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British Shorthair Chinchilla Cat | 13 Things to Know About BSH Kitties

Jewel-green eyes, natural black makeup, and a luxurious snow-white coat are the prominent features of the Silver Shaded British Shorthair Chinchilla.

‘Chinchilla Shorthair Cat’ is a former name for tipped British Shorthair color varieties. These beautiful kitties received their color from their crossbreed with well-groomed Persian Chinchilla cats and the classic smoke-colored British cats.

These kitties are super unique. They have bright white coats with just the tips of each hair being colored, creating a shimmering effect as they walk. These kitties have a soft, dense, and crisp coat that feels like you’re picking up newly fallen snow.

British Shorthair Chinchillas make incredibly loving, affectionate companions. You’ll see these friendly cats often curled up in a sunny nook or managing the household with their big eyes.

british short hair chincilla up close


13 Things to Know About British Chinchilla Cats

If you’re looking to find yourself a dazzling, adorable, green-eyed pussycat, British Shorthair (BSH) Chinchillas may just be the perfect kitty for you. Let’s take a look at some interesting things to know about these soft-furred kitties and what makes them so special.

1. British Chinchilla Kitten History

The Chinchilla is one of the most ancient cat breeds to have originated in England. It’s believed these kitties descended from Roman cats and were brought to the British Isles by the Romans.

During the 19th century, interest in pedigree cats flourished, and breeders sought to have these cats recognized. At this time, Norman Winder acquired British Shorthair tipped/shaded cats or Shorthair Chinchillas in the early 1970s. He achieved this by crossbreeding Persian Chinchillas with Silver Tabby British Shorthair cats.

Today, these kitties come in both silver and gold-colored Chinchillas with beautiful green kohl-rimmed eyes.
Fun Fact: British Shorthairs are the inspiration for two of the most well-known fictional movie cats: Puss in Boots and Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat.

2. Chinchilla British Shorthair Appearance

These kitties have broad shoulders, a deep chest, round paws, and a muscular back, giving them an almost chunky, ‘teddy-bear-like appearance, often called a cobby. Like with other British cats, Chinchilla British Shorthairs have full jowls, a muscular neck, and a large cat head.

british short hair chincilla white up close

Their eyes are round and prominent and can come in a range of color varieties. These kitties may boast beautiful green or blue-green eyes. The rims of their eyes, nose, and lips are all black, as are their paw pads.

The appearance of these beautiful felines is medium- to large size. Chinchilla British Shorthairs are generally smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to other breed varieties.

3. Silver Chinchilla British Shorthairs Have Dazzling Coats

The Chinchilla cat is a color classification of the Persian cat. Their undercoats are pure white, and their coats on their back, flanks, head, and tails are sufficiently tipped with black, giving it a sparkling silver appearance.

british short hair chincilla kitten upright

4. British Shorthair Kittens

These adorable, cute, stubby little furballs are super playful and full of energy. And they enjoy tons of games with their owners. BSH Chinchillas develop relatively slowly and reach full maturity around two years old.

5. British Shorthair Adults

Once your British Shorthair Chinchilla has reached maturity, it will have developed strong legs and a broad chest. Male Chinchillas can weigh around 13 – 20 lb, while females can weigh around 9 – 13 lb.

british short hair chincilla relaxing

6. British Shorthair Chinchilla’s Grooming Requirements

British Shorthair Chinchilla cats are easy to care for. They may experience seasonal shedding, so you can brush regularly during these periods to remove loose hair.

They don’t require much grooming care, so a weekly session with a cat brush to keep their coats clean and in good condition will be sufficient.

You can clean their ears with a special ear cleaner for kitties, and gently massage it into the ear. It’s also important to check these felines’ teeth and gums. If they need cleaning, you can use a toothbrush with cat toothpaste – cats usually love the taste.

7. Personality and Quirks

British Shorthair Chinchillas are intelligent, loyal, and loving cats. They are super friendly but tend to become a one-person cat.

british short hair chincilla relaxing

These little meow machines love to talk and express their views, and you’ll often find them trotting around the home from room to room. Furthermore, kitties get on well with other cats and pets.

Another characteristic these kitties possess is stubbornness, and they do not tolerate any attacks on their freedom.

8. British Shorthair Chinchilla Cats is a Low-Activity Breed

British Chinchillas have more energetic moments and spend the rest of their time lying quietly in their favored lookout spots or supervising the household with large, saucy eyes.

These felines enjoy keeping stimulated with intriguing wand-like toys or puzzles. Contrarily, once these kitties have outgrown active kittenhood, they tend to calm down a lot and prefer a life of dignified response rather than one of acrobatics.

british short hair chincilla on stand with lion picture

9. Chinchilla Cat British Shorthairs Are Easy to Train

These kitties are very intelligent and easy to train. They love learning new tricks and games. And unlike the Siamese cats, for example, these felines’ intelligence doesn’t manifest any problematic behavior.

They can be quickly trained to use the litter box or a scratching post rather than your furniture. Moreover, they will surprise you with their ability to play fetch or give you a high-five in exchange for a kitty treat.

