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Siamese Cats And Dogs: What Owners Need to Know

It’s every pet lover’s fantasy to live in a world where they can own a dog and cat without dealing with these two animals being at each other’s throats. But most people don’t know that this dream is possible if you have a Siamese cat. 

This feline breed is one of the most dog-friendly. They also get along with fellow cats and children if you have any. The Siamese cat is an active breed, so matching it with a hyper dog can be perfect. Siamese cats and dogs can wear each other out by running around. 

Although these cats are great companions for friendly dogs, you must still plan for the initial stages and consider each pet’s personality. In the beginning, the best strategy will be to introduce them slowly, not to rush them to get along on the first day since it takes time. Then, they will trust each other daily and get comfortable as interactions increase. 

If you are considering buying a dog as a companion for your Siamese cat, this guide will let you know if that’s possible and what dog breeds are best for this situation.  


Do Siamese Cats Like Dogs? 

Absolutely! The ideal dog breed must be playful, energetic, and curious. Siamese cats behave well with dogs. But your two pets won’t be able to be best friends on the first day because it takes time. 

When your two pets first meet, there might be some turbulence. The key is to move at a pace they feel comfortable with and to make sure the first time they meet is a positive experience. 

siamese cats and dogs

Flickr Image by Lottie

Siamese cats are open-minded and always down for new experiences or welcoming new animals into their space. But the dog you choose must not be prone to aggression and be just as willing to make friends. 

If your cat came from a pound, you don’t know about their experiences with dogs. But they’re generally good at expressing themselves and will let you know how they feel the moment they set eyes on a new puppy. 

An excellent way to test their reactions is by heading to a pet shop and checking how your cat interacts with the puppies in their cages. 

Predicting what both pets need in the initial stages will dictate whether your plan will succeed. 

Which Dog Breeds Match Well With Siamese Cats? 

Siamese cats can live in your home with a dog, but it must be with a specific type of canine. Choosing the right breed will ensure your two pets can form a special bond. 

Dogs meant for protection, like rottweilers, don’t mesh with cats. We can confidently say only a few dog breeds will be lovable enough to form a friendship with your precious feline. Yes, there are other dog breeds you can choose from, but the ones below are the most likely to do so, and we will explain why. 

1. Golden Retrievers 

When people imagine man’s best friend, golden retrievers always come to mind. Like a Siamese cat, these dogs have unlimited energy and are always friendly. 

After the first few weeks, these two will play with each other daily and will be worn out by the evening. But it’s my favorite match on this list. 

2. Beagles  

The behavior of Beagles is similar to golden retrievers, and they are pretty much the same size as your Siamese cat. Kids love beagles because they are kind and good to all ages.  As always, the beginning will be rough, but they will be inseparable in your home with time. 

siamese cat and dog

3. Labrador Retriever 

Labradors are smart, friendly, and never aggressive with anyone as long as you train them properly. Jealousy might be an issue with this breed, but you must prioritize showing them equal love so territorial problems don’t occur. 

Another reason why labs are a great option is that they are gentle with smaller animals and have silky skin for cuddling. You should also give your lab and your Siamese cat sleeping areas where they can go to have alone time. 

4. Pugs 

Most pugs are laid-back and not considered a hyperactive dog breed. But we think you should keep them on your list as a friend for your Siamese cat because pugs are curious, caring, and more than willing to share their owner. 

Blue point and lilac point Siamese cats do siamese cats fur change color
blue point and lilac point Siamese cats

In addition, your home will never feel lonely because both animals love to communicate by using their voices to speak with you and anyone that visits. The only drawback of mixing a pug with your feline is that their high energy levels could cause an injury after all the horsing around they do.

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5. Boxers 

Boxers are the last compatible dog breed on our list. They are gentle animals that show compassion and love to everyone, including your Siamese cat. Boxers prove that looks can be deceiving because although they have a tough-looking exterior, they are as harmless as any dog on this list.

Their intelligence and energy can match any cat you bring to your home. These dogs will keep you and your Siamese on your toes at all times, so you can be like a family that supports each other.


Top 3 Tips For Introducing Siamese Cats To Dogs 

Teaching dogs and Siamese cats how to live together is time-consuming. So you must ensure the time you spend making this happen will be well worth it. Here are our top three tips to help ensure these animals coexist happily. 

1. Make Sure Your Siamese Cat Adjusts To Your Home 

If you already have a dog in your home but haven’t bought a Siamese cat yet, the first thing to know is that your dog’s scent will be all over the house. A new kitten must acclimate to this scent, which will take some training. 

On its first day in your home, give your baby Siamese the freedom to roam and get used to the smell in its new surroundings. While this is going on, keep your dog outside the house. The kitten will eventually let you know where it feels relaxed so you can choose its sleeping space.  

siamese-table do siamese cats shed

Your kitten feels comfortable where they can go when they are scared and want to hide. Introduce your dog to these spots as both pets build trust. 

Cats love routines and staying in areas of your home where they can predict everything that can happen with no surprises as they grow older. It’s also where you hold food rewards for them when they behave the way you want them to. 

2. Keep A Crate Around For Your Dog

Some owners feel guilty for putting their best friend in a dog crate, but it’s a necessary evil. 

When your Siamese cat arrives, your dog should be a little older and crate trained. Teaching them to feel comfortable with each other will be much safer with your dog in a crate, especially when you need to leave home. 


So before you head off to your job or a shopping mall, put your dog in its container, and there should be no physical conflicts while you’re away. 

3. Only Buy Young Siamese Cats

It’s difficult to teach older cats new habits. Bring home the youngest kitten if you want a Siamese feline that will learn to get along with your dog. 

You will have a higher success rate, helping them build the best habits and behave around other animals when they are younger. They won’t see your dog as dangerous as an older cat. 

White Lilac point Siamese kitten with its tail pointed up while looking up at something.

Lastly, one disadvantage you should know about when taking home a Siamese kitten is that they are very hyper. A dog may find this frustrating and challenging to handle without getting angry. 

If it becomes a serious issue, you can put your kitten in a crate so it’s safe from your dog while you are asleep. 

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Now you have all the information you need to decide to have a Siamese cat live peacefully with a dog. If we had to pick one for you, we would go with a golden retriever. They can grow to love their cat friend and become inseparable if you follow the tips in the guide to introduce them to each other.

tortoiseshell siamese cat

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