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The Funniest Cat Memes on the Internet Right Now

We all love cats. But, what’s better than cats? Funny cat memes, of course. From the origins of Grumpy Cat and Kitler, cat memes have grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Cat memes have become the funniest ways to share and joke about our adorable kitties and their unusual cat behavior. It’s also a way to vent our frustrations by using the cutest cats as a palate cleanser. Regarding funny cat pictures, memes are at the top for having a good laugh.

Cat memes have something for everyone. They’re not just jokes; they’re a way of life. So, let’s dive into 55 of the funniest cute cat memes on the internet.


The Most Popular Funny Cat Memes | Origins

Before looking at all the amazing cat memes, we must pay tribute to the cat memes that started it all. Here are some of the origins of popular silly cat memes.

1. Smudge the Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

Smudge the Cat gained popularity in 2018 after Tumblr user deadbefordeath posted a photo of a white cat in front of a plate of vegetables. In just a year, the post gained over 50,300 likes and reblogs.

However, Smudge became a sensation in 2019 when Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL posted this photo alongside a photo of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong yelling. Thus, the Woman Yelling At Cat meme was born, and Smudge became a household name.

Tip: If Smudge sounds like an adorable name, then take a look at this list of cute mystical names for your white furball. 

2. Bongo Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

This animated kitty meme was posted on Twitter by @StrayRogue on the 6th of May, 2018. They posted an animation of a cat slapping its paws on a table. 

Another Twitter user, @DitzyFlama, published the same animation the next day, only with bongos underneath the cat’s paws. They also added a Super Mario World soundtrack song to the animation. 

Since then, it has spread all over the internet with many variations, including an electric guitar instead of bongos. It is also used for picture-based memes such as the one above.

3. Nyan Cat Meme


Photo on IMDB

This colorful cat is arguably one of the most popular kitty memes online. The 8-bit Nyan Cat was created in 2011 by Chris Torres. A few days later, a YouTuber named saraj00n posted a video titled “NyanCat.” 

This video was a looping image of this pop-tart cat with a famous Japanese Vocaloid song playing in the background. In just two weeks, it received more than a million views.

There are many different iterations of Nyan Cat today, including turning the cat into Gary the Snail from Spongebob or even replacing the rainbow flag with flags of other countries.

4. Grumpy Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

Grumpy Cat may be a popular internet sensation for looking so grouchy. However, the actual cat in the picture, Tardar Sauce, is an absolute sweetheart. Bryan Bundesen posted a few pictures of his sister’s new cat to a subreddit called r/pics in September 2012. 

Immediately, this grumpy kitty became a viral sensation as people photoshopped his expression to include funny, cynical quotes. Within two days of Bundesen posting the pictures, Grumpy Cat had been shared over 300 times on Reddit. 

Although this adorable cat has passed on, he will always remain a fan favorite for his grumpy expression.

5. Chemistry Cat Meme

chemistry-cat-meme funny cat memes

Photo on KnowYourMeme

Chemistry Cat is a classic Facebook meme that your parents or grandparents have probably shared. Another Reddit sensation, this cat’s memes started when a picture of the kitty in a science lab with a chemistry joke was posted in 2011. 

However, it only started gaining traction in July, when Meme Generator allowed users to create their own Chemistry Cat memes. Today, this cat is an adorable template for punny science jokes.

6. Keyboard Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

If you were on YouTube back in the days of Smosh and Jenna Marbles, you’d know Keyboard Cat. Charlie Schmidt posted a video to YouTube back in 2007 of footage he filmed in 1984. 

Two years later Brad O’Farrell, another YouTuber, uploaded a video called “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.” The video involved a man falling down an escalator mixed in with the original Keyboard Cat footage. Today, most versions of this meme include the sound of the video played in the background of fall videos.

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7. Business Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

Apple Jax posted an image of a cat named Emilio wearing a tie on a forum in 2011. A few days later, it was reposted on Reddit with the caption “Business Cat.” It then made its way to Meme Generator, gaining popularity and becoming a well-known meme. 

Like Chemistry Cat, Business Cat is used as a base for business jokes mixed with cat puns. It also uses what cats do daily in a more professional format, such as leaving a dead mouse on your desk or sleeping on your keyboard.

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8. Whomst Has Summoned the Almighty One


Photo on KnowYourMeme

Whomst Has Summoned The Almighty One is a meme depicting a white cat standing on top of a glowing purple pattern, usually with the meme name as a caption. In 2016, user burningsolar posted a photo of a cat on a bright yellow circle with runic text to Imgur.

In 2017, Tumblr user purrpleaesthetic photoshopped the photo, changing the yellow glow to purple, and thus, the Almighty One was born. Since then, many variations of the purple version have been made and reposted, including text usually used to summon a cat, such as food or a “pspsps.”

9. Longcat Meme


Photo on NobleMe

Longcat originated between 2004 and 2005 when the original image was posted on a Japanese social media site that’s almost like 4chan. The cat’s name is Shiroi, which means white in Japanese. However, she was referred to as Nobiiru, which means extend, and eventually became known as Longcat. 

Pictures of Shiroi were photoshopped so she would look enormous. She was added to different scenarios, such as being used as a battering ram or as the flag hoisted in Iwo Jima.

