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Siberian Cat Personality Profile

If you have always thought of yourself as a dog person but for whatever reason will struggle with the time and effort involved with having a dog then a Siberian cat could be the perfect pet for you.

Siberian cat personality traits are known for being the most “dog-like” of all cat breeds due to their fun and infectious personalities.

Indeed, I had always thought of myself as a dog person until I met a friend’s Siberian and fell in love. I went on to get a Siberian of my own – our Chief Cat Officer Alexei – and it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I had no idea that cats could be so loving, affectionate and fun.

This is a relatively quiet breed that tends to communicate through cute meows. My Siberian mostly meows when he wants a cuddle or attention. They also have a deep almost multi-level purr. The more content your Siberian the deeper and more multi-layered their purring will be.  

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Siberian Neva masquerade cat
Siberian Neva masquerade cat

Key Siberian Cat Personality Characteristics



Intelligent and intuitive

Naturally calm



golden brown siberian cat in the snow

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Fun and Games with your Siberian

Siberian cats love to play – but they are unlikely to let you win! They love to play with toys and keep their passion for play long past their kitten years.

Many Siberian cats also like to play fetch. My Siberian Alexei loves bringing me a ball or a small cat or bird toy for me to throw and for him to return.

My Siberian loves to play “hunting” games. He loves feather toys and any scratching post that has a bird or mouse toy dangling. Indeed, a toy bird that he “killed” by pulling if off its string is one of Alexei’s favourite toys.

Indeed, Siberians will turn any item into a game! My Siberian cat loves grabbing the tie on my bathrobe, pulling my pony tail and grabbing any lose strings or ties that may be around.

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black cat close up with organge collar and green background

These cats love a new trick and tend to learn fast. Puzzle toys are generally a big hit with Siberians as they love trying to solve a problem – particularly if it allows them to get to a treat or a mouse.

Games that involve jumping will be enjoyed by your Siberian. Their hind legs are very strong and slightly longer than their front paws. This means that they are fantastic jumpers by nature.

Alexei loves his cat tree as he can run and jump up and down it. I have also placed it near the tv so that Alexei can play on the tree whilst also monitoring the room and its inhabitants.

They also tend to love bookshelves, curtain rods and some of the highest points of any room that they are in including chandeliers and light fittings.

black cat in colourful book shelf 2

I am amazed that Alexei hasn’t broken anything in the house. He jumps and runs and explores everywhere yet manages to have a great sense of balance and care.

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Part of the household

Siberian cats love being involved with their households. The inquisitive nature of the siberian cat personality means that they like to know what is going on and ideally to also be involved in any and all activities.

They love climbing on lap top keyboards, sitting on newspapers or magazines or pointing a paw at the phone their owner keeps using.

This breed of cat is very loyal and will come and meet you when you get home and sit with you when you’re having a bad day or not well. Siberian cats will often follow their owners from room to room – Alexei certainly does this with me.

This gentle and loving breed will also enjoy lying near you on the couch. Alexei likes to be a little bit away from me but not so far that I can’t stroke him constantly.

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neva masquerade siberian cat with blue eyes

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The Siberian cat personality makes them ideal for households with children as their kind and patient nature is seldom disrupted. They tend to get on well with dogs and other cats.

They also tend to handle all guests well and are naturally curious and calm with new people. Even as a kitten Alexei was quite happy to be held and cuddled by anyone including small children. Noise and activity don’t tend to bother these forest cats.

Whilst being easy going is a siberian cat personality trait, the first time I left Alexei for a few days (he stayed with friends of mine) he was very annoyed with me when I returned. He literally wouldn’t look at me when I got back.

However, within ten minutes he had warmed up and I think it only took about an hour for him to forgive me.

black cat on terrace with plants

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Activities with your Siberian

Siberian cats are adventurous by nature. It is definitely an option to get your cat walking on a harness and lead. They are fast learners and will also figure out how to open doors, pull out drawers etc.

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A Siberian Quirk

Unlike most other felines, Siberian cats tend to love water. They like getting their paws and underbelly wet – and they may even join you in the shower. This is perhaps because of their Siberian forest past.

black cat full body with green eyes

The loving and affectionate siberian cat personality makes these furry felines delight. They are the perfect cat for busy households and families as they tend to be easygoing. Getting a Siberian cat was one of the best decisions that I ever made and I am already thinking about when I will get my second Siberian cat.

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