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Cinnamon Siamese Cat I All You Need to Know about these Rare Cats

The cinnamon siamese cat is new to the Siamese breed standard and known by very few people outside the community of breeders. 

Many people worldwide likely have this rare Siamese cat but would never be able to identify it since they don’t know this variety exists. Therefore, you would not find much if you tried to get information about this cat online. 

In Great Britain, the Governing Council of Cat Fancy accepts the Cinnamon point as a Siamese breed variety, and so does the Cat Fancier’s Association in America. Both associations have the Cinnamon Siamese cat under Colorpoint Shorthair. These approvals are vital if breeders want to make this variety legitimate. 

Their inherited genes cause their unique color and size maturity when they reach adulthood. However, learning about the genetics of cats to be more accurate about the desired fur colors is still a new and complicated strategy. As experiments continue, results should improve as new findings are uncovered. 

Cinnamon Points are under the solid point colors category, but it’s not difficult to encounter Tabbies, Torties, and Tortie-Tabbies if you go to Siamese cat conventions. 

If you compare the Cinnamon variety to original Siamese cats, they have some of the same features, such as light coats and clear sky blue eyes

But if they have mostly the same physical characteristic, how can you tell the difference between a Cinnamon Point and an original Siamese? 

cinnamon siamese

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What Are Colorpoints? 

Known by some in the community as acromelanism, a colorpoint is a form of albinism that is temperature-dependent and defines the pigmentation pattern of a cat. 

This genetic pigmentation is derived primarily from Siamese cats and has been popular in Asia since the 8th century. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that it reached the west. 

You can identify colorpoints by the complexity of their color presentation. Color is visible in chillier areas of the cat, known as points. 

cinnamon point siamese source flickr
cinnamon point siamese source flickr

These points are on the muzzle, tail, front paws, and ears. The body areas that are usually warmer tend to be lighter. For example, the torso is a hot area of a cat. As the cat ages, its body colors become darker after age five. 

Using the acromelanastic colors of Siamese cats, experiments were conducted with cross-breeding. 

First, they mixed the Siamese breeds with over 50 different cat breeds, all with unique physical appearances. Most of these breeds looked nothing like a Siamese, so seeing how their offspring would look was fascinating. 

By the 1950s, the color-point pigmentation pattern was bred into the genes of Persian cats. The breed that came out of this is known as the Himalayan. 

However, in Europe, its name is the Colorpoint Persian Longhair. Thirty years later, the Himalayan cat was crossbred with British Shorthairs, and it was the first time the colorpoint pattern came to the United Kingdom. 

cinnamon siamese cat

In England, cat fanciers continue to use the color-pointed British Shorthairs to generate new acromelanistic colors with rarer patterns because they’re more lucrative. This strategy has helped uncover many colorpoint varieties using only that breed. 

Of all the varieties they have discovered, Cinnamon and Fawn Point are the most challenging to find. Some new colors now available include ebony to lilac, fire red to beige, and many superb patterns you don’t see often. 

cinnamon siamese kittens with their mum

What is the Cinnamon Point Siamese Cat?

Cinnamon Points are almost identical to Chocolate Points but have minor differences. For example, chocolates are born with dark brown points, but a Cinnamon Siamese cat inherits points that have a dark red or brown hue. Their fur color will remind you of cinnamon, where their name comes from.

Cinnamon and Chocolate Points have the same shade of light pink. But Cinnamon Points have an extra shade of brown that helps you tell the difference between these two varieties. 

You can also see the same brown color on their noses and around their eye sockets. Lastly, you will be able to tell that their legs are a light brown, with the rest of their body looking like faded alabaster.

cinnamon siamese cat

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Cinnamon Siamese CatSumming It Up

Since they’re so difficult to find and expensive when it comes to Siamese varieties, Cinnamon Point cats are seldom seen in competitions. 

The first time it received the status of champion was in 2009. You must be careful if you want to buy them because they share a lot of traits with other cats, like the Chocolate Point variety. 

If you want to buy a Cinnamon Point or breed it, do your homework and make sure you use the GCCF Standard of Points to go through a checklist that will confirm your cat’s validity. Going shopping without doing your research will guarantee someone fools you and gives you a cat that’s not the one you’re trying to buy. 

sleeping cinnamon siamese cat
sleeping cinnamon siamese cat

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