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Male vs Female Siamese Cats: Which Is Right For You?

Are you thinking about adopting male vs female Siamese cats? We’ve got you covered! 

Regardless of gender, Siamese cats are one of the most adorable and sought-after because of their stunning beauty and unique personality. But like any other cat breed, there are some differences between males and females that you should keep in mind before adopting a Siamese.

We will extensively compare male and female Siamese cats to help you weigh the pros and cons and make wise decisions. With that being said, let’s pet right into it! 

siamese-eyes male vs female siamese cats

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Male vs Female Siamese Cats: 6 Factors to Consider

1. Personality

Siamese male cats are generally friendlier and better at filling your day with joy. It isn’t hard to spot a male Siamese cat since they’re very friendly, cuddly, and outgoing. They’re also more clingy and like to be around their favorite humans. Siamese male cats are generally friendlier and better at filling your day with joy. 

However, this outgoing personality comes with the package: male Siamese cats are not secretive and will always tell you everything about their day through constant meowing! 

Male Siamese cats behave very differently from females when they are not neutered. Male cats that have not been neutered may show aggressive, destructive, and territorial behaviors, such as spraying urine all over your house. But this behavior is normal in male cats and stops once they have been neutered.

why does my siamese cat attack me

A Female Siamese cat is an excellent option for those seeking a submissive and humble cat. Because female Siamese cats are not as playful as males, they tend to cause fewer problems. On the other hand, female Siamese cats tend to be more well-behaved and reserved.

While Female Siamese cats are more independent and like to have more alone time, they don’t have a heart of stone—they still show some friendly behaviors that indicate their love for their humans.

So, if you want to adopt a Siamese cat that is not entirely dependent on you and can tolerate your absence for a more extended period, a female Siamese cat is the way to go. 


2. Appearance

Male Siamese cats are similar to females regarding their physical appearance, making it super challenging to tell the difference between the two, especially when they’re still kittens.

The space between the genital opening and the anus is wider in male Siamese cats than in females. Additionally, the male genital opening is round, while the genital opening of females is vertical in shape.

3. Weight & Height

Regarding size, both male and female Siamese cats are not that big compared to other larger breeds, but they still possess a physically fit and strong bodies. 

Siamese cat stretched out on seat.
Siamese Cat

The difference between the size of both genders is slight. Male Siamese cats are slightly taller and bigger than females, with an average height of 29-36cm and a weight of 7-12 lbs. On the other hand, female Siamese cats have an average height of 27-32cm and a weight of 6-9 lbs.  

The size of Siamese cats can be affected by several factors, such as genetics and diet. So don’t be surprised to see a Siamese cat smaller or larger than the average weight we mentioned.

4. Training & Exercise 

Curiosity and playfulness are what distinguish male Siamese cats from females. They’re extremely clever, and training them to use the litter box should be a breeze.

Siamese cats are generally active and don’t like to sit down all day. This is particularly true in male Siamese cats. So you don’t want to deprive your male Siamese cat of exercise and training to burn off the extra energy while keeping him busy simultaneously! 

Brownish Siamese cat walking while its tail is pointed upwards.

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Although slightly quieter than males, female Siamese cats are active and can act destructively when they have excess energy. Like male Siamese cats, females also require a lot of exercise to maintain an acceptable fitness level and stimulate their minds.

Female Siamese cats are as smart as males—they can also pick up basic commands and learn new games easily.

5. Health Problems

Both male and female Siamese cats are prone to the same health issues.  Siamese cats generally have an increased risk of Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD). This is because they both get attached to their owners and feel lonely when they’re not around. Additionally, both genders are prone to serious health issues like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), an eye condition that can result in blindness.

siamese cat on the prowl

Like other cat breeds, pregnant Siamese cats experience notable changes that naturally don’t happen to males. Siamese females may experience distended bellies and swollen, redder-than-usual nipples at around the 30-day mark. Like humans, some female Siamese cats vomit frequently and lose weight during pregnancy.

6. Life Expectancy 

Whether it’s a male or female Siamese cat, both live on average for 15-20 years. However, female Siamese cats might live a little bit longer than males.

This lifespan is significantly affected by many factors. For example, male and female Siamese cats who have been neutered have a longer lifespan than those who have not. The health and diet of your Siamese cat also affect its lifespan. 

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat lying on the floor.
chocolate point siamese cat.

The Final Verdict: Which Should You Adopt?

Now that we have gone through the most important differences between male and female Siamese cats, we can use this knowledge to help you decide the Siamese gender that best meets your needs. 

Let’s start with males. Male Siamese cats are typically super friendly, loving, and outgoing, making them the perfect candidate for families with enough time to devote to them. Males are also a fantastic option for families with very young children owing to their energetic nature. 

They’re, therefore, likely to appreciate playing with a small human that matches his energy. Male Siamese cats are also great if you have a dog or other pets in your house—their friendly behavior is not limited to humans! 

Siamese cat sitting on the floor looking at the woman laying on her stomach on the bed.

However, male Siamese cats are high-maintenance and require plenty of attention throughout the day, so you want to ensure that you can provide this to them before deciding to adopt a male Siamese. As a result, a male Siamese may not be a good fit for you if you have a busy life or work a lot.

If you still insist on adopting a male Siamese, you may want to adopt another cat to help your male Siamese feel less lonely when you’re not home.

Female Siamese cats are also friendly and suitable for houses with children but don’t expect them to be as friendly and energetic as your kiddos. Female Siamese is also ideal for you if you live alone and no one can help you take care of the cat because, as we mentioned earlier, female Siamese cats are not as needy and are more independent than males. 

Plus, with female Siamese cats, you won’t have to deal with the annoying problem of urine spraying when the male is unneutered, which makes your life much easier and quieter. Speaking of quietness, adopting a female Siamese is more suitable for people who like to live a quiet and relaxing life without many interruptions. 

Havana brown Siamese cat.
havana brown siamese cat

However, remember that both male and female Siamese cats are quite vocal and meow a lot! So, if you plan to adopt a Siamese, expect it to meow, purr, and chirp frequently. Check out our article to learn about this excessive meowing of Siamese cats: Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much? (2022) 8 Reasons.

Every Siamese cat has a unique personality and traits that set them apart. It’s impossible to generalize Siamese cats—there’s always a good chance to find a clingy female Siamese or an extroverted male Siamese. Additionally, every cat is affected by their environment, so if you want to tailor the personality of your Siamese cat to your needs, it’s better to adopt them while they’re still little kittens. 

Old style Siamese cat.

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