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33 Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats Most People Don’t Know

You don’t have to be a cat lady to find interesting facts about Siamese cats…well, interesting. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve always wondered about these mysterious creatures. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of getting a new cat, or you’d like to brush up on your general knowledge skills. Whatever your reason, get ready to be entertained or surprised, as these little felines are no ordinary animals. 

Even if you know everything there is to know about cats — every breed has its quirks. Did you know that the Siamese cat descends from felines born in Siam, modern-day Thailand? Curious to know more? Here are 33 interesting facts about Siamese cats to cure your boredom. 



33 Facts About Siamese Cats

Now, let’s explore what makes the Siamese unique from other cats.

1. There Are Different Types of Siamese Cats.

There are already so many cat breeds. So much so that there are still so many fascinating facts about cats that most people don’t know. On top of this, there are nine different types of Siamese cats, namely:

  • Modern Wedge Siamese Cat
  • Seal Points
  • Chocolate Points
  • Blue Points
  • Lilac Points
  • Traditional Applehead Siamese Cat
  • Old Style Siamese Cat
  • Classic Siamese Cat

Note: They may vary in color, shape, and size, but all Siamese cats behave similarly. 

2. Siamese Cats Can Make Unique Sounds.

Apart from the traditional “meow” that house cats make, the Siamese cat has a range of other sounds distinct to the breed. The unusual sounds can range from a “baby crying,” a “scream,” and an odd “chirp”.  

Their low-pitched cry sound is known as a “meezer,” which they aren’t shy to make when they want your attention. If you own a pet Siamese, you should know these funny sounds.

3. Siamese Cats Are Trainable. 

Owners can teach these highly intelligent and curious felines to do many different things. These cats are among the smartest of their species and communicate well with humans. You can train your Siamese cat to give high fives, play fetch, and walk on a leash, among many other tricks.  

water being drunk by siamese cat do siamese cats like water

4. Most Siamese Cats Come in Pairs.

You’ll mostly see Siamese cats adopted in pairs. The reason is that they do not like being alone for too long, which can lead to depression. The Siamese cat is highly affectionate and enjoys being close to its owner, other cats, babies, and other animals. 

5. Siamese Have Fancy Coats Determined by Temperature.

No, you didn’t just read an excerpt from a science fiction novel. The Siamese coat color is not only determined by genetics, but by the temperature of their habitat as well. This effect results from a temperature-based pigment gene that dictates the patterns on each cat. 

The cat will have a lighter pigment on warmer parts of its body and darker shades on colder parts. 

6. They Can’t See Well in the Dark.

This may not sound right since cats are notorious for having excellent night vision. Well, contrary to its relatives, the Siamese weren’t so lucky. The Siamese cats have piercing blue eyes and this type of pigment results in weaker eyesight. 

siamese cat and dog facts about siamese cats

7. Siamese Cats Used to Have Hooked Tails and Crossed Eyes.

Nowadays, you wouldn’t really see a Siamese cat with crossed eyes and a crooked tail wandering about. These two traits are genetic defects previously shared among the breed which have diminished over years of selective breeding.

8. They Can Live Quite Long.

The average lifespan of Siamese cats lies between 10-12.5 years. 

9. The Oldest Siamese Cat Lived Up to 3 Decades.

The world’s oldest male cat was a Siamese who lived to an impressive 30 years old.  

10. They’re an Old Breed.

No one knows how and when the Siamese were first bred and domesticated. Written evidence from a Thai manuscript dating back to the 14th and 16th centuries suggests that the breed is about 700 years old. This means that the Siamese is one of the oldest known breeds in the cat kingdom. 

flame point siamese kitten with big eyes

11. Siamese Cats Used to Live Like Royalty.

The Siamese cats were seen and treated as royalty back in the day. Centuries ago, the royal families of Thailand would treasure their Siamese cats because of their striking looks. They also believed that these kitties would acquire their souls upon death. So these cats lacked pampering while living it up in royal palaces. 

12. The Siamese Cats Have a History With the White House.

The earliest known introduction of the Siamese Cat to the U.S. was in the late 1800s. This happened when a cat named Siam became a White House resident. U.S. president Rutherford B. Haye’s wife, Lucy, was the first known owner. She had received the cat as a gift from a Thai diplomat.

13. They Are Talkative Cats.

Siamese cats don’t hold back when it comes to expressing themselves. They will have an opinion or an observation on almost anything they encounter throughout the day.  

14. A Siamese Cat Did Not Appear at the World’s First Major Cat Show.  

The world’s first major cat show took place in 1871. This event also marked the first time this breed was introduced to England at the London Crystal Palace. However, many historians argue it was not a Siamese but a Tonkinese cat. 

