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50+ Awesome Names for Black Cats you’ll Love

50+ Awesome Names for Black Cats you’ll Love

When a baby black cat appears in your house, the first and the main problem you face is what to name it. Actually, it can be really difficult to find the right names for black cats because such striking felines deserve just distinguished names.

What is a cute name for a black cat? Of course, the cutest and the most appropriate name for your feline with a solid coat color is a creative name.

Use your imagination and our great list of creative names for black cats presented below to choose a suitable name for your little bundle of black fur.

black cat arches back on top of car

Names for Black Cats – 8 Key Factors to Consider

1. Your Cat’s Appearance

The color of your cat or its markings can help you make a choice. Irish cat names are fantastic for matching with the color of your cat. Olive is a great name for a darker coloured cat.

Look at your kitty’s shape as well – is he sleek or solid? Pointy ears or flat back ears? Fluffy or sleek? Think about the concept of Onomatopoeia. This is when a word looks like what it describes.

black cat growling

2. The Personality of your Cat

A great cat name may reflect your cat’s personality. This can be difficult with a new cat as of course you haven’t gotten to know them yet and your cat may be very young so its personality is still developing. Take a few days to observe your new kitty and see what it is like.

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3. Your Cat’s Breed

A solid British short hair black cat may best suit a solid sounding name. A little Munchkin cat will work best with a petite sound naming. I named my black Siberian cat Alexei as I wanted a Russian sounding name.

black cat on terrace with coffee

4. Keep the name Short

You will use your cat’s name an awful lot – so the fewer the syllables the better. Also, this will be easier for your cat to absorb and remember. Plus it is likely that you will be introducing your cat to friends, family, vets and others so a shorter name is easier for everyone to understand and remember.

5. Don’t choose a name that is bigger than your cat

I feel Caviar is a bit much for a cat to have to take on. Or Midnight?

black kitten biting a person's finger

6. The name should have longevity

It may seem hilarious to give your cat a lengthy name when you first get it but you may well tire of calling this name out and sharing it with others eg poop

7. Be nice

I’m not sure about a name like Witch or Monster for your favourite feline.

8. Make sure it fits with other cats in your household

Food is a great opportunity to develop matching names for cats in your household – like Espresso and Cappucino. Or Chocolate and Strawberry. Or Noir and Blanc. So many good combinations and options!

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background names for black cats
Bombay Cat

Creative Names for Black Cats

1. Names for Black Cats with Green Eyes

black cat face with green eyes

What should I name my black cat with green eyes? This is a common question for the owners of black fluffy cats who have hypnotic green eyes.

We’ve decided to help you in your search and prepared the list of the best names for black cats with emerald eyes that will definitely match that stunning eye color.

Chloe (the name of Greek goddess that means green and fertile)

Cloris (one of the most popular names for black cats female ones as it is the name of the Greek goddess of spring and it can be translated as green)

Denver (stands for green valley)

Ezmeralda  (stands for the precious emerald stone)

black cat close up with organge collar and green background

Fern (means green-colored plant)

Forest (means deep hue of green)

Hunter (marking hue of a dark green color)

Ivy (means a woody evergreen plant)

Leaf (a part of any plant, commonly green and blade-like)

Olivia (identifies an olive tree)




Mint or Minty



black cat with green eyes up close in herb garden






Sweet Pea

Teal Willow



2. Witchy Black Cat Names

Halloween Black Cat Witch With Pumpkin

In most cases, people associate beautiful black cats with witched because of their coat color. A black coat feline is considered to be the main assistant of any witch or wizard.

Thus, there are so many ingenious witch cat names for black cats to choose from. Loot at the list below and think what name might be perfect for your cute black kitten.

Abracadabra (means arcane knowledge or power)

Charmed (stands for extremely lucky or prosperous)

Morticia (character of Addams Family)

Kiki (Kiki’s cat name fromKiki’s Delivery Service)

Elvira (character of Elvira’s Movie Macabre)

Magic (identifies having supernatural powers)

Salem (character of Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

Luna (character of the Harry Potter book series)

Sabrina (the main character of Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

black cat yawing with eyes closed and tongue out and flowers in background

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Eastwick (hero of the Witches of Eastwick)
















3. Mysterious Black Cat Names

photography of cat at full moon
Photo by Pixabay on

When it comes to beautiful black names for cats with a stygian coat, the most popular ones are connected with mysterious things and people’s superstitions.

Some enigmatic gender neutral cat names refer to the night, the moon, and outer space. Such naming is especially common among the owners of black cats with yellow eyes.

Twelve (means the midnight)

Midnight (among the cat names that start with M, this one is the most mysterious)

Star (a fixed shining point in the sky)

Moon (a natural satellite of the Earth, the name will be perfect for a black cat with orange eyes)

Twinkle (any shiny object)

Astro (something that relates to outer space)

Comet (means the celestial object)

Moonbeam (stands for a line of light that comes from the moon so this name can definitely emphasize black cat amber eyes)

Prospero (a character of Shakespeare‘s play who was a magician)

Shadow (some dark area produced by a body that comes between rays of light and surface)

black persian cat
Persian Cat
















4. Names for Female Black Cats

Black Siberian cat lying on a white background. Studio shoot

Being a new black cat owner means finding the best name for your distinguished four-legged companion, especially if you have a female feline. Here we’ve listed some of the most interesting black girl kitten names.

Noir (this is a French word for black)

Xena (a character from Xena: Warrior Princess)

Charcoal  (stands for a porous solid black wood charcoal)

Nightfall (means the close of the day when it starts getting dark)

Chocolate (food made from roasted and ground cocoa seeds, usually black-colored)

Bagheera (a character from the Jungle Book)

Ebony (stands for a heavily blackish color)

Echo (a sound caused by the reflection of sound waves)

Spirit (means the soul)

teen pretty girl kiss black cat close up portrait

Nymph (a gorgeous maiden)









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Kitty Purry


5. Halloween Names for Black Cats

Halloween Cat and Dog in Funny Hats

A black cat is one of the most popular symbols of Halloween. So it is not surprising that creative Halloween names for black cats are among the hottest dark pet names. Have a look at the creepy names for boys’ and girls’ cats names and maybe choose the perfect one for your special feline. 

Spooky (that causes fear and unease)

Jack-O-Lantern (a carved pumpkin, the main symbol of Halloween)

Eve (the day before an event)

Autumn (the season before winter)

October (the month when Halloween is celebrated)

Wednesday (a character from the Adams Family)

Dracula (a Transylvanian count and vampire)

Scary (that causes fear)

Candy (means a common ransom on Halloween)

black cat portrait with red background
My beautiful Alexei

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Hocus Pocus



6. Unique Black Cat Names

Black Oriental Long Hair Cat
Black Oriental Long Hair Cat

Selecting a unique name for a unique cat is not so easy as it would seem at first glance. The feline girl names that mean midnight or boy names that mean night may seem so trivial to you. Well, we offer you a list of unique girl and boy black cats names that can match the unique personality of your pet.

Espresso (one of the best coffee names for cats with a black coat)

Catastrophe (stands for a disaster)

Dirt (associates with dark color)

Figaro (a charming cat from the cartoon Pinnochio)

Goddess (a female deity)

Bonfire (big open-air fire made as a part of celebration)

Chess (means a board game with black and white figures)

black cat curled up on top of couch

Detective (someone who solve crimes)

Goth (the top among the Goth male names for dark cats that associates with black clothing)

Blackamoor (stands for a very dark-skinned person)

Black Beauty



Dark Matter

















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