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25 Black Cat Breeds You’ll Love | Appearances and Personalities

When someone mentions black cats, what are the first things you think of? You wouldn’t be alone if your mind immediately jumped to something negative. 

Western culture has traditionally associated black felines with witchcraft or seen them as bad luck symbols (the opposite of white cat breeds or quite different from orange cat breeds). However, I’m here to show you this is not the case. 

Besides being some of the most beautiful kitties out there, black cats’ intelligence and friendliness mean they make wonderful companions. 


25 Best Black Cat Breeds

To give you a glimpse of the kinds of black cats on offer, here’s a run-down of my 25 favorite black cat breeds and what makes each so special.

1. Persian Cats


Image by Melwyn Amrithraj on Pixabay

Persian cats originate from Iran (originally Persia). They have magnificent fluffy fur that makes them ideal cuddle companions. However, their thick coats require a lot of care. While it may take some time, Persian cat grooming is relatively easy, and the affectionate payoff is definitely worth it. 

These puffballs are one of the top kitties to own because of their intensely loving and gentle nature. This warmth reflects in the big amber eyes typical of black Persian cats.

2. Cornish Rex Cats


Image by Heikki Siltala on Wikicommons

If you want a particularly unique-looking black kitty, the Cornish Rex is the way to go. These sweet souls have short, curly fur and large pointed ears that make them one of the best-known big-eared cat breeds.

Cornish Rex cats’ slender and graceful appearance doesn’t do justice to their toughness. These felines are a lot stronger than they look and love being active. They’re ideal for owners who’ll happily satisfy their energetic nature with lots of kitty-focused entertainment and games.  

3. Devon Rex Cats


Image by Micheal Tin on Pexels

The wavy-coated Devon Rex is your ideal feline friend if you want a cat that offers a dog-like sense of affection and devotion. Their intensely loyal nature means they’ll keep you company all day long. 

They’ll often try and help with whatever you’re doing or entice you into a spontaneous game. This cheeky playfulness goes hand-in-hand with their extreme friendliness. This personality trait is especially useful when it comes to socialization. 

Devon Rex cats get along with almost everyone they meet (both humans and animals) and are ideal for large families, households with other pets, or anyone who spends much time at home. 

4. Selkirk Rex Cats


Image by Adrian on Pixabay

Deriving from Persian cats, the Selkirk Cat has beautiful big eyes. This cute black cat is well-known for its soft, loosely curled fur. This curly-haired gene even shows in these kitties’ wavy whiskers. 

Regarding personality, the Selkirk Rex is a patient, affectionate, and happy-go-lucky breed. This kitty is perfect for families—especially ones with kids who have lots of love to give but are maybe still learning how to pet cats properly. 

5. Chantilly-Tiffany Cats


Image by Jkasutoro on Wikicommons

Chantilly-Tiffany cats are rare, and many people think they’re extinct. However, it’s definitely still possible to find black kittens with the appearance and personality of this beautiful breed. 

These longhaired black cats have silky-soft lush coats that make snuggles extra cozy. However, they shed quite easily and require regular brushing. 

Don’t worry, though, because these kitties’ friendly and easy-going nature offsets any extra maintenance they require. They’re also quite vocal and will express love by chatting with their owners throughout the day. 

6. Sphynx Cats


Image by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels

The Sphynx cat is particularly unique because it naturally has no fur. Its skin comes in various colors, including a luxurious velvety black. 

Despite their wrinkled appearance, Sphynx kitties have youthful personalities and are very inquisitive and friendly. They’re also perfect pets for allergy sufferers because their hairlessness makes them one of the most popular hypoallergenic cat breeds.

However, their lack of protective fur also means Sphynx cats require extra care. They’re more sensitive to temperature, so you must keep them snuggly and warm in winter. During summer, it’s also important to ensure they avoid sunburn from being outside for too long.

7. Turkish Angora Cats

turkish-angora-cat black cat breeds

Image by Petra on Pixabay

With their sleek fur, fluffy tails, and statuesque presence, Turkish Angora cats are the definition of elegance and grace. However, these beautiful black cats are much more than just their looks. They have lively personalities and love playing with those around them. 

Turkish Angora cats adapt well to new environments and easily find a place in any household—even those with dogs or children. However, it’s important to note that these felines are pretty assertive and will likely become ‘top dog’ around other pets. 

8. American Bobtail Cats


Image by elenavagengeim on Canva

American Bobtail cats get their names from their short ‘bobbed’ tails. Since these tails are naturally occurring, they vary slightly between different kitties and range from one to four inches long.

Tails aside, these fluffy felines are an extremely friendly, intelligent, and fun-loving breed. They’re intensely playful and will often initiate games with their humans. 

It’s important to keep these kitties both mentally and physically stimulated. Luckily, this is pretty simple, as their intelligence means they’re easily trainable. In fact, owners often leash-train American Bobtails, so don’t be surprised if you see these cats going for walks around their neighborhood.

9. Japanese Bobtail Cats


Image by NancyAyumi on Canva

If you’re looking for a furry best friend, then the Japanese Bobtail is the cat breed for you. Like their American counterparts, they’re well-known for their ‘bobbed’ tails. However, these kitties’ personalities are what really make them shine.

One of the Japanese Bobtail’s most dominant traits is loyalty. These cats love humans more than anything. Their favorite pastime is to accompany and dote on their owners throughout the day. They’re a particularly vocal breed and will often enjoy ‘conversations’ with their loved ones. 

10. American Shorthair Cats


Image by cottonbro studio on Pexels

Often thought to have arrived in America on the Mayflower ship, this black domestic shorthair cat is the perfect household pet. American Shorthair cats can comfortably fit into any living situation with their easy-going, social, and playful nature. 

These doe-eyed kitties are especially good in large households because they get along well with children and other pets (including dogs). Adopting an American Shorthair kitty is truly like gaining a new family member. 

As a bonus, these felines are known for having good health. Not only can you avoid stress about too many vet bills, but you’ll also have a pet that can remain a treasured part of the family for over 15 years.  

11. British Shorthair Cats


Image by Created Stories on Pexels

British Shorthairs have undergone many changes as one of the world’s oldest breeds. Initially, they only came with blue coats. However, their coloring expanded over time, and nowadays, you can find several British Shorthair color variations, including a gorgeous black. 

While their looks may have changed, their personalities have not. This shorthair black cat is (and always has been) equally loving and lovable. British Shorthairs have a solid but fluffy stature, making these kitties the ultimate cuddle machines. 

12. Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are the embodiment of fluffy comfort. While there are several Siberian cat colors, all their coats have the same thick, long, triple-layered hair. 

perfect siberian cat
My black Siberian cat, Alexei

Their distinctive appearance links to these kitties’ Russian heritage. Originating in Siberia, these fluffy black cats needed enough fur to keep them warm during icy winters. 

With such long fur comes extra maintenance. Siberian cats are known to shed, especially when losing their thicker winter coats. However, given these kitties’ warm, loyal personalities, the time you spend grooming them will be an opportunity for extra kitty cuddles. 

13. American Curl Cats


Image by Caitlin Willow on Canva

American Curl cats get their name from their distinctive ears that naturally curl backward. This unique feature means they constantly look adorably surprised. However, knowing these kitties’ personalities, it’s far more likely they’ll be the ones surprising you. 

American Curls are playful, curious, extremely friendly, and wonderfully eccentric. Despite being short-legged cats, these felines often scrabble into the most peculiar places. So don’t be shocked if you find them snoozing in the fruit bowl next to you or trying to sneak into your morning shower.

14. Maine Coon Cats


Image by Claudia on Pixabay

Originating in Maine, this longhaired black cat is truly something special. As a larger breed, Maine Coon cats can appear intimidating. However, their friendly, affectionate, and devoted nature will quickly counteract this initial impression.

Maine Coons are one of the calmest cat breeds and make ideal family pets. These kitties also require minimal grooming and are unusually fond of water, meaning bath time is always a breeze. 

15. LaPerm Cats


Image by Takashi on Wikicommons

LaPerm cats are best known for their unusual curly coats, which range from loose waves to beautifully coiled ringlets. This distinct fur makes LaPerms one of the most unique cat breeds.  

This black cat’s personality is just as exceptional as its appearance. LaPerm kitties are curious, affectionate, and active. They love participating in whatever their owners are doing—even if that means curling up next to you and purring happily while you read a good book. 

16. Norwegian Forest Cats


Image by André Chivinski on PxHere

Norwegian Forest cats are true to their name in both personality and appearance. These friendly felines adore their humans but, staying loyal to their independent roots, will only give out cuddles when it suits them. 

However, these cuddles are worth the wait because Norwegian Forest kitties are one of the fluffiest cat breeds. They have thick, double-layered coats that are perfect for snuggling. 

Underneath this fluff is a large, strong physique. Since they’re domesticated, Norwegian Forest cats now love to exercise this bulk by playing on scratching or climbing posts. 

17. Bombay Cats


Image by Julia Filirovska on Pexels

While there are many solid black cat breeds, the Bombay is the only one which doesn’t come in any other colors. These big-eyed beauties have glossy black coats that help them resemble “miniature panthers.” 

However, unlike actual panthers, Bombay cats are friendly and incredibly affectionate creatures. Their laid-back nature means they enjoy the company of anyone and everyone. 

They’re especially loving towards their owners, and when they’re not busy exploring or playing, these friendly felines will often curl up with their human companions.  

18. Lykoi Cats


Image by PxHere on PxHere

Often compared to werewolves, Lykoi cats are best known for their unusual appearances. These kitties are roan patterned, meaning their coats have scatterings of white hair. 

