Such an Adorable Candid Photo


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

37. Good Job, Kitty!


Photo by Alittledistantshiningstar on Imgur

38. We Wouldn’t Mind This Class at 7 am


Photo by Caitybugz on Imgur

39. This Is the Purest Thing Ever


Photo by Mindless_Remove8327 on r/catmemes

40. We Don’t Deserve Cats


Photo on Cheezburger

Tip: Another great rescue organization you can check out is the ASPCA. They have a nationwide database that US residents can use to find a local shelter.

41. The Best Little Date


Photo by ObsessedWithAnimals on Imgur

42. This Is How to Watch TV


Photo on Cheezburger

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43. Look at This Supportive New Family


Photo by anlyin on Imgur

Final Thoughts on Wholesome Cat Memes

Whether you laughed or cried from all the cuteness, there’s no denying these cat memes are some of the most wholesome ever. However, cats can be doing the most mundane thing ever, and we will still grab our phones, take pictures, and tell the world, “Look how adorable my cat is!” 

So spread the joy today and send a picture of your cat (or any pet) to some of your friends and family. Not only will they get a laugh, but you’ll be sharing the love that only animals can give us.

If you want some more fun, check out these cute cat memes to brighten your day even further.

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