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11 Types of Tuxedo Cats: Breeds Like Turkish Angora, Persian & More

In the world of cats, tuxedo is a color marking rather than a particular tuxedo cat breed. However, some breeds can be considered tuxedo cat breeds as they have this pattern more often than others. Alas, there are no cat breeds that are exclusively black and white. This means there are many different types of tuxedo cats out there. 

So when people ask, “what breed is a tuxedo cat?”, the answer is, it could be one of many. Appropriately, the tuxedo is a pattern on a cat’s coat. Black and white tuxedo cats have been popular in film, tv, and advertising over the year – from Sylvester to Felix the Cat.

The color pattern of a cat is driven by genetics. Tuxedo cats come in several different color patterns, all of which have been named:

  • Locket: a small bit of white only
  • Mitted: only white feed with a black body
  • Tuxedo: the complete tuxedo look eg black body on the rear, white underbelly, feet, and nose
  • Bicolored: half of each color
  • Magpie: a white cat with black spots
  • Harlequin: a Magpie with a black tail

There is also quite a bit of mythology around tuxedo cat breeds. Not many of the claims around this breed seem to be validated by a vigorous research process, but they are interesting.

These myths include tuxedo cats being the strongest swimmers of all cats, being more intelligent than other cats, and that they open their eyes 24 hours before all other types of cats.

What is factual is that a tuxedo cat has run for a political office (Stan in Halifax, Canada), President Clinton had a tuxedo cat whilst he was in the White House (Socks), and a tuxedo cat once inherited over $USD6 million (Sparky).

Now that you’re up to date with the tuxedo cat breed concept let’s look at the 11 breeds that most commonly produce tuxedo cat patterns.

persian cat tuxedo face


11 Different Tuxedo Cat Species

1. British Short Hair

The British Shorthair cat is a medium to large-sized cat breed with large gold, orange, or copper color eyes, a short, broad nose, and a short to medium coat. Daily grooming of these felines is necessary, especially during seasonal changes. But they are perfect for those looking for a fluffy tuxedo cat. 

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British cat with a Christmas ball

These lovely kitties are highly intelligent; however, they are still happy to stay inside and play with toys and people. Get some wand-like toys and start a game with your British Shorthair cat; it can be great fun.

This indoor cat breed has an easygoing personality and provides great companionship. While these cats love to play, they don’t require hourly attention.

british short hair tuxedo

2. Cymrics

This very furry breed is best known for something that it doesn’t have – a tail. A cat this furry does require quite a bit of grooming and brushing. But this will be offset by its playful personality.

cymric cat

This is quite a stocky cat, more like a British Short Hair with its rounded head and rounded rear. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs, which can give can be clearly seen.

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Cymric cats come in a whole range of colors, one of which is the lovely tuxedo pattern. And do note that not every Cymric cat comes with a tail, so this may be something that you want to check with the breeder if it is of importance.

3. Maine Coon

These fluffy felines are really something special. Known to be real gentle giants, they’re often referred to as the dogs of the cat world thanks to their unique Maine Coon personality. These fluffy felines are ideal for anyone looking for a long hair tuxedo cat.

maine coon cat tuxedo

So if you’re a self-proclaimed dog person but looking to broaden your horizons, this will be your perfect transition to being a cat owner too.

Maine Coons are friendly, loveable, and very vocal. Their sizable bodies and heavy, double-layer long hair kept them well-protected against the brutal cold in Maine, which is the state they originated from. These long-haired tuxedo cats also fit in very well in the family environment.

maine coon tuxedo cat

With so much personality and love to give, you may soon find yourself leaning toward the Maine Coon breed

4. Munchkin

The Munchkin cat is everyone’s favorite cutie. With teeny tiny short little legs and normal-sized bodies, these diverse cats are absolutely adorable.

The munchkin’s dog counterpart is undoubtedly the sausage dog, as they share the short-legged trait. This is why these little felines are also called the “sausage cat”.

munchkin cat tuxedo
Munchkin Cat

Considered the original dwarf cat, the Munchkin cat breed is not exclusive and can be linked to a number of other breeds. For example, you can find a Scottish fold munchkin cat or even a Maine coon munchkin cat. It’s all about that short-legged gene mutation.

There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding these sweet-looking felines, as there is concern over potential health and mobility issues. They were not considered an official breed for many years and were not allowed to take part in feline competitions.

Even today, there are a number of councils and associations that do not recognize the Munchkin cat breed.

black and white cat growling

However, most sources say that the shortness of their legs does not affect the Munchkin’s running and leaping abilities. Also, they are not generally found to have more joint or bone problems than other cat breeds. So, if you are passionate about their little legs, your ethics needn’t be compromised.

The personalities of Munchkin cats are generally sweet, outgoing, and intelligent. They also respond well to being handled, which is lovely, as you’ll undoubtedly want to hold these cuties all day long.

5. Japanese Bobtail

This sweet and loving breed, of course, originates from Japan. Apparently, in the 1600s, Japanese street cats were bobtails. The tuxedo bobtail cat is considered to be lucky, and its owners should prosper.

japanese bobtail cat

Statues of tri-color Japanese Bobtail cats are quite common in Japan (these are supposed to be the luckiest Japanese Bobtails of all!). So when you see the familiar statue with the kitty raising its paw up and down, you now know that you are looking at a Japanese bobtail cat.