They believe that pure Siamese cats only made it to England years later with the arrival of Pho and Mia. British Consul-General Owen Gould had brought the pair with him from Thailand. The two cats first appeared at the Crystal Palace cat show of 1895.  

siamese-ears why are my cat's ears hot

15. Siamese Cats Are No Strangers to the Silver Screens.

Hollywood seems to love these clever kittens. Siamese cats have appeared in popular movies such as Lady and the Tramp, That Darn Cat!, and The Incredible Journey

14. A Siamese Cat Holds the Record for the Largest Litter of Kittens.  

In 1970 a Burmese/ Siamese cat gave birth to 19 kittens, setting the record as the World’s largest litter of domestic kittens. This record still holds up today.  

15. The Siamese Mythology of Thailand.

In Thailand, the Siamese are called the wichien-maat, similar to the words “Moon Diamond” in English. These felines are so dear to the Thai that many mythologies surround them. One Siamese Mythology is the Thai belief that a siamese cat will claim their souls when a family member passes away. 

siamese-eyes male vs female siamese cats

16. Siamese Cats Actually Enjoy Playing in Water.  

Siamese cats actually enjoy playing in the water, unlike other cats. 

19. The Siamese Would Dominate the Catwalk.

It’s no secret that these kittens are strikingly stunning with their long legs, elegant bodies, and glossy coats. Their distinctive appearance of silver-grey coats paired with piercing blue eyes makes them unique. Some Siamese cats have lilac, chocolate, blue, seal brown, and even red pigmented coats. 

20. Siamese Cats Can Jump Pretty High.

Siamese cats are impressive jumpers and can reach heights up to 2.4 meters!

21. Siamese Cats Are Super Clingy.

These loyal and dedicated felines are very protective of their owners. This protective reputation apparently dates back to the 15th century when the King of Siam owned them. These cats are also very possessive and do not enjoy as much independence as other cats might generally do. 

These loving critters can also develop anxiety and destructive behaviors such as paper shredding if you spend too much time away from them. With that said, they still make excellent companions who are devoted and loving to their owners. 

siamese munchkin cat 5

22. Siamese Cats Often Choose Their Person.

It’s normal for a Siamese cat to choose one person they’d get attached to, but depending on the kitten’s personality, they will likely bond with the whole family. 

23. They Are Picky Eaters.

Siamese cats love cooked ham and turkey like most cats. However, if they are not pleased with a certain food’s flavor, they will refuse to eat and go malnourished — a rather dramatic kitty, right?

24. Siamese Cats Can Get Very Jealous.

If your Siamese cat feels like it’s not getting enough love and affection, it will become a jealous pet. They really do love receiving more attention from their owners than other breeds. These cats are also very possessive and do not enjoy as much independence as other cats might. 

lynx point siamese reclining

25. Siamese Cats Are Born With Completely White Coats. 

When Siamese cats are born they’ll surprise you by sporting full white fur. At about four weeks old, they start developing their point colorations or “points”. 

26. These Witty Felines Have a Whole Day Dedicated to Them.

The 6th of April is known as the National Siamese Cat Day – yay!

27. They Are Social Butterflies.

If you own a Siamese cat you’ll know that they can follow you around the house all day. Unlike most cat breeds who like the freedom of doing their own thing. Siamese also enjoy interacting with other people and animals in the house, so they make the perfect little hosts. 

lynx point siamese on its back

28. They Enjoy Riding on Humans.

Siamese cats enjoy sitting and riding on their human’s shoulders, a behavior seen as a genetic characteristic of its kind.

29. Male Siamese are More Affectionate. 

Male Siamese cats are more needy and affectionate than their female counterparts. 30. Siamese Cats Can Be Moody.

If you’re not treating your Siamese pet cat how it wants to be treated, then chances are they’ll be very grumpy cats. 

These loving critters can also develop anxiety and destructive behaviors such as paper shredding if you spend too much time away from them. With that said, they still make excellent companions who are devoted and loving to their owners. 

31. The Rarest Type of Siamese Cat is the Flame Point Siamese Cat. 

The flame point Siamese cat is the rarest of its breed as it is difficult to achieve the red flame color. 

flame point siamese looking at camera

32. Ragdoll Cats Are Often Mistaken For Siamese Cats. 

The main difference between these two cats is that the Ragdoll breed is more independent and does not require as much affection and cuddling. You can tell these two breeds apart by looking at their coats. Most Siamese have short coats, whereas a Ragdoll’s coat has long, silky, and fine fur — quite similar to a rabbit’s. 

33. Siamese Cats Will Always Have Blue Eyes.

Blue is the only eye color these beautiful felines come with. There are variations of blue shades within the breed, though. For example, the Seal Point Siamese tend to have a deep blue eye color, while the Lilac Point Siamese rocks a pale, gray hue. 

Brownish Siamese cat walking while its tail is pointed upwards.

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