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17 Sassy Red Cat Breeds That You Won’t Want to Live Without

Red cat breeds are a lot more common than you may think. The sassy felines come in all shapes and sizes, ready to give you all of their love and affection.

Some people say that red hair cats are friendlier than others, while others say they have more attitude. We’ll get to the bottom of these rumors once and for all and see what these kitties are really like. Interestingly, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, 80% of red kitties are male cats and just 20% are a female cat.

These red and orange cats are sure to draw you in.


17 Alluring Red Cat Breeds

There’s no denying that red kitties have a certain fiery appeal. Their red coat is a result of the “O” gene. This gene produces pheomelanin, which is the red pigment that generates these different colors of kitties.

It’s so prominent that it will dominate over other colors, and luckily so because it’s an absolutely adorable sight. So, get ready to fall completely and hopelessly in love with some of the world’s most beautiful cats. Let’s get started!

1. Persian

Persian-cat red cat breeds

Red Persian Cat Image from Canva

Known for their sweet nature, red Persians are first on the list of red cat breeds. Most Persians that you see have long hair that is probably white or silver, but red coat colors in Persians are also common.

Generally, these kitties are very laid-back, so they won’t go looking for trouble or do much solo exploration. These domestic cats are very friendly and affectionate, although they are also very independent. 

You won’t have to worry about leaving your cat alone for long periods of time. They’ll absolutely love your company, but they won’t constantly need it.

Top Tip: To help you take care of orange coats, check out this Persian cat grooming guide.

2. Manx


Manx cat Image from Canva

Manx cats are originally from the Isle of Man and are said to be one of the oldest cat breeds. They’re known for having short, stubby tails or being completely tailless.

These kitties are considered one of the best hunting breeds, often being used to deal with rodents and insects. Despite their hunting skills, they’re not at all aggressive. In fact, they’re a rather gentle and sweet breed.

This playful breed is also known for their playful nature, often hopping around like rabbits and jumping from high places.

3. Cornish Rex


Cornish Rex with blue eyes Image from Canva

Cornish Rex is a breed categorized by their short, tight curls. This means that they’re prone to shedding and they’re sensitive to harsh weather, making them perfect indoor cats.

This breed’s pointed ears and killer cheekbones are some of their most distinct features. You’ll find that these physical attributes add to their alertness and eager nature.

Due to their incredible muscle mass, Cornish Rex cats are excellent jumpers and climbers. You’ll often find them leaping from high points.

4. Ocicat


Ocicat Image from Canva

Despite the Ocicat’s exotic appearance, they’re a purely domesticated breed. Their appearance mimics that of a wild cat, even though they have no traces of wild cat DNA.

These gorgeous cats will often wander about, inquiring about the space around them. Ocicats are highly intelligent and love a challenge. So, be sure to get some engaging toys for these hyperactive cats. They need both physical and mental stimulation to be satisfied. Ocicats can also be trained to do tricks and walk on a leash.

5. Bengal


Bengal cat Image from Canva

Known for their leopard-like coats with a tabby pattern, Bengals often command attention from onlookers. This hybrid is a result of breeding an Asian leopard cat with the Egyptian Mau.

These exotic kitties are a bit on the pricey side — it’s expensive to be that beautiful. Bengals are very affectionate, and they love to play, even with dogs. They’re the perfect addition to any household because they’ll get along with all family members. This breed is quite a large house cat at about 12 pounds, but that doesn’t stop it from being high in energy.

6. Oriental Shorthair


Oriental Shorthair Image from Canva

The Oriental Shorthair is often likened to the Siamese breed, frequently being called the “red Siamese”. Orientals come in numerous colors, most notably a bluish-gray.

These cats are known for being very affectionate without playing favorites, making them perfect for children. They’re also known to get along with other pets and are very sociable.

Don’t let their friendly nature fool you, though — they can be quite stubborn and headstrong. They like things done their way but will compromise if they feel you respect them.

7. Maine Coon Cat


Maine Coon Image from Canva

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed in the world. They commonly weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. The largest Maine Coon to be recorded weighed 33 pounds.

They’re known for their sweet disposition and need for play. They love to run, jump, and perch themselves up to observe what’s happening.

These gentle giants are often likened to dogs due to their size and their affectionate personalities. They’ve also been known to come when called and wag their tails when excited. These long-haired cats have silky coats that can come in a red color.

8. Abyssinian


Abyssinian Image from Canva

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds in the world, hailing from Ancient Egypt and Ethiopia. Their slender and elegant frames have led to them being compared to supermodels.

These cuties are very friendly and playful. They’re not the type to sit around and let the day pass them by. Abyssinians enjoy leaping from different places, showing off their speed and agility.

