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37 Cursed Cat Memes | Strangest Kitties on the Internet

There are many amazingly hilarious cat memes out there on the Internet. From the cute kitties who are doing something funny to the hilarity of day-to-day cat behavior, there is something out there for every cat lover.

However, what about the more macabre cat enthusiasts? People who love the uncanny valley and dark humor will thoroughly enjoy these cursed cat memes. Whether they are jokes that toe the line or a photo of a cat that’s just off, cursed cat memes, have created their own little space on the Internet. 

So, for those who enjoy the darker side of kitty humor, here are some cursed cat memes to enjoy.


The Original Cursed Cat Meme


Photo from KnowYourMeme

The original cursed cat meme started in Russia in 2018 when a photo of a black cat crossing the street was photoshopped to look weird and unnatural. In 2019, this meme made its way to Reddit and gained popularity for its cursed look. 

However, the original photo comes from the UK in 2008. It shows a black cat crossing the street next to some police officers. It’s typically used in the background of Russian text or to showcase something or someone being angry.

36 Cursed Cat Memes

From odd kitty photos to dark feline humor, here are 36 of the most cursed cat memes out there.

1. This Cat Is Quite Relatable


Photo on Cheezburger

2. If Overwhelmed Were a Photo


Photo from r/doodoofard

3. Demon Kitty


Photo on Cheezburger

4. Here’s Johnny!


Photo on Cheezburger

5. This Must Be Very Comfortable


Photo on Cheezburger

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6. The Cursed Cat Feeling Scale


Photo by butnobodycame123 on r/catmemes

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7. This Whole Photo Is Just Cursed From the Ham to the Snow


Photo on Cheezburger

8. Sleep With Both Eyes Open


Photo on Cheezburger

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9. The Council Has Spoken


Photo from r/doodoofard

10. Jazzypurrs Is the Most Beautiful Skelly-Cat


Photo by TastyJews88 on r/cursedcomments

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11. Who Is Paul?!


Photo from r/doodoofard

12. This Cat Looks Very Human


Photo from r/doodoofard

13. What a Nice… Fish?


Photo from r/doodoofard

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14. Might Be Free But Should We Trust It?


Photo on Cheezburger

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15. The Uncanny Valley Cat


Photo from r/doodoofard

16. Cat Milk Sounds Wrong


Photo from r/doodoofard

17. This Is Very Specific


Photo from r/doodoofard

18. This Cat Is Making a Living Out of Their Special Skill


Photo on Cheezburger

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19. We Will Never Feel Safe


Photo from r/doodoofard

20. Cat or Centipede?


Photo by blektvilight on r/Cursed_Images

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21. Don’t Do Drugs, Kids


Photo by N3deSTr0 on r/MemeEconomy

22. The Mafia Has Cats Now


Photo on Cheezburger

23. There’s No Explanation Here and it Makes it Even Worse


Photo on Cheezburger

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24. Never Going to This Hospital – Even Though the Nurse Is Super Cute


Photo from r/doodoofard

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25. Feeling Very Inadequate Now


Photo from r/doodoofard

26. This Salty A(Na)lysis


Photo from r/doodoofard

27. You Can Do Everything Once


Photo by 5_rohit_ on r/cursedcomments

28. This Cat Is Surprisingly Swole


Photo from r/doodoofard

29. Good Question?


Photo from r/doodoofard

30. Rainbow Kitty


Photo by Aquarion256 on r/cursedcomments

31. Maybe We’ll Skip the Salad


Photo by budgepep on r/memes

32. Now We Know Where the Missing Cat Went


Photo by thorjeuris123 on r/cursedcomments

33. This Cat Has to Be Sleeping Very Well


Photo on Cheezburger

34. So Many Aliens


Photo on Cheezburger

35. Cat Has No Social Skills but Has Staring Skills

too-powerful-with-social-skills cursed cat memes

Photo on Cheezburger

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36. Wireless Devices Have Wires


Photo from r/doodoofard

Final Thoughts on Cursed Cat Memes

I hope you enjoyed this list of cursed cat memes. Whether you laughed or cowered in the corner, these funny pictures of cats will surely leave your day a bit better. Just remember to check under the bed before you head to sleep tonight.

If you want some more normal kitty humor to wash the taste of these out of your mouth, head on over to these cute cat memes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.