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17 Meanest Cat Breeds I Is Your Cat on the List?

We all know cats are can be mean, and most of us have got the scratches to prove it. Although some cats are meaner than others, we’ve chosen to look at the 17 meanest cat breeds we could find.

Keep reading to learn more about these various cat breeds. This post will look at their personalities and how you can better manage their mean streaks.


Meet the Meanest Cat Breeds

Without further ado, here are 17 of the meanest cat breeds, their personalities, and how to love them — claws and all. 

1. Sphynx

If you’re a lover of the ’90s sitcom Friends, you may remember the one with the cat episode. Yes, that cat is mean, and that cat is a Sphynx. The Sphynx is typically friendly, energetic, and loving on a good day. Although these kitties love their attention, they tend to be quite a handful if not given all the loving they deserve. They may act out in an attempt to get your attention. 

sphynx cat grey

The Sphynx is best left indoors with many activities to keep them occupied. While this breed is not necessarily aggressive or evil, Sphynx cats are pretty picky about what they do and the kind of attention they like. So, they will fight back if you try to pick them up.

grey spynx cat on timber bench
Sphynx Cat

2. Siamese

The Siamese has a reputation as the meanest cat around, but we’re pretty convinced it’s just their face. This kitty cat is best known for its mesmerizing eyes and assertive and talkative nature.

Blue-eyed Lilac point Siamese cat wrapped in a lilac towel meanest cat breeds

Much of their personality gets confused as a mean streak while siamese cats are adoring but territorial in reality. This dominant trait could result in a scratch, bite or mean meow when their boundaries are overstepped or their person is “attacked” by someone else.

types of siamese cats story

Their mean streak usually results from some kind of traumatic past or changes in their immediate environment. Siamese cats are creatures of habit and will act out if anything threatens their health, hormones, or comfort zones. Taking time to figure out why your cat is unhappy can make them less mean and easier to manage.

Old style Siamese cat.
old style siamese cat

3. Himalayan

These fluffy kittens are said to be part Persian, part Siamese. They are usually quite friendly but are inherently shy and will only love a chosen few. This can sometimes come across as mean, but they’re selective with their affection.

himalayan cat with dark coat

Himalayan cats are also well known to be passive cats that prefer a calmer environment as opposed to a crazy and chaotic one. A change in their environment or extremely wild interactions will cause them to react.

white fluffy Himalaya cat with darker face and blue eyes
Himalaya Cat

These cats also love to be around people, so try not to leave them alone for too long as this will get them upset, and they will fight you as a way to show you how unhappy they are. Himalayans are also quite noisy and talkative. They will ‘scream’ when you’re not paying them attention; due to their tons of energy, they appreciate a few activities and things to play with.

4. Scottish Fold

Many people will call the Scottish Fold a charming cat; they’re relatively easy to live with and can be affectionate with their family. But they do need to be handled gently. These chunky cats are pretty well known as free-minded and spirited cats.

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

They tend to adore affection, so when they’re left alone for too long, they can be quite vocal and even become destructive. This breed also tends to become attached to one person in the household and will not show the same cuteness and courtesy to other people around them.

scottish fold cat against blue background
scottish fold cat

For this reason, these cats can be considered rude if you don’t understand their personality. The Scottish Fold is prone to a few health hazards, thanks to the genetic mutation that causes their ears to fold over. They can also have weak limbs and joints, which causes them a ton of pain, so if your cat is extra mean, best to get them to the vet.

Grey Scottish fold cat with amber eyes staring at something.

5. Bombay

Bombay cats are usually black but are different from regular black cats thanks to their copper-colored eyes. This is what makes them uniquely Bombay, as they’re generally from Southeast Asia.

black bombay cat

These cats have often been misrepresented as means due to their innate ability to take charge. They will put you, the human, in your place but get along relatively well with other cats and dogs.

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background
Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is lively, affectionate, and adaptable to all situations. They’re quite bright and will enjoy learning new tricks and playing many fun games. But, if they do not receive enough stimulation, they can act out and show you that they’re bored with destructive habits.

6. Bengal

These beautiful giants are usually very playful. The Bengal cat is brilliant and exceptionally beautiful. They’re considered wild thanks to their wild cat genes; the Bengal is a cross between an Asian leopard and a domestic cat.

Bengal cat with its back arched.

Most people consider them too wild to tame, but in reality, they’re really affectionate and loving, and they enjoy being around people. While they’re not the cuddle-in-your-lap kind, they do want your company. Their mean streak becomes apparent when they’re bored and unstimulated. They would prefer affection from a distance and will scratch and bite if you’re giving them attention in a manner that doesn’t appease them.

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera

These wild but beautiful creatures are quite energetic and playful. They’ll be happier with a few toys and may even create a new toy out of a dead cockroach they caught somewhere outside.

7. Egyptian Mau

Like the Bengal, the Egyptian Mau is as regal as ever and will show you who the boss is in your home. They’re usually quite athletic and can be agile when the need arises. They’re very well known as predators and will enjoy hunting rodents and birds.

Their instincts need to be acknowledged and satiated. If not, they could become “violent” towards you. They’re generally quite loving and prefer to spend time with their favorite person instead of anyone else in the household.

Egyptian mau cat
Egyptian mau cat

The Egyptian Mau is also quite commonly known to be standoffish; this may come across as mean to some people. Although these cats will probably be meaner to strangers and people, they don’t have much of a bond with.

8. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is one of the most easy-going cats on this list. They’re a lot less aggressive compared to the Bengal or Ocicat. But, they have a strong independent streak in them, which can sometimes make them look a bit mean to those who don’t understand them.

ginger american wire hair cat against white background
American Wire Hair Cat

This breed also has a bit of a grumpy face. While this may very well depend on your specific cat, it is another reason why it has made it onto this list. Nonetheless, the American Wirehair is sociable and bold but will always bow down to affection from their favorite person.