10. Feeding and Dietary Needs of Chinchilla British Shorthair Cat

Diet is essential for keeping any cat in good health – and that includes our beloved BSH Chinchilla kitties. These cats may require a modest intake of high-quality, high-protein foods.

Note: If you have a kitty that requires a low-protein diet, check out this post on the best low-protein food options.

british short hair chincilla kitten upright

Choose a premium brand of wet kitty food that is high in protein and fairly low in fats. To provide your kitty with sufficient fluid, you can combine wet and dry food to help maintain dental health.

11. British Chinchilla Are Well Suited to be Indoor Kitties

Although these kitties will undoubtedly survive the outdoors, British Shorthair Chinchillas are better suited for the indoors. But make sure they have lots of toys and activities to keep them entertained.

These kitties are highly intelligent, so you can train them to walk on a lead if you want to.

12. British Shorthair Chinchilla Cat Health

british short hair chincilla in profile

BSH cats may suffer from some heritable conditions, but this can be found in most cats, too – whether pedigree or mixed breed.

Take a look at some common conditions that a British Shorthair Chinchilla may suffer from:

13. British Kitties Life Span

BSH’s cat’s life expectancy is a matter of some debate. One study shows a median lifespan of a little under 12 years, and a different study suggests between 14 and up to a ripe old age of 20 years.

british short hair chincilla green eyes

FAQs About Silver & Golden Chinchilla British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair Golden Chinchilla and the British Shorthair Silver Chinchilla are fascinating breeds. Potential owners have plenty of questions about their nature, care, health, and appearance that might interest you: 

What Breed of Cat is Chinchilla?

The British Shorthair Chinchilla is actually a color type of the Persian breed. While Persians and Chinchillas are the same breeds, they do have some differences in the structure of their bodies. Chinchillas tend to be smaller in frame and have a slightly more prominent snout than the Persian. 

How Do I Know if My Cat is a Chinchilla?

A Chinchilla is easily identifiable from any other Persian cat by its coat. The coat is thick and white with black tips, and the eyes of the Chinchillas are mesmerizing green. While even Chinchillas come in different color markings, this is the most obvious. Because the coat is both thick and long, it requires a lot of grooming to keep it neat and tidy. 

Are Chinchilla Cats Cuddly?

In general, Persian cats welcome love and affection, but this depends on their upbringing too. If cats are given a lot of affection as kittens, they are generally very loving when they grow up. The opposite can also be true, so if you want a cat that adores a cuddle, be sure to shower it with love as a kitten. 
Chinchillas are rather quiet and reserved for the most part, so you, as the owner, may have to make the first move when cuddling your kitty. 

Are Chinchilla Cats Clingy?

Chinchillas are generally reserved and prefer to savor their affection for one or two specific people. This means that when you have people around, they may act differently and avoid strangers.
This means Chinchillas are not generally considered clingy cats; however, it highly depends on the way they were raised. If the owner was clingy with their cat as a kitten, it might cause your kitty to have clingy tendencies. 

Are Chinchilla Cats Intelligent?

Chinchillas are known for being a combination of intelligent and easy-going, which makes them a great pet for just about anyone. These cats can be easily potty trained and even do a couple of tricks if you have the patience and persistence to teach them. 
If you are looking for a cat that is the whole package, then a British Shorthair Chinchilla is surely the right choice for you. 

What is the Disadvantage of British Shorthair?

The British Shorthair Chinchilla sheds more than your average kitty throughout the year but even more so in the spring months. It’s important to groom your kitty daily during this time, or you will be dealing with a whole lot of hair around the house. 
If they are not groomed properly all year round and even more during heavy shedding season, they will develop hairballs. If these are not handled correctly, it can lead to intestinal problems later on in life, which means you’ll be spending a lot on vet bills. 

What is the Most Popular British Shorthair Cat?

The Blue Golden Chinchilla British Shorthair is the most popular of the British Shorthair breeds. They have stunning silver or gray coats and striking golden eyes that would capture the heart of any cat-lover. 

Are Chinchilla Cats Hypoallergenic?

Many people say that Chinchilla cat breeds are hypoallergenic because although these kitties have thick coats, they give off little to no dander. That makes them ideal for those with a slight cat allergy, but anyone that is highly allergic to cats may still experience adverse reactions to spending time with or living with these cats.

How Do I Know if My Cat is a Chinchilla?

A Chinchilla is easily identifiable from any other Persian cat by its coat. The coat is thick and white with black tips, and the eyes of the Chinchillas are mesmerizing green. While even Chinchillas come in different color markings, this is the most obvious. Because the coat is both thick and long, it requires a lot of grooming to keep it neat and tidy. 

A Footnote on the British Shorthair Chinchilla

The British Shorthair cats are probably one of the most well-known cat breeds of all time. And the Chinchilla shorthairs are considered to be one of the most unique cats of them all, from their round eyes and chubby faces to their plush silvery coats.  

So, now that we’ve covered some interesting things to know about the British Shorthair Chinchilla, do you know of something we may have missed? Please share; we’d love to know.

british short hair chincilla black and white

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