10. Crying Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

Crying Cat first appeared in 2014 on Meme Generator as a variation of another meme, Serious Cat. A user altered the appearance of Serious Cat to include glassy eyes as if they were crying. It picked up traction when people started using it to show their frustration while also trying to keep it together. 

Since then, many cats have had their appearances altered to look like they’re crying, and a litter of Crying Cats was born.

11. OMG Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

This has to be one of the cutest cat memes out there. However, it actually came from a terrifying situation. In 2010, a user asked for assistance on 4chan, stating that their cat’s jaw had dislocated and all animal hospitals were closed. 

Chocolate, the cat, became very popular quite quickly as the open-mouthed appearance gave him a surprised look. Chocolate was eventually seen by a vet and taken care of. His aghast expression remains a hit today, used as a reaction to outlandish statements or stories.

Cat Behavior Memes

We should be thankful to live in a time where we can document what our furballs get up to and share the memories with the world.

12. Taking Your Cat to the Vet


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

13. Thieving Kittes Meme


Photo by Kpeciv on r/catmemes

14. Cats Are a Liquid


Photo on KnowYourMeme

15. Cats Are Sneaky One


Photo by CharlesOberonn on r/memes

16. Cats Love to Choose Violence Meme


Photo on BoredPanda

17. When You Find Your Cat Online


Photo on BoredPanda

18. Famous Japanese Cat Meme


Photo on Cats on Catnip on Facebook

19. Kitties are Simple Creatures


Photo on Cheezburger

20. Best Way to Keep a Cat Around: Food


Photo on Cheezburger

21. Cats and Food Are a Way of Life


Photo on Cheezburger

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22. Kitty Snack


Photo on BoredPanda

23. No Matter the Cat – They’re All the Same


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

24. Dangerous Criminals and Cats Make a Complete Sentence


Photo by pika-memes on Tumblr

Humans and Cats Memes

Cats and humans have a very special bond. It’s an interesting one, but unique nonetheless as you’ll see in these memes about cats.

25. Never Mention a Cat Without Showing Said Cat


Photo on BoredPanda

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26. Take Pictures of Kitties With Caution


Photo by Mundane-Potential123 on r/catmemes

27. We All Miss Out Cats – Some a Little More Than Others


Photo by SubstantialCar1469 on r/catmemes

28. Maybe We’re All Cats Meme


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

29. We Have Hands for Many Reason


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

30. Dads and Cats Share a Special Bond Meme


Photo on BoredPanda

31. They Wake Us Up, but We Can’t Wake Them Up


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

32. This Person is All of Us When We See a Cat

  1. This Person Is All of Us When We See a Cat

Photo on cheezburger

Cats – They’re Just Like Us Memes

These following memes show kitties that seem to get what human life is all about.

33. It’s like We Forget Everything We’ve Ever Liked or Done


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

34. This is Not a Morning Cat


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

35. Perfect Representation of Work Life Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

36. Perfect Representation of work-Life Balance Cat Meme


Photo by Nami_ninja on r/catmemes

37. The Don’t Call them Cat Naps for No Reason Meme


Photo by BoredPanda

38. There Are Even Hipster Kitty Meme


Photo on imgflip

39. Note: This is Not Permission to Lie on Applications


Photo by Meowed on Twitter

40. It’s Hard to Be Healthy Cat meme


Photo by raquell-_- on r/catmemes

41. We All Know the Feeling Cat Meme


Photo on KnowYourMeme

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Cats vs. Other Animals Memes

Sometimes the best cat memes come from cats interacting with other members of the animal world.

42. Even the Pitbulls Are Afraid of Cats (We All Know They’re Gentle Creatures Though)


Photo on BoredPanda

43. Cat Caught a Strange Mouse Meme


Photo by 23k56b on r/blessedimages

44. It’s a Cow Cat Meme


Photo on cheezburger

Artsy Cat Memes

These paintings either show us how cats used to look or how artists envisioned cats (and we’re not sure what’s more terrifying.)

45. This Swole Cat


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

45. Perhaps Artists Have Never Seen a Real Cat


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

47. Cats Create Real-Life Renaissance Paintings


Photo by Cats on Catnip on Facebook

48. Cats in the Middle Ages vs. Today Meme


Photo by Notanambivert on r/catmemes

49. Picasso Cat Meme


Photo on imgur

Wholesome Cat Memes

Cats are wholesome entities sometimes (when they’re not knocking everything over with vigor).

50. Kitties Love Boxe


Photo on Cheezburger

51. Types of Toe Beans Meme


Photo by daily–cats on Tumblr

52. Cat at the Vet Meme


Photo on BoredPanda

53. We Don’t Control Cats Meme


Photo on Cheezburger

54. Remember to Have a Space for Your Kitty


Photo by Every Little Thing Cleaning on Facebook

55. Black Cats Are Derpy – Not Bad Luck


Photo by WholesomeMemes on Twitter

Final Thoughts on Adorable Cat Memes

Whether you laughed, cried, or did a bit of both, we hope these cat memes have improved your day. Perhaps you learned something new about your favorite original cat meme. 
If you want to continue the fun, take a look at these hilarious black cat memes, funny cat quotes and jokes about cats.

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