The breed is named bobtail due to its short and stubby tail. They were also adored by the Japanese Imperial family and still have a regal air to them. This means that your home – and the items within it – are part of their Kingdom.

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japanese bobtail tuxedo and ginger
The lucky tri-colour pattern

I loved this quote that I found on Wikipedia about Japanese Bobtail cats:

German doctor Engelbert Kaempfer wrote, “there is only one breed of cat that is kept. It has large patches of yellow, black and white fur; its short tail looks like it has been bent and broken. It has no mind to hunt for rats and mice but just wants to be carried and stroked by women.”

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6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Scandanavian and from a forest – this is one on-trend breed of kitty! Whilst the Norwegian Forest Cat loves to play, it is also very happy to hang out on its own and won’t follow you around when you get home.

Larger than your average cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed are rather elegant kitties. They have long legs and bushy tails that are often as long as their bodies.

norwegian forest cat tuxedo
Norwegian forest cat in the snow

When their coat has fully come in they are a sight to behold. They often come out in a full mane, fluffy chest, furry legs, and even tufts of fur between their toes.

norwegian forest tuxedo
Norwegian forest cat with green eyes

As a result, these friendly cats do require daily grooming. Their ears also often get tufts of fur that need to be groomed. The Norwegian Forest Cat actually has a double coat with one being weatherproof.

7. Persian

Tuxedo Persian cats are affectionate, docile, and gentle kitties. This breed has a quiet demeanor; they plop down on any soft surface and simply pose for your appreciation. These elegant cats are not very active, which makes them the perfect indoor pet.

persian cat tuxedo

Persian tuxedo cats have relatively small faces so their big round eyes are particularly prominent. Most Persians have gorgeous blue eyes but there can be exceptions – or some who have a different color in each eye.

persian cat tuxedo face

Although affectionate, Persian cats are discriminative and reserve their attention for family and a few trusted guests.

Lover Valentine persian colourpoint cat with a red heart

This beautiful flat-faced cat breed does get along with children and other household pets; however, they aren’t fans of loud environments but rather serene homes where little changes.

8. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora tuxedo cats are known for their long, silky coats which often become the longest around the cat’s neck. They are an adorable combination of large ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a small to medium-sized head.

turkish angora tuxedo

The most common eye color for a tuxedo Turkish Angora cat is blue. However, they can also have amber, green, or gold eyes as well.

Originally from Turkey (you may have guessed this), the earliest records of the Turkish Angora cat are from the 16th century. However, the breed began to disappear in the early 19th century.

The Turkish Angora was bred at the Ankara Zoo to preserve its pedigree and breed was officially established in North America in the 1970s.

These friendly and gentle cats also have a more boisterous side and love to run, jump and explore. He loves to play and will do almost anything to get your attention.

turkish angora black and white one of the tuxedo cat breeds

This cat breed will maintain the playfulness they exhibit as kittens throughout their lives. They will enjoy curling up next to you and on you on both the couch and your bed.

9. Cornish Rex Cat Breed

The Cornish Rex cat has a head shaped like a triangle. As a result, its eyes are prominent and large. The eyes of the Cornish Rex cat tend to be golden in color although that can vary.

cornish rex tuxedo

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The Cornish Rex cat breed has no hair apart from some down. Their coat is very fine and can sometimes get a bit of a curl. The lack of fur can emphasize those big eyes even more.

This cat breed is often compared to greyhound dogs due to their sleek appearance and they like a long, lolling run. This is a very adventurous breed that loves to explore and will keep its playful demeanor long after its kitten days are finished.

cornish rex cat tuxedo

10. Siberian Cats

My own feline friend, Alexei, is a Siberian, so I’m particularly partial to this amazing breed. With a thick, luxurious coat, stunning Siberian colors, and affectionate personality, Siberian tuxedo cats are well-suited to any home.

siberian cat tuxedo

They’re laid-back but enjoy playing, and are very attached to their humans. You’ll often find your Siberian cat following along behind you and cuddling up as soon as you take a seat.

black cat curled up on top of couch

As you may expect, this loving cat comes from Siberia in Russia, so they’re well suited to cold conditions. It’s an ancient breed thought to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats. That’s quite the pedigree.

siberian cat black and white

11. American Curl

These happy kitties are affectionate, healthy, and talkative. The name refers to the unique ears of the American Curl Cat, which curl backward in a particularly sweet way.

Like the Wirehair cats, American curl cats are all descended from a single natural genetic mutation. They’re one of the youngest cat breeds, having moved from stray to pedigreed in just six years.

american curl cat tuxedo

Curious, clever, and people-loving, the American Curl is perfect for families. They love to greet people with a little head bump or a rub against the legs. Curls are also active and adaptable, with older Curls known to be just as active as younger ones.

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Sarah Garofalo

Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I have a Grey and white tuxedo cat and I'm a little disappointed I didn't see any pictures of Grey and white. Her name is Mika. Me-Ka. She looks like a tuxedo suit only Grey and white. She is eight years old and I've had her for almost a year. She is an awesome cat and my beat friend. I love your pictures and reading your stuff. It's entertaining and informative,great work and keep it up.Id send a picture but I don't see a place ro upload. Thanks again.

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