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17 Salad Cat Memes That Will Leave You Hungry for More

If you’ve spent some time on the internet (which was obviously designed for the sole purpose of cat memes), you’ve probably crossed paths with the adorably unimpressed Salad Cat. After stealing a spot at the dinner table, the cat seems to be both confused and disgusted by the greens on his plate. Of course, Salad Cat quickly became the picky eater we can all relate to.

The cat’s real name is Smudge, and more than 1.6 million cat enthusiasts follow his antics and salad cat memes on Instagram. His fame led to his owners testing his reaction to other food. It turns out Smudge is quite fussy and makes the same face often — especially when vegetables are involved.

Ready for some cat fun? For your entertainment, I’ve collected some of the best Salad Cat memes to brighten up your day.


17 Funny and Relatable Salad Cat Memes

Now that you know Salad Cat’s backstory, let’s get right into the laughs. These 17 memes will certainly make you a fan of Smudge.

1. Who Said Cats Can’t Be Food Critics?


Image from Reddit

2. Smudge’s Face Was Not Picture-Ready That Day


Image from

Tip: With their snowy fur and long whiskers, white cat breeds are generally quite photogenic. But we all know snapping a perfect pic isn’t as easy as telling your kitty to say cheese. Some professional pet photography tips might help you get an Instagram-worthy shot of your beloved feline. And, of course, you’ll need the perfect witty tagline to go along with it, so check out these ideas for funny cat captions.

3. Cats Don’t Give One Whisker About Your Salad


Image from imgflip

Sidenote: A new meme was born when a witty Internet user added an upset Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Salad Cat’s picture. “Woman Yelling at Cat” quickly became just as popular as the original meme starring Smudge. This worked out well for us cat enthusiasts, as we now have even more memes featuring our favorite picky eater to laugh at.

4.  Don’t Know, Don’t Care


Image from Cheezburger

You might enjoy reading my article on Clean Cat Memes.

5. “Can’t You Love Me From Over There?”


Image from Memedroid

Tip: We all know that our kitties can sometimes act a bit odd. One minute, they’ll happily be purring away; the next, they might aggressively swat at you. If your cat bites you while you’re petting them, it can be an indication that they have reached their petting threshold or that they are overstimulated. So, don’t take their rejection of your affection personally — their independent, sassy attitude is what makes us fall in love with them, after all.

6. This Sounds Way Too Familiar


Image from Pinterest

7. Let’s Get Snarky Together


Image from imgflip

8. “At Least Let Me Wake Up Properly First, Please.”


Image from Pinterest

9. The Purr-Fect Pun

who-came-up-with-the-word-dentures salad cat memes

Image from imgflip

Next read: Did this meme make you chuckle? Check out my collection of cat puns for more feline-themed quips and wordplay.

10. Nine out of Ten Cats Recommend Catnip


Image from Cheezburger

Tip: While I’m on the topic of cat dental health, be honest: how often do you clean your feline’s fangs? Most cats will likely scratch you to pieces if you attempt to give their teeth a proper brushing.

11. Put a Box Anywhere and a Cat Will Magically Appear


Image from

Tip: We’ve all been there — you spend money on fancy toys, only to find that your cat ignores it and plays with the packaging it came in instead. This doesn’t mean that your furry friend doesn’t deserve all the spoils in the world, though. Cat chew toys are a fun and cheap way to keep your kitty engaged, active, and away from the boxes.

12. “But Ma’am, I’m innocent!”


Image from

13. If Cats Could Talk, They’d Probably Tell Us to Mind Our Own Business


Image from Pinterest

Did you know? One of the fun facts about cats most people don’t know is that they can make almost 100 different sounds, including chirps, purrs, meows, and hisses. Their vocalizations each have their own meaning, so you can learn to understand your cat’s “language.” So, even though they won’t reply to you in English, don’t let that discourage you from confiding in your cat — they’re great at keeping your secrets.

14. Until More Voices Start Chiming In…


Image from imgflip

15. Vegetables Can, in Fact, Kill You


Image from imgflip

Tip: Although it might be tempting to share your donut (or whatever sweet snack you prefer) with your feline friend, remember that “people food” isn’t meant for cats. If you want to spoil your kitty, you’ll need to get them some high-quality cat treats that are not only yummy but also good for them.

16. Is There Anything More (P)awkward?


Image from Pinterest

17. Salad Cat Has Had Enough, Time for a Nap


Image from Cheezburger

Tip: Cats spend up to 70% of their lives asleep. Some of their sleeping positions are adorably wholesome (like when they sleep with their paws over their faces), and others look more like difficult yoga poses. But some cat sleeping behavior can turn your kitty’s sweet dreams into a health nightmare.

If your feline friend suddenly starts sleeping in odd places, it might indicate something is wrong. For example, if you find your cat sleeping in their litter box out of the blue, it’s a cause for concern. It might indicate that they are experiencing digestive or urinary issues and that a trip to the vet is necessary.

Salad Cat Memes | Wrapped Up

We all have some quirks and dislikes when it comes to food, which is probably why Salad Cat is so relatable and popular. Next time you’re on the internet, scrolling through cat memes, and you come across Smudge’s unimpressed face, just remember — he’s not here for your greens or anything remotely resembling them.

If you enjoyed this compilation of cat memes, I have many more to keep you entertained. For more laughs, check out my collection of mystical black cat memes. Or, if you’re after some pics that will make you go “Aaaaw,” these wholesome cat memes will surely make your day.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.