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Garfield Cat Breed | 8 Lovable Breeds

Remember Garfield? This 1980s cartoon cat hero was beloved around the world – including by me. I very much enjoyed his sarcastic sense of humor, baiting poor Odie and his exasperated owner Jim.

But are there Garfield cats out there? The original Garfield was a Persian cat ginger tabby cat. However, there are several breeds whose orange cats have a Garfield-like appearance. So you may be able to get the Garfield look with the cat personality that you desire (there is nothing wrong with Persian cats, but you may have a different preference).

There are both long-haired and short-haired cat breed options for an orange tabby cat – as well as a wide range of looks from the super cute little Munchkin cat breed to the more exotic Bengal cat breed.

So hide your lasagna, take Mondays off the calendar, and get ready to find your new orange sedentary friend!

ginger persian cat


8 Garfield Cat Breeds

So what kind of cat is Garfield? The Garfield breed is supposedly a Persian ginger tabby, but there are many other similar possibilities too.

1. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat is a medium to large-sized cat breed with large gold, orange, or copper color eyes, a short, broad nose, and a short to medium coat. Daily grooming of these felines is necessary, especially during seasonal changes.

Cute ginger cat relaxing on the grass with white lilac flowers garfield cat breeds
British Short Hair

These lovely kitties are highly intelligent; however, they are still happy to stay inside and play with toys and people. Get some wand-like toys and start a game with your British Shorthair cat; it can be great fun.

This indoor cat breed has an easygoing personality and provides great companionship. While these cats love to play, they don’t require hourly attention.

Two little Ginger british shorthair cats over white background

2. Exotic Short Hair Cat Breed

When considering what type of cat is Garfield, the exotic shorthair should come to mind. The super cute Exotic Short Hair breed is characterized by its mustachioed face and laid-back personality. This breed has short thick legs, broad bodies, large round paws, and short tails.

ginger exotic short hair cat

They have extremely soft coats and come in 140 different colors. They have the same gentle and affectionate personality which is seen in most long-haired cat breeds rather than the boisterous personality of a short-haired cat.

Ginger flat faced cat with amber eyes up close
Exotic Shorthair cat

This breed is closely related to the Persian cat breed and is known for its loyalty.

3. Persian

Persian cats are affectionate, docile, and gentle kitties. This breed has a quiet demeanor; they plop down on any soft surface and simply pose for your appreciation. These elegant cats are not very active, which makes them the perfect indoor pet.

persian cat ginger
Ginger Persian Cat

Persians have relatively small faces, so their big round eyes are particularly prominent. Most Persians have gorgeous blue eyes, but there can be exceptions – or some who have a different color in each eye.

Although affectionate, Persian cats are discriminative but are great family cats and reserve their affections for a few select individuals. 

Persian kitten wearing pink ribbons, 4 months old, sitting in front of white background

This beautiful flat-faced cat breed does get along with children and other household pets; however, they aren’t fans of loud environments but rather serene homes where little changes.

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4. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats are known for their long, silky coats, which often become the longest around the cat’s neck. They are an adorable combination of large cat ears, almond-shaped eyes, and small to medium-sized heads.

turkish angora cat ginger

The most common eye color for a Turkish Angora cat is blue. However, they can also have amber, green, or gold eyes as well.

Originally from Turkey (you may have guessed this), the earliest records of the Turkish Angora cat are from the 16th century. However, the breed began to disappear in the early 19th century. The Turkish Angora was bred at the Ankara Zoo to preserve its pedigree, and the breed was officially established in North America in the 1970s.

These friendly and gentle cats also have a more boisterous side and love to run, jump and explore. He loves to play and will do almost anything to get your attention.

White turkish angora odd eye cat lying down seen from the side looking at the camera isolated on a white background

This cat breed will maintain the playfulness they exhibit as kittens throughout their lives. They will enjoy curling up next to you and on you on both the couch and your bed.

5. American Bobtail

With a short tail, tufted ears and toes, and a slightly short neck, the American Bobtail cat breed screams cuddle me. The American bobtail was a feral cat that was not bred until the 1960s.

3 ginger american bobtail cats
american bobtail cats

This playful breed is great with families and gets on well with strangers. Many compare his personality with that of a golden retriever dog. This is a devoted and loyal breed that also often enjoys going out on walks.
This intelligent cat breed loves a puzzle or a game and playing fetch. He is also a curious kitty who is quite easygoing, so well suited to travel and outdoor adventures. Be sure to take a great cat carrier along with you if you plan to travel with your cat.

Bobtail cat portrait

6. Munchkin

The Munchkin cat is everyone’s favorite cutie. With teeny tiny short little legs and normal-sized bodies, these diverse cats are absolutely adorable.

The munchkin’s dog counterpart is undoubtedly the sausage dog, as they share the short-legged trait. This is why these little felines are also called the “sausage cat”.

ginger munchkin kitty
Munchkin Cat

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Considered the original dwarf cat, the Munchkin cat breed is not exclusive and can be linked to a number of other breeds. For example, you can find a Scottish fold munchkin cat or even a Maine coon munchkin cat. It’s all about that short-legged gene mutation.