They’re also quite helpful, often studying you so that they can help out around the house and make things easier for you. You’ll find them opening and closing cupboards for you or bringing you your blanket.

9. American Curl


American Curl Image from Canva

American Curls are easily identified by their curled back ears. They’re born with straight ears that begin curling after a few days.

These kitties are very personable. They enjoy engaging with people and putting their lively energy on full display. Curls also love jumping and climbing, and given the space to do so, they maintain their weight quite well.

You won’t find this adorable breed nestled in your lap all too often, but they do love snuggling up next to you.

10. American Shorthair


American Shorthair Image from Canva

The American Shorthair is said to have arrived in America on the Mayflower. These kitties are long and heavily muscled, making them quite powerful.

Expect nothing but love from this adorable kitty because it will constantly shower you with affection. American Shorthairs are known to attach themselves to a particular person in the house and follow them around all day.

You’ll find that your kitty doesn’t need your attention all of the time and that they’ll easily entertain themselves if need be.

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11. British Shorthair


British Shorthair Image from Canva

British Shorthairs are one of the cutest breeds that you’ll find. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself completely gushing over them.

These docile cats are known to be very laid-back and independent. They won’t fuss much and will gladly sit in their own corner entertaining themselves. This doesn’t mean that they’re without love to give. They’re very affectionate, just not as clingy as their peers.

This cutie is perfect for homes where you have a lot of love to give but not that much time. They won’t hold it against you.

12. Devon Rex


Devon Rex Image from Canva

These adorable felines are categorized by their narrow faces, pointy ears, and slim stature. The Devon Rex has wavy fur and a short coat. Their fur may be curly in some instances or change from one to the other over time.

They’re known as a “monkey in cat’s clothing” for their love of heights and their rather mischievous nature. You’ll find these kitties exploring and feeding their curiosities, and they’ll come and display their findings to you.

Expect plenty of affection and attention from them — they’ll shower you with their love.

13. Exotic Shorthair


Exotic Shorthair Image from Canva

The fluffy Exotic Shorthair was bred from Persian cats so that they may have shorter coats. They don’t need as much grooming as a Persian does, but they’re equally affectionate and as fun to cuddle.

They’re known for being sweet and quite clingy. They’ll definitely follow you around the house or look for you if you aren’t there. However, they’re not as high-maintenance or as demanding as other breeds.

Exotic Shorthairs are very adaptable and will handle a change in their routine like the champs they are.

14. LaPerm


LaPerm Image from Canva

LaPerm kitties often have curly coats, but they may also have straight hair or no hair at all. They’re said to be hypoallergenic and low maintenance.

This gentle breed is definitely a lap cat, and they love to snuggle and sit with you on the couch. They adore human touch and will often nuzzle their face against yours to express their love. Another inquisitive breed, they’re likely to thoroughly explore their home and surroundings.

These cuties will play with almost anyone as they’re very friendly and sociable.

15. Munchkin


Munchkins Image from Canva

Munchkins are one of the most adorable cat breeds, and it’s not just because of their name. They’re bred to have shorter legs, giving them the cutest appearance that’ll just melt your heart. No matter how old they get, you’ll feel like you still have a fun-loving kitten with you.

Don’t let the short legs fool you — they’re just as energetic and playful as other breeds. You’ll find them running around the house or jumping from various spots. They won’t be that high up since they don’t climb as well as other cats.

16. Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Image from Canva

This kitty originated in Norway and is known for its large stature, making it one of the largest cat breeds. They have long, double coats that keep warm in the freezing winter.

They’re often called “Wegies” and have become quite popular, especially in their homeland. These cuties are very affectionate and friendly. They’re among the most independent cats out there and require little to no fuss.

Wegies are very calm and gentle cats, although their size may have you thinking otherwise. They’re very intelligent and adaptable, easily going with the standards that have been set for them.

17. Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold Image from Canva

Scottish Folds are so named for their ears. A few weeks after they’re born, their ears fold inward and down. They come in an array of colors, such as red, gold, or tortoiseshell.

These low-maintenance cats are extremely loving and won’t hesitate to show it. Their calm and loyal nature is what makes them such ideal additions to your family. Scottish Folds will drown you in their love and affection, all while giving you your space. They’re quite social and somehow soft-voiced, so you won’t have to worry about arguing with them.

Final Thoughts on Red and Orange Tabby Cat Breeds

Ginger, marmalade, orange, or red: these are all the variety of colors that the cat community uses to describe red cats. As you’ve seen, they range from deep orange cat breeds to lighter ones, almost like Garfield, minus the lasagne.

These kitties have proven to be some of the friendliest felines out there, soaking up all of your love. It’s clear that whichever breed you choose, you’ll have quite the looker on your hands. Fiery red locks tend to get a lot of attention in the feline world.

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