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12 Small Cat Breeds | American Curl, Singapura Cat & More

Of course, all cats start out small. But which are the cat breeds that stay small? Depending on your living situation, a physically small cat may be important. These small cat breeds are just what you need if space is a concern.

And if that is the case, you’ll want to avoid Maine Coon cats, as they are the largest cat breed. On average, a cat weighs ten pounds. Smaller breeds will weigh between five and ten pounds. There is also variation in height, with Munchkins tending to be the smallest (a fairly self-explanatory name).

If you’re on the prowl for a small cat breed, here are 12 tiny cat breeds that you’ll love.


12 Miniature Cat Breeds That Stay Small

There are quite a few advantages of having a small cat breed at home. In addition to needing less space, these fur babies also often require less food and water and are very independent.

Have a look at these small cat breeds to be informed about which miniature feline is for you.

silver american curl cat

1. Singapura

Singapura cats have captivating little spirits, ready to steal your heart away. These lovely felines are a playful, cheeky, and friendly cat breed. You’ll often find them under a duvet cover or lying in the sunshine.

The Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds, which makes their almond-shaped eyes really pop. Singapura cats tend to look like they constantly have their eyes open as wide as possible.

The Singapura is often considered the smallest cat breed in the world, so these kitties tend to weigh between 11 and 18 lbs.

singapura cat

With a similar temperament to the Burmese cat, they are full of mischief, affectionate, and extremely inquisitive. Singapura cats enjoy chasing balls down the hall or tap dancing on keyboards.

These fun-loving cats love people and get along easily with other pets in the house — making them ideal for the indoors.

2. Munchkin

The Munchkin is everyone’s favorite tiny cat. It’s one of the short-legged cat breeds with normal-sized bodies. These unique small cats are absolutely adorable.

Most people will tell you that the Munchkin’s dog equivalent is the sausage dog, as these fur babies share the short-legged trait. This is why Munchkin cats are often called the “sausage cat.”

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Munchkin cat on couch
Munchkin Cat

Considered the original dwarf cat, the Munchkin breed is not exclusive and can be linked to a number of other breeds. For example, you can find a Scottish Fold Munchkin or even a Maine Coon Munchkin. It’s all about that short-legged gene mutation.

There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding these sweet-looking felines, as there is concern over potential health and mobility issues. They were not considered an official breed for many years and were not allowed to take part in feline competitions.

Even today, there are a number of councils and associations, like the Cat Fanciers’ Association, that do not recognize the Munchkin cat breed.

ginger munchkin

However, most sources say that the shortness of their legs does not affect the Munchkin’s running and leaping abilities. Also, they are not generally found to have more joint or bone problems than other cat breeds. So, if you are passionate about their little legs, your ethics needn’t be compromised.

The personalities of Munchkin cats are generally sweet, outgoing, and intelligent. They also respond well to being handled, which is lovely, as you’ll undoubtedly want to hold these cuties all day long.

3. American Curl

These happy kitties are affectionate, healthy, and talkative. The name refers to the unique ears of the American Curl Cat, which curl backward in a particularly sweet way.

white american curl cat with dark eyes
American Curl Cat

Like the Wirehair cats, American Curl cats all descended from a single natural genetic mutation. They’re one of the youngest cat breeds, having moved from stray to pedigreed in just six years.

tabby american curl

Curious, clever, and people-loving, the American Curl is perfect for families. They love to greet people with a little head bump or a rub against the legs. Curls are also active and adaptable, with older Curls known to be just as active as younger ones.

4. Devon Rex

The mischievous Devon Rex cat, also known as the “pixie cat,” is a loving and loyal feline breed. They make the ideal companions and welcome family and friends’ attention, as well as being great with kids and other pets.

On average, they weigh between five and ten pounds. And their super soft coat is one of the reasons why the Devon Rex is often considered a pixie cat.

devon rex cat with big blue eyes

This cat breed emerged in England during the late 1950s and is similar to the Cornish Rex. The Devon Rex has large, oval-shaped eyes that compete with their large ears for attention.

These felines are intelligent, active, and require regular stimulation. Devon Rex cats are jumpers, and their favorite place is at head level, so perches and cat trees should be provided.

The moderately active cat enjoys learning and playing fetch, so interactive toys will also help keep him occupied while you’re out earning money.

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Devon rex cat under plant looking up
Devon Rex cat under plant looking up

This indoor cat breed has a slender body with long legs, large eyes, and high cheekbones. They shouldn’t be brushed as their fur is prone to breakage — instead, rub the Devon Rex gently with a cloth weekly to keep them well-groomed.

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats have a head shaped like a triangle. As a result, their eyes are prominent and large. The eyes of the Cornish Rex cat tend to be golden in color, although that can vary. These cute felines also tend to weigh about eight pounds on average.

cornish rex cat on red background one of the small cat breeds
Check out those ears!