They can be left alone for a lot longer than most cats and won’t really become mean if unprovoked. Their heavy bones and muscular neck are intimidating enough as far as cats go, so they will be able to hold their own if mistreated.

9. Korat

Typically known as the good luck cat, this breed was usually given as gifts to newlyweds. These beautiful blue cats love to be in charge and think a bit of themselves. Although, when you look as cute as this, we don’t blame you. 

korat expensive cat breed
korat expensive cat breed

The Korat is generally quite a loving and affectionate cat (with people of its choosing) but will be somewhat standoffish towards those who are not chosen. It will follow you around everywhere and loves being heard as well.

korat cat breed
korat cat breed

This cat is pretty intelligent, so they’ll appreciate puzzle-like toys and a few sweet treats when they think they’re deserving of it. Be sure to not leave him alone for too long, despite preferring their own company most of the time; they would like it if you were just in the next room.

10. Pixie Bob

If you’re looking for a cat that’s a bit like a dog, then this is the one for you. While they tend to have many dog-like characteristics, Pixie Bobs are generally quite protective of their chosen humans. This may sometimes be considered mean, even aggressive in some circles, but in reality, they’re just full of love to give. 

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

The Pixie Bob is quite a large cat, weighing up to 17 pounds, making them look like wild bobcats. They can become a bit demanding as they need lots of love, time, attention, and affection but will happily vocalize whatever is bothering them. (Alprazolam bars)

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

These loyal fur babies are a great addition to any household, although you’ll have to ensure that they have enough space to roam free and enough time for play.

11. Singapura

These cats are exceptionally unique with their big eyes, small heads, and pint-sized bodies. They’re curious and energetic, smart and assertive, and a whole ball of compact fun.

singapura cat

They’re also quite a bit needier than most and will demand a lot of your time and presence. They’re generally sweet and silly by nature, although their intelligence and assertiveness can sometimes be understood as mean.

But, they’re very much the opposite; they’re full of love and will enjoy butting heads with you (literally). Just make sure that they’re thoroughly entertained and a part of your day-to-day activities. They will show you a little bit of their bossiness from time to time but getting them involved in your day by talking or allowing them to smell things may placate them until you figure out what they need from you next.

12. Cymric

A Cymric is naturally tailless and looks exactly like a loaf of bread from right angles. This beautiful cat is heavily built and quite stocky. Their build, in tandem with their delightful personality, makes them an absolute joy to witness.

cymric cat

Cymrics are, for the most part, calm. They do, however, have a high-energy level. They may become destructive and awfully mean if they are not entertained to the fullest extent within their cat kingdom.

cymric cat

Very little else can bother this cat, though, so while they can become mean, they’re probably just bored. And that can be easily fixed with some extra toys around the house and a little bit more time and attention.

13. Savannah

This serval-looking cat is mostly identified as mean or aggressive because of its ancestry. Generally, they’re quite charming and intelligent, with a bucket load of personality to dish out, but you may find differences in personality depending on their formative years and months.

savannah cat full body

The Savannah cat is a cross between the African Serval and domestic cat. They tend to get their domesticated genetics from the least wild side of their genetics. But, their hunting skills and improper socialization can be provoked to get a little wild and crazy.

Tabby Savannah cat against white background
Savannah Cat

Be sure to get this cat from a registered and trusted breeder or a reputable shelter.

14. Somali

This stunning beauty is an active breed; they generally enjoy playing on their own but will eventually meow around you, looking for some time to play together. These cats are specifically social, so be sure to introduce them to your friends when they come over.

Somali Cat tabby ginger
Somali Cat

They can become a bit mean and scratchy if they’re feeling bored or ignored and will, by all means, make their issues known. With the right methods of socialization, this shouldn’t be a regular issue.

15. Ocicat

These cats tend to get a bad rap thanks to their relatives, the Siamese. They are quite sociable and highly energetic, so they do need some extra care, attention, and lots of introductions too.

ocicat expensive cat breed
ocicat expensive cat breed

Thanks to their sociable nature, they’re more likely to make friends with your guests but will also show them how they like to be treated. For this reason, many Ocicats seem to be mean when in reality, they’re just being cats.

16. Lykoi

The Lykoi is also known as the Werewolf Cat, thanks to its unique wolf coat. While this odd breed automatically sounds mean, they’re actually quite friendly unless triggered to react otherwise.

lykoi cat up close

They’re considered to be rather feral, taking into account how relatively new the breed is. Their great hunting instincts and high-energy levels make them a bit of a handful, and as usual, they’ll come off as mean to the untrained eye.

black lykoi cat with brown paper bag

17. Black-footed

The Black-footed cat, also titled the small-spotted cat, is the smallest wild cat in Africa. They’re meaner than any of the domestic cats on this list. Still, their adorable faces and sassy personalities grant them an opportunity to appear among the greats (as listed above).

black footed cat
black footed cat

Endemic to the savannas of Southern Africa and considered a vulnerable species according to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), these beauties are particularly ferocious.

black footed cat
black footed cat

Final Say on Meanest Cat Breeds

While animals, and cats, in particular, get a bad rap for being mean fighters, they are a tricky breed to get acquainted with. Getting to know them, however, may result in a healthier and relatively scratch-free relationship.

Knowing these cats are classified as mean breeds may deter you from loving one, but keep in mind that every cat is unique. A generalization is not always an accurate representation of the characteristics of the cat you may pick up at a shelter.

So don’t be afraid of a Siamese, Lykoi, or Bengal; they’ve got as much love to give and would probably only be mean to the people who deserve it. 

Closeup angle of an Apple-head Siamese cat sitting and looking down on something.
applehead siamese cat

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