There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding these sweet-looking felines, as there is concern over potential health and mobility issues. They were not considered an official breed for many years and were not allowed to take part in feline competitions.

Even today, there are a number of councils and associations that do not recognize the Munchkin cat breed.

ginger munchkin

However, most sources say that the shortness of their legs does not affect the Munchkin’s running and leaping abilities. Also, they are not generally found to have more joint or bone problems than other cat breeds. So, if you are passionate about their little legs, your ethics needn’t be compromised.

The personalities of Munchkin cats are generally sweet, outgoing, and intelligent. They also respond well to being handled, which is lovely, as you’ll undoubtedly want to hold these cuties all day long.

7. Maine coon

These fluffy felines are really something special. Known to be real gentle giants, they’re often referred to as the dogs of the cat world thanks to their unique Maine Coon personality.

ginger maine coon cat with fruit

So if you’re a self-proclaimed dog person but looking to broaden your horizons, this will be your perfect transition to being a cat owner too.

Maine Coons are friendly, loveable, and very vocal. Their sizable bodies and heavy, double-layer long hair kept them well-protected against the brutal cold in Maine, which is the state they originated from.

ginger maine coon cat

With so much personality and love to give, you may soon find yourself leaning toward the Maine Coon breed.

8. Bengal

Bengal cats are one of the newer cat breeds, a combination of the Asian leopard cat and a US domestic cat. These affectionate cats are energetic and playful.

bengal cat

A distinctive feature of their thick and lustrous coat is the pearl or gold dusting or glitter effect. This is one of the many features of the lovely Bengal cat that contributes to its extreme cuteness.

bengal cat ginger

The breed is also known for its black-rimmed and almond-shaped eyes and distinctive whisker pads. Add to this their thick tail that often finishes in a black tapered tip and you have one seriously cute cat.

Many people want to know what breed is Garfield. With all these possible options, you can easily make your way home with one of these beautiful Garfield cats to call your own.

What Breed of Cat is Garfield and Other FAQs

If you are looking for the Garfield type of cat and need a little more information, these are some questions you might want to know the answer to. 

What kind of cat is Garfield?

persian cat ginger

Garfield is a Persian Tabby cat.

What are the orange cats that look like Garfield?

These are orange Persian cats.

What is the grey cat in Garfield?

Nermal is a small grey tabby cat that claims to be the cutest kitten in the world. Garfield is jealous of Nermal.

Is Cheshire Cat a Real Breed?

Cheshire Cats appear in the movie “Alice in Wonderland” but they are not a real breed. The writer did, however, take inspiration from the adorable British Shorthair.

What Are Fluffy Orange Cats Called?

When someone sees a fluffy orange cat, they are generally referring to a ginger tabby. This is not an actual breed but rather a fur type that can be found on many different breeds of cats. Ginger tabbies are most commonly Maine Coons, Persians, as well as British Shorthairs.

What is the Rarest Color of Cat?

Cats come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but if you are looking for one that is unique, then getting an albino-colored cat would be the way to go. They are hard to find because in order to get an albino cat, they need to have two parents with recessive genes, and they need to receive both of them.

What is a Banana Cat?

The Banana Cat is found in Vietnam and occupies the banana plantations. These cats have cute raccoon-like faces and are easily domesticated, choosing human companionship over living in the wild.

What is a Dobby Cat?

A Dobby Cat is an Oriental Shorthair that comes from the New Jersey region. It has come to be known as a Dobby Cat because it looks a lot like the lovable Harry Potter character

Are Werewolf Cats a Breed?

Werewolf cats are also known as wolf cats and have a very unique appearance compared to the rest of the cats in the world. They have a disheveled look about them, but despite that, they are friendly, playful, and love a lot of attention.

What Cat is Closest to a Wolf? 

While wolves are part of the dog family, which cats are not a part of, there is a cat that looks like it could be part of the wolf family. It is known as the werewolf cat, the wolf cat, or, more formally, a Lyoki Cat.

What is a Cat Fox?

A cat fox or a fox cat is a cat with a ringed tail that is not domesticated. It has highly developed canine teeth that it uses to rip apart its prey. While they are beautiful to look at, it is not the type of cat you’d want around your house.

What is a Black Cat with Green Eyes Called?

A black cat with green eyes is known as a Bombay Cat. While there are many black cats out there, the green eyes are the discernable feature that makes Bombay Cats so special.

What is the Most Unpopular Cat Breed?

There are a couple of cats that are unpopular amongst cat owners. This can be for a couple of reasons, but most commonly, because they are hard to get your hands on, and few breeders provide them.

The most unpopular cat breeds are:

  • Korat
  • Ragamuffin
  • Sokoke
  • Minskin
  • American Bobtail
  • Burmese
  • Chartreux
  • Cornish Rex

What is the Most Expensive Cat?

There are many expensive cat breeds on the market, but if you want the creme de le creme of cats, these are the cats you should be looking for:

  • Savannah Cats
  • Siberian Cats
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Russian Blue Cats
  • Ragdoll Cats
  • Egyptian Mau Cat
  • American Wirehair Cat
  • American Curl Cat
  • Sphynx Cats
  • Korat Cat Breed

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