The Cornish Rex cat breed has no hair apart from some down. Their coat is very fine and can sometimes get a bit of a curl. Their lack of fur can emphasize those big eyes even more.

cornish rex cat tabby

This cat breed is often compared to Greyhound dogs due to their sleek appearance and because they like long, lolling runs. This is a very adventurous breed that loves to explore and will keep its playful demeanor long after its kitten days are finished.

6. Siamese

Siamese cats are one of the most adored and famous cat breeds. They are intelligent, talkative, and lovely-natured felines, making them ideal family pets.

Siamese cats tend to have long bodies, but the females can weigh less than five pounds. They can be around 12 inches tall, so dwarf Siamese cats often come across as lithe kitties.

siamese cat stretched out on seat
Siamese Cat

These cats have unique short coats, with light-colored bodies and silky smooth fur. Their faces, paws, and tails are darker than the rest of their bodies. And all Siamese cats have stunning blue eyes.

While they are great indoor cats, they seek companionship from their owners, including sitting on laps and snuggling in bed.

siamese cat in red santa hat

Siamese cats are often labeled as “dog-like” because they enjoy following their humans around and enjoy playtime, like fetch, so stock up on active cat toys. Although they are loving cats, this breed should not be left alone at home for extended periods.

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7. Balinese

The Balinese cat breed began as a mutation of the Siamese. They are very similar to the Siamese cat breed but have longer coats, and they rarely weigh more than 11 lbs.

This is a stylish and sleek breed with the same deep blue eyes as the Siamese — add in their gorgeous silky long coats, and this is one good-looking cat breed.

balinese kitten

Balinese cats are known to be intelligent, friendly, and playful. They can also be quite vocal and rather demanding — part of that intelligence, these kitties know what they want!

This is a breed that likes attention and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods. So if you are after an independent and introverted type of kitty, this isn’t the breed for you.

balinese cat
Balinese Cat

8. Abyssinian

This friendly cat breed is also known for its intelligence and its love of a good climb, so be sure to give it a garden or a cat tower for playing. But most of all, the Abyssinian cat loves its human family.

This sociable cat likes company, so if you have a busy lifestyle, it might be an idea to get another cat or pet to keep it company when you’re not there.

young Abyssinian cat in action
Young Abyssinian cat in action

This friendly cat breed is also known for its intelligence and its love of a good climb, so be sure to give it a garden or a cat tower for playing. But most of all, the Abyssinian cat loves its human family.

This sociable cat likes company, so if you have a busy lifestyle, it might be an idea to get another cat or pet to keep it company when you’re not there.

Abyssinian Cat lying down

9. LaPerm

The LaPerm is a Rex breed (meaning curly coated) like the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. These fuzzy little guys can grow to a maximum of 10 lbs for males and 8 lbs for females.

LaPerms can be both short-haired and long-haired. This is an extroverted and bright cat breed that is great for kids and families.

Laperm cat with blue eyes
LaPerm Cat

10. The Dwelf

This relatively new cat breed has elf-like features and a dwarf-like stature. These little guys are hairless and tend not to weigh more than nine pounds. The breed was generated from a mix of the Sphynx, Munchkin, and American Curl breeds.

Dwelf Cat
Dwelf Cat

The Dwelf cat is a highly sociable breed and has a personality that is described by some as almost dog-like. These cats like to be around people and to be included in activities, so they are terrific cats for families.

11. Napoleon or Minuet

This breed was named after Napoleon Bonaparte based on its small size. A mix of a Persian cat and a Munchkin, this is a relatively new breed that seldom reaches weights above nine pounds.

white Napoleon or Minuet Cat
Napoleon or Minuet Cat

The Napoleon cat breed is playful and active and doesn’t like to be left alone. It likes human company but is also happy with other animals, including dogs and other cats.

They have low-slung bodies like a Dachshund. Their soft fur can be either short or long. Napoleon cats come in a wide range of colors, including chocolate, lilac, and black.

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12. Somali

The Somali is the long-haired version of the Abyssinian cat breed. This is a highly intelligent breed that is also good-natured and loves to play. They are a bit more shy than Abyssinians but enjoy humans and outdoor exercise.

Somali Cat tabby ginger
Somali Cat

There are 28 different colors of Somali cats, but the most common shade is a rich golden brown with an apricot base coat and a hint of black.

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So, Which Smallest Breed of Cat Should You Choose?

If size is the main trait you’re looking for, then the Singapura cat is your best bet. Munchkins are also wonderful cats to have at home.

If you’re looking for an affectionate kitty that’s both tiny and active, you won’t go wrong with an American Curl or one of the Rex breeds.

Regardless of the smallest cat breed you take home with, these affectionate cat breeds will shower you with adorable looks and warm cuddles.

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