However, what truly earns their place on the list of adorably weird cat breeds is their partial hairlessness. Lykoi cats lack undercoats, have no hair around their facial features, and even experience full-body shedding (usually twice a year).

Besides the extra grooming that comes with their unique appearances, Lykoi cats are also very active. They’re a high-maintenance breed but will shower their owners with affection for all the care they receive. 

19. Manx Cats


Image by TheEaterofCorn on Wikicommons

Originating in the Isle of Man, Manx cats are a particularly unique-looking breed. These cute kitties have round faces and lots of fluff, giving the impression of adorable ‘chubby’ cheeks. 

However, a Manx’s lack of a tail makes it so distinctive. Due to a natural genetic mutation, these fluffy felines have either a tail stub or no tail at all. 

Despite being a tail shorter than most other breeds, these kitties are full of personality. They’re friendly and intelligent and love fun-filled, challenging playtime activities with their owners (followed by a cuddle, of course).

20. Oriental Cats


Image by pavlovakhrushev on Canva

If you want a furry friend that’s exceptionally devoted to its owners, an Oriental cat is the breed for you. These inquisitive kitties love joining in with their humans’ daily tasks. Their lively and intelligent nature means they’ll always offer a helping paw and aren’t shy to voice their opinions. 

Despite their elegant, long-limbed appearances, these fun-loving felines are always keen for a good game—especially physically or mentally demanding ones. Cuddles are also a must, so owners should expect waves of affection from these loyal kitty companions. 

21. Burmese Cats


Image by Psypherium on Wikicommons

With their charming personalities, Burmese cats are well-known for quickly sneaking into the hearts of all they meet. These friendly kitties are one of the most loving breeds and, with their soft coats, make ideal cuddle partners.

Burmese cats are also incredibly trusting and will readily welcome new people into their space. However, their innocent nature can unknowingly lead them into danger in unknown environments. 

As a result, these kitties are one of the most popular indoor cat breeds. This lifestyle suits them perfectly as they’re always happy to score extra quality time with their humans.

22. Ragamuffin Cats


Image by PxHere on PxHere

Ragamuffin kitties are one of the most adorable fluffy black cat breeds in existence. They have big hearts and offer their love to everyone they meet. They’re also very easy-going and patient, making them a great fit for families with children and other pets.

With their silky soft coats, you’ll enjoy petting a Ragamuffin just as much as they’ll enjoy receiving your affection. The kitties are one of the friendliest cat breeds and love snuggling with their owners. In fact, Ragamuffins will often go limp with the pure bliss of a good cuddle.

This breed is also fairly vocal in its affection. So, if you do adopt one of these cutie pies, get ready for your house to swell with the sound of happy meows and relaxed purring. 

23. Exotic Shorthair Cats


Image by Dan Wayman on Unsplash

Exotic Shorthair kitties (Exotics) are extremely similar to Persian cats in appearance and personality. This black cat breed has a relaxed and loving temperament, making them a great addition to any household. 

Along with Persians, Exotic kitties make it onto the list of flat-faced cat breeds. In fact, the only noticeable difference between the two breeds’ looks is their fur. Exotic cats have short coats which are just as velvety soft as those of their longhaired Persian relatives but require minimal upkeep from their owners. 

24. Egyptian Mau Cats


Image by PxHere on PxHere

With its spotted coat and enchanting eyes, the Egyptian Mau is undoubtedly one of the prettiest kitties out there. These kitties are incredibly agile and have excellent reflexes. Since they no longer need these skills for hunting, you’ll often find this domesticated breed performing at-home acrobatics instead. 

In terms of personality, Mau cats are incredibly beguiling and have an air of grace and charm that captivates those around them. When you’re around one of these special felines, it becomes easy to understand the link between cats and ancient Egyptian religion.

Mau kitties also have an incredibly sociable and loyal nature. They develop strong bonds with their owners and will quickly become caring and devoted furry friends once they join a family. 

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25. Scottish Fold Cats


Image by olga volkovitskaya on Pixabay

Scottish Fold cats are easily identifiable by their unique downward-folding ears. This adorable feature highlights their beautiful round eyes, which, just like those belonging to Puss in Boots, will effortlessly melt your heart. 

These kitties are gentle, easy-going, and incredibly affectionate. The only downside to this black, fluffy cat is its availability. Being both popular and relatively rare, a Scottish Fold is one of the more expensive cat breeds. However, along with this price tag comes an incomparable amount of cuteness and love. 

What’s Your Favorite Black Cat Breed?

Undoubtedly, a black cat is a great choice for any feline fanatic. These kitties make excellent pets, and you can easily find your perfect match with all the different types of black cats. 

All that’s left is for you to decide on your favorite black cat breed. And, if you do end up adopting a fluffy black friend, why not check out my favorite names for black cats for some naming inspiration?

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