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Taylor Swift Cats | Benjamin Button, Meredith Grey, and Olivia Benson


Image by Taylor Swift on Facebook

Taylor Swift may be one of the world’s biggest artists of all time, but she’s also a loving mother to three fluffy felines. Not your average pets, the Taylor Swift cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson — the Scottish Folds, and Benjamin Button — the Ragdoll Cat, are also wealthy superstars of their own. 

While Taylor tours the globe on her Eras Tour, her kitties often wait patiently in her dressing rooms. If you’re wondering how many cats does Taylor Swift have, how much they’re worth, and what breeds they are, keep reading. 

Here is everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s cats and a few extra fun facts.


Taylor Swift’s Cats’ Names

What are Taylor Swift’s cats’ names? The pop star’s cats are named Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. If you’re into pop culture, you might recognize those names.

Her first two cats, Meredith and Olivia, were named after powerful female characters from two of Taylor’s favorite TV shows. Yup, Taylor Swift is just like us; she binge-watches series too. And then there’s the lovely Benji, the latest edition of her litter. 

Meredith, Taylor Swift’s Cat


Image from Taylor Swift on Twitter

Meredith Grey is the lead character in the medical romantic drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” Named after the iconic medical textbook, the show follows Meredith Grey through her journey as a surgeon and her many trials and tribulations along the way. 

Besides the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is one of Taylor’s favorite shows, Meredith Grey is a very appropriate name for a grey cat. That’s possibly the biggest inspiration behind her name. 

Meredith was adopted on Halloween in 2011, so it’s expected that she has her quirks. Meredith is a loveable Scottish Fold but’s not particularly fond of snuggles. You know how cats can be. 

This pretty kitty is the first of Taylor’s feline children. She’s around 11 years old and has a pretty large fanbase of her own. Meredith was adopted just before Taylor Swift released her fourth album, Red, which she re-released in November 2021 as “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

Olivia Benson The Cat


Image from Taylor Swift on Twitter

And then came Olivia Benson. This spunky Scottish Fold packs a lot of charm into her little body, and it’s no surprise that she was named after one of TV’s most powerful female characters. Olivia, the cat, was named after Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’s Captain Olivia Benson, who at the time was a Sergeant. 

While Taylor fondly calls her Sergeant Olivia, she’s also known as Dibbles around the house. According to Taylor, Olivia is sometimes too stately of a name for this little feline. 

Most of the time, Olivia (Dibbles) is rather rambunctious and quite the goofball. She boasts a personality that better suits her nickname. 

Olivia Benson was adopted in June 2014, just before the release of Taylor Swift’s 1989. This was the first of the singer’s albums to definitively switch her from a country singer to a pop artist. 

Taylor Swift’s Cat Benjamin Button


Image from Taylor Swift on Facebook

Benjamin Button, also known as Benji, is the youngest of the cats Taylor Swift owns. Benji famously debuted in the music video for ME!, the lead single of Taylor’s seventh album, Lover. In fact, the set of that music video is where the Anti-Hero singer first fell in love with Benjamin Button as a kitten. 

A behind-the-scenes clip reveals that Taylor jokingly asked if she could take Benji (then just a set prop) home with her, and the answer was yes. Now Benji is a frequent feature on Taylor Swift’s Instagram and is most revered for his stunning blue eyes


From Taylor Swift on Facebook

Benji is a Ragdoll cat, which means although he’s the younger brother of Olivia and Meredith, he’s much larger, which could be why he’s named Benjamin Button. This gorgeous kitten is named after the lead character in the 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In the film, Benjamin (Brad Pitt) has a rare aging ailment that makes him age backward. 

Net Worth of Taylor Swift’s Cats


Image from Taylor Swift on Facebook

You read that correctly. Taylor’s cats have a net worth that most of us foolish humans could only dream of. Oh, to be born as a superstar’s cat. 

While the net worth of Meredith and Benji are unclear, Olivia Benson’s net worth comes in at a whopping $97 million, according to 2023’s Rich Pet List. It’s estimated that her other kitties also cross the multi-million dollar line, which means that they’re worth over $100 million collectively. 

In fact, Olivia Benson the cat is the world’s third-richest pet. She is on the list with Choupette – the famous feline companion of Karl Lagerfeld, Pontiac – Betty White’s Golden Retriever, Oprah Winfrey’s pups, and more. 

What Are Taylor Swift’s Cats Breeds


Image from Taylor Swift on Facebook

Taylor Swift is the proud owner of two Scottish Fold cats and one Ragdoll cat. Both breeds are perfect for owners who want all the cuddles and plenty of personality. Although Meredith isn’t too fond of cuddles, she makes up for it with her oodles of personality. 

About the Scottish Fold Breed

Scottish Folds are known for their intelligent and talkative natures but are most recognizable by their small folded ears and flat faces. This breed is found in an assortment of coat colors and patterns and is a great indoor cat

Unfortunately, because of their small folded ears, owners need to regularly ear the wax from the outer ears of their Scottish Folds to avoid ear infections. Although they are irresistibly adorable, Scottish Folds are prone to bone and joint diseases, kidney disease, and heart disease, so caring for them can be tasking. 

A Little Bit About Ragdoll Cats


Image from Taylor Swift on Facebook

On the other hand, Ragdoll cats are pretty easy to care for if you don’t mind their size. Ragdolls are one of the best breeds of cats for families. They are loving, friendly, intelligent, and inquisitive by nature. 

They also quite enjoy being lap cats, so you don’t usually have to worry about them wandering off. Ragdoll cats are most loved for their sparkling blue eyes and chirpiness. They also come in a few different coat colors and patterns. 

Benjamin Button is a Bicolor Seal Point Ragdoll or a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll. This is identifiable by his panda-like bicolor face, dark ears, and tail, and of course, his dazzling blue eyes. 

How Does Taylor Swift Travel With Her Cats?


Image from Taylor Swift on Facebook

You’re probably wondering how Taylor Swift can be a devoted cat mom when she spends her time jet-setting and performing to millions of fans around the world. The short answer is that she takes her cats everywhere. And I mean everywhere. 

Meredith, Olivia, and Benji are often seen lounging around in Taylor’s cars, dressing rooms, and even her private jet. These kitties have racked up enough frequent flyer miles for everyone.

Taylor also sports a futuristic-looking cat carrier every now and then. It has a porthole-like window for kitties to gaze out of and plenty of breathing holes. Plus, you can wear it on your back like a backpack. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Thinking of traveling with your feline friends? Check out these amazing travel litter boxes and cat carriers for car trips. Plus, here’s a handy guide to get you through a kitty-friendly road trip.

Does Taylor Swift Have Other Pets? 

No, Taylor Swift’s cats get all of her love, affection, and fame. However, Taylor has also been spotted hanging out with her mother’s Great Dane, Kitty. Appropriate name, isn’t it? 


Image by Karen Arnold on Wiki Commons

While Taylor is a self-proclaimed cat person, she grew up with a couple of dogs. Taylor’s mother, Andrea Swift, had always wanted a “giant dog,” so Kitty was introduced to the Swift family a couple of years ago. Kitty can be seen trying to take a seat on Taylor Swift, outrunning her, and even flying on her private jet, as seen in her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana.” 

Final Thoughts on Taylor Swift Cats

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s cat names and more. We now know all too well that Taylor is the world’s favorite cat lady, and her lovable furballs would happily defend her title. 

From Olivia’s striking poses, Meredith’s feisty personality, and little Benji’s gorgeous blue eyes, you now have enough knowledge to impress the next Swiftie you come